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Itai no wa Iya 410

Defense Specialization and Symbiosis 3


For the next few days after that, Maple would log into the game, and spend her time in a corner of the flatlands and create blazing fires. But even this was nearing its end.

Izu would replenish her items, and sometimes Kasumi, Sally, Mai, and Yui would help with transportation as she continued to destroy monsters with items alone. And step by step, she had made steady progress with the quest.


“Alright! I’m done!”

After Maple had blown up the last monster with a bomb, a window popped up and showed her that the quest had been completed.


“Phew… That took a lot of time…”

It really was ridiculous for a player who usually didn’t use many items to suddenly make them their main weapon. The reason she was able to accomplish it at all was because of her defense ability, which did not allow the enemy to attack her, while allowing her to continue fighting until she ran out of items.


“Is it finished now?”

Maple checked the quest, but unfortunately, it continued from there.


“Hmph… Uhhh, item gathering, huh.”

There was a row of various items. However, there was quite a discrepancy when it came to difficulty in acquiring them. Some were things like meat from monsters that are found on the 1st layer, while others were wings from a dragon or other high-ranking monsters. Furthermore, there were even things like demon hearts, which she had no idea how she was supposed to acquire.


“I’ll have to ask the others.”

The other members of Maple Tree had fought all kinds of monsters. And rare items tended to leave an impression, so perhaps they might remember finding some of them.

And so Maple sent a message to the other guild members, and then decided to head back to the guild home.



Because she was rather far away from the town, and due to not being able to travel any way but on foot, by the time that Maple arrived at the guild home, everyone else was already there.


“Sorry that I’m late!”


“Have you moved to the next stage of the quest then?”


“Yes! And now it’s telling me to gather all kinds of items!”


“Item gathering… Should I show them as a list?”


“That will make it easier to see!”

And so Sally checked Maple’s quest and then made it so that it appeared on the great guild monitor so that the others could see it.


“I see… Quite a few of them look familiar. Though, Maple probably already has those ones.”


“Maybe we should mark the ones that we all know about?”


“Yes. Hmm. I doubt I will be very useful here. I don’t have anything rare…”


“Me and my sister have the same kinds of things.”


“Yes. Since we’re always exploring together.”


Like this, they all checked their inventory, and took out anything that they had that was on the list.

All eight of them had explored many areas up until the 9th layer. And so most of the items could be found in someone’s inventory.


“As for the demon heart… No one has that.”


“Yes. I guess we’ll just have to find a monster that seems likely.”


“Ah! I have it! …But from when?”


“Maybe it’s from when you got Savagery, a long time ago? That thing that looked like a fake Maple during the 8th event.”


“You might be right!”


“So you have it after all…”


“Maple probably has more strange items than anyone. I only have things that are dropped on normal fields.”


“We must have been able to gather quite a lot, then?”


“Uhh, there are only a few left!”

It seemed that the focus was on finding rather than gathering, and even with the items that they didn’t have, it was clear to them where they could be acquired. And they also knew the reasons that they didn’t have them, which were things like a low drop-rate, or that they were in areas that weren’t worth going to if you cared about getting experience points.


“Then we should split up and gather them. After all, there was no rule that Maple has to do it by herself.”

“Thank you!”

It would be more efficient to split up and gather them if they could. Because there were places with low drop-rates, where you would have to defeat numerous enemies, and that would be a great waste of time for Maple in her current state.

Like this, they decided to split up for the item gathering, and everyone went to the location that best suited them.

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