Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 447

Defense Specialization and Lightning

Upon arriving near the outer wall, Chrome and Kasumi found Payne and Sally.

“You’re fast.”

“I rushed here as fast as I could. What’s the situation?”

“There’s no movement so far… Which is why it’s unsettling.”

“Moreover, we’re on the outer wall… What if Wilbert sees us? If Haku protects me, I can venture outside, but what do you think?”

“It’s not like we have to force ourselves to come out, do we? If they want to attack, there’s still this wall.”

Chrome hit the outer wall in front of him. The wall was quite sturdy. Even if it was hit by a strong skill, it wouldn’t budge.

Not only that, if someone was trying to destroy the wall, they’d notice it right away. Even if they rushed here, as long as they watched the enemy’s movements and positioned themselves accordingly, it should be enough.

“What about you?”

“I’ve also called in reinforcements. They’re players who’re good at scouting rather than fighting.”

As they spoke, a group of players riding their respective tamed monsters made their way through town and approached the four of them.

“Ooh, isn’t that nice? Not only are they agile, they can also hide from the enemy’s radar.”

Unfortunately, at the moment, Necro wasn’t in the form that allowed Chrome to move at high speed even if he summoned him.

Regardless, he was brimming with expectations.

“It’s helpful since we can’t detect the enemies by ourselves.”

While Sally’s ability to detect enemies was amazing, but it came from experience instead of authentic detection skill. When they wanted to know certain information, skills like Knots’ [Sonar] won.

“How prepared. As expected of the [Congregations of Holy Sword].”

Sensing the strength of a large-scale guild, Kasumi, who was on standby, prepared to summon Haku.

“Payne, let’s begin our search. There’s a possibility that they are on the other side of the wall.”

Since multiple people had the same detection skill, they could take turns searching the area without waiting for the cooldown.

If they still didn’t manage to find anything, then that was it.


“[Range Expansion] [Wide Area Detection]!”

While expanding the skill range, the effect burst. In a flash, information of the area was transmitted to the user, and he looked up at the sky in a hurry.


At the same time, a brilliant thunder illuminated the sky.

A pillar of lightning descended—connecting heaven and earth.

“[Stout Guardian]! [Light of the Spirits]!”

A blinding pillar of light enveloped everyone; leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Chrome only managed to survive the blow because of his quick reaction. He protected everyone and nullified the damage.

After the brilliance had subsided, Velvet—clad in thunder—descended alongside Hinata at a distance.

“Amazing—! As I thought, it isn’t just Maple—!”

“Wow, so they’re going to charge in just like that!”

“Do you think you still have a chance of winning?”

Without giving them any chance to recover from the surprise attack, Velvet and Hinata charged towards them. Taken aback, Chrome and Kasumi readied their weapons.

“I won’t let you get away.”

Payne had the same idea. Without intending to let them escape with their lives, he entered a fighting stance.

“…Get away? I came here to end everything!”

“Yes, I won’t let you escape.”

Apparently, they had no intention of withdrawing. Sally and the others didn’t expect that. Diffusion of cold air and an intensifying thunderstorm signaled the beginning of an inevitable battle.


Sally uttered briefly.

Even Payne knew what she was implying.

“I know. If they have no intention of backing down, let’s defeat them.”

If they could defeat Velvet and Hinata, they’d gain a massive advantage.

High risk high return.

They shall defeat two of the biggest threats here.

“Let’s go! Charge!”

As lightning poured down from the sky, Payne and the others rushed towards Velvet.


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