Defense Specialization and Suggestion 2.
Maple accepted Frederica’s suggestion and was heading towards the Congregation of Holy Swords’ guild but her expression looked somewhat stiff.
“Mm, Maple, did something happen?”
“Nah, it’s nothing. I am just a bit nervous…”
It would be Maple’s first time going to a different guild’s home. Till now, she had welcomed Frederica who came by freely and some other players who had business with Izu but she had yet to go there since she didn’t really have a special reason to.
“There’s no need to be nervous. Come on, you should be more sharp as the Maple Tree guild master.”
“Ehh?! L-like this?”
As Maple tried changing her expression to fit the image, Frederica responded with a nod.
“Yep, yep. It isn’t like we’re planning to do something with you.”
And while doing all that, they had already reached the Congregation of Holy Swords’ guild home. And as one would expect from such a big guild, their guild home wasn’t any less from the quest-accepting building on the 9th level. It was fairly lengthy and was four stories tall as a top guild’s home should be.
“So big—!”
“Hehe, we’ve got quite a large family compared to Maple Tree so the guild home needs to be just as big, right~?”
“This is amazing! It feels like a mansion!”
“I know, right?”
As Frederica showed great satisfaction in response to Maple’s positive reaction, a voice called out to her from behind.
“Hoh? You look pretty proud of it.”
“I mean, it’s fine, isn’t it, Drag? I am a part of this guild, after all.”
“I guess that’s true. You’ve got quite the rare guest with you today, huh?”
“Ah, right, right. I bumped into her so I decided to bring her here.”
“Which means… is it that?”
“Yep. After all, although he says that, Payne would probably go and oppose some real strong people if he’s left be.”
“He’s quite the passionate fellow, that is true.”
And like that, a conversation which Maple had no means to comprehend unfolded before her. That said, they couldn’t just stand and talk outside like this so Drag changed the topic.
“If Frederica’s showing you around then I’ll take my leave here.”
“Yeah, that’s fine.”
“You are free to look around at anything you feel curious about, Maple. You might find things a bit weird, though.”
Any player would feel so if they’re not affiliated to the guild, even more so for Maple.
“Got it!”
Seeing Maple’s energetic reply, Drag disappeared into the guild home while waving back to them.
“Let’s go in as well. Just follow me for now, you can look around all you like once we’re done talking too.”
“Got it~!”
And so, Maple had finally taken a step inside the Congregation of Holy Swords’ guild home.
She restlessly looked around the place while following Frederica.
“It’s a guild home at the end of the day so the facilities won’t really differ that much. It’s basically like a larger version of Maple Tree.”
“Ah, I see.”
“The third and fourth floors are all personal rooms for the members so… we could just look around the first and second floor, that alright?”
“Yep, got it!”
At any rate, that is after the business was done. After walking for a while, Frederica stopped in front of a certain door and knocked.
“I’m coming in~.”
“P-pardon the intrusion…”
They found Payne inside the room. Payne also looked surprised seeing the unexpected guest.
“Frederica, what exactly is…”
“I will leave it to you, whichever it is. It will be easier for me to go about it if we get this done quickly.”
“I see… got it. Maple, please sit down anywhere you feel like.”
Maple sat down on the sofa and Frederica and Payne sat on the other side, facing her.
“I’m sorry Frederica invited you here all of a sudden. The talk she mentioned is about the next event.”
“Yeah. As it’s about opposing factions, all the large guilds are looking for an opportunity to decide which faction they would stick to.”
Sally was concerned about this as well. The win rate largely depends on the faction and which guilds are in it.
“Of course, the Congregation of Holy Swords is also secretly inviting people. This is what Frederica wanted to talk about.”
In other words, they wanted to invite Maple Tree to the same faction as them.
“Us being in the same faction as Mr. Payne…”
“There’s no room for doubt in regards to Maple Tree’s strength. You guys will be formidable as opponents and reassuring as allies.”
“You say that but perhaps you want us to oppose each other so that you can get that revenge~.”
As Frederica said that, Payne gave a bitter laugh with a troubled expression.
“Of course, it’s the perfect opportunity for revenge. After all, we got done in by Maple Tree hard in the 4th event… That being said, I am also the guild master of Congregation of Holy Swords. More than anything, I’d consider leading us to victory first.”
It would appear that Payne was prioritizing the guild’s victory over his own. It also looks like all his guild members would go to a single faction and one wouldn’t expect any less from such a large guild.
“I really want to win against Sally this time, though~.”
“Haha, I hear you’ve been challenging her to duels everyday regarding that.”
“That’s a different story. I mean, wouldn’t you wanna win in an official battle?”
“Right. Ah, sorry, we strayed off topic. I am not going to ask you to give me your answer right now. If you decide on joining the same faction as us, it would greatly help if you let us know. Discuss it with your guild members as well.”
“You’re brief as always, huh? Don’t you have anything else to talk about? After all, Maple doesn’t really come here everyday, you know?”
“I-is that so? I see, something to talk about… eh?”
“Then can I ask something?”
“Mm? Ah, I don’t mind. I will think of something myself too.”
“Man, you two are such hardheads.”
“Is that so?”
“It is so!”
With the usual Frederica as the center, the three continued their talk for a while.

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