Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 443

Defense Specialization and Instant Death

At that time, when Maple and the others became the shooting stars while being blissfully unaware of the rain of death at town, the enemy was also taking a break.

Even so, [Thunder Storm] and [Rapid Fire] were idly spending time together after discussing and planning their next strategy. They were trying to adjust the timing of their next attack.

“…If you’re silent like this, it’s as if you’re a different person.”

Sitting in front of Lily was a calm Velvet. It was difficult to believe that she was the same person who’d rain down lightning on the battlefield and crushed the players a while ago.

“Is that so? Hehe, did you pay attention to me?”

“No, actually, it’s the same even when you aren’t silent. It must be that manner of speaking.”

From the casual yet graceful gesture, her prim and proper upbringing could be felt. As such, Lily had to wonder what on earth happened.

Just how did this girl become a fighter who fights with her fists?

“Velvet often does this when she has to calm down.”

“So, basically… We’re waiting for them to make the first move?”

“Well, I don’t think making the first move will benefit us in this one.”

As long as everyone was having a peaceful time, there was no problem. Thus, Lily decided to not probe further and instead enjoyed her tea. Be it in this or the real world, that was how she’d always been.

Phew, the sun has already set. I want to set out with Will and head somewhere…”

“What about Velvet?”

“As per the original plan—…”

“—I’ll be on standby, wait! I want to come with you!”

“Oops, that’s the real Velvet, alright…”

Lily could only smile wryly. Unlike Lily and Wilbert, who mainly provided logistical support; or Hinata, who entrusted most of the mobility to Velvet with [Gravity Control], Velvet was exhausted after running around all days and facing many tough battles.

During such a pivotal moment, they mustn’t let anything slow them down.

“Isn’t it kind of noisy outside…?”

“Did something happen…?”

Wilbert and Hinata heard a panicked voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Will, let’s go check it out. It might be a surprise attack.”

“Hinata, Hinata—!”

“Yes, but… don’t overdo it.”

When the four of them went out together, they spotted several men. They were in the middle of a conversation with the guild members.

“I don’t know, someone suddenly attacked us outside…”

“If you don’t mind, can we hear it too?”

“Oh, of course…!”

After listening to the whole story, they realized that they were in peril.

“I see. Thank you for the information. We’ll be careful when we go out on the field.”

“No problem. Ah, how terrible…”

Saying goodbye to the ragged players, the four sorted what they had heard.

“It was probably an attack from underground or from above. What do you think, Lily?”

“I agree. Besides, the sudden rain is suspicious. After all, nothing happened before it rained.”

The obvious change that preceded the deaths was the rain. Of course, what was falling from the sky may not actually be rain.

“—Moreover! There’s one more thing that bothered me!”

Velvet, who’d completely switched to battle mode, pointed out another loophole.

“Even though they were attacked, there was no damage effect! What does that mean?”

No damage effect. Utterly ridiculous.

For example, let’s say that Wilbert sniped the player from a long distance. Even if it took out the player, a violent damage effect should burst upon impact.

—unless it was the kind of attack that’d kill a player in an instant.

“Then it must be an instant death. It’s pretty rare, and I haven’t seen many players using it.”

In exchange for the lethal effect, the range of the skill itself was quite limited. At least, based on the skill that Lily had witnessed.

Nevertheless, since it was an instant death, there wouldn’t be any damage effect.

“They suffered damage without knowing it. We have to take precautions. Now that it has come to this, it can’t be helped…”

Will slightly frowned, and only Lily knew why.

“Yes, I understand. We’ll need to expand our search area. Just in case, can I ask for your help?”

“Of course. After all, the culprit might be around the corner, lying in wait…”

“Then, let’s do it. Let’s go, Will! [Dormant]!”

Lily used her skill, before casting [Awakening] and asking Wilbert.

“How is it?”

“…There’s no problem.”

“Hey, isn’t that the skill you’d use when summoning a tamed monster!?”

“Actually, it’s quite special. It’s my trump card.”

“[Dormant], followed by [Awakening]… Does it lead to some kind of effect?”

In addition to being invisible, the skill seemed to affect Wilbert, instead of Lily. The other couldn’t help but wonder what kind of buff it was.

Still, in this kind of situation, they couldn’t be lying. Then the search for the enemy must be over.

“Well, the search is over. Even though I’d like to see your tamed monster…”

Velvet and Hinata’s tamed monster was more mysterious than Lily’s. After all, no one had seen it.

“I’m sure you’ll get the chance to!”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

Now then, Lily and the others figured a plan. Since the enemy had set it up, then they had to respond.

Besides, the number of surviving players was also important, so they must prevent further casualties.

—As they waited for the next battle, the night deepened.

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