Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 18

Defense Specialization and New Knowledge


All the water that had accumulated drained away to reveal a large treasure chest in the center.

Risa lay down on her back on the ground before rejoicing.


「Aahhh… I get so tired when I really concentrate…」

Notifications of level ups and skill acquisitions rang out, but Risa continued lying down, thinking she would check those later.

She wanted to avoid going into that mode if possible, but even Risa found the barrage and high speed lasers too much to handle.

After lying down for a while, Risa’s energy recovered and she headed towards the treasure chest.


「Now, open!」

She threw the lid open with both hands.

In the box was a bright blue muffler with white ends, reminiscent of bubbles.

A thick coat of a slightly darker shade than that, with white fur around the neck, and a matching set of garments.

Two blue daggers as dark as the ocean depths where no light can reach, and a dark blue belt that they could be tucked into.


Risa checked all the equipment to find out how powerful it was.




『Water Surface Muffler』

【AGI +10】 【MP +10】

Skill 【Mirage】



『Oceanic Coat』

【AGI +30】 【MP +15】

Skill 【Ocean】



『Oceanic Leggings』

【AGI +20】 【MP +10】



『Dagger of the Ocean Depths』

【STR +20】 【DEX + 10】



『Dagger of the Sea Floor』

【INT +20】 【DEX +10】



「Are these… affected by the kinds of skills I’d gotten? Hmmm… that’s my type of equipment. I have more pieces of equipment than Kaede, but… no 【Destruction Growth】 and no skill slots, huh?」


With a few touches to the equipment section, she equipped them all and turned around from joy. The belt seemed to be part of the leggings as equipment, and it didn’t eat up an accessory slot.

Risa left the cave wearing Unique Series equipment, which gave her big stat boosts that were different from Kaede’s.

She thought she’d check the skills out tomorrow with Kaede. That’s how exhausted she was.






The next day.


「Ohh! You’re looking good now!」


「Right! There was no footwear, so I bought a pair of black boots… and it all fits together perfectly!」

Then, the two of them went over the skills she had acquired one by one.

First were the skills on the equipment.

After that, they checked two newly acquired skills. One of them, though, was a skill that Kaede had also learned.



When activated, it causes discrepancies between the coordinates of the target as seen by the opponent and its real coordinates.

Can be used against anyone except the user themselves.

Limited to 10 times per day.

The duration of the effect is five seconds. Also, if any attack is performed on the displaced image created by 【Mirage】, 【Mirage】 will be rendered ineffective.



Creates a circle of water thinly spread on the ground centered around the user that reduces AGI by 20% on touch by a monster or a player. Cannot be used in the air.

Area of effect is fixed at a 10 meter radius.

Only the user is not affected.

Can be used 3 times a day. Duration is 10 seconds.


【Jack of All Trades and Master of None】

Reduces damage dealt by 30%. Reduces MP consumption by 10%.

【AGI +10】 【DEX +10】


Acquisition Conditions

Acquire 10 skills related to weapons and attacks

Acquire 10 skills related to magic and MP

Acquire 10 other skills

Among these, at least 10 skills must be of the lowest skill level.

After meeting these requirements, defeat a monster.


The remaining one was 【Giant Killing】.


「Oh… I see, I see. If I got 【Jack of All Trades and Master of None】 before that giant fish it would’ve been bad.」

After that, *nuh-uh* Risa groaned.


「I don’t need 【Giant Killing】 I thi-ink…」


「Eh!? Why!?」


「That may work for Maple… but I’m not a min-maxed build, so if my AGI suddenly goes up or down depending on who I’m dealing with, it’ll mess with my senses, you know?」

A sudden increase in status, regardless of Risa’s own intentions, could disrupt her sense of evasion, which might be troublesome given her play style.


「Ah, I see…」


「I’ll 【Discard】 this one…」


「You what?」





The two of them looked at each other.





「【Discard】 skills… I had no idea you could do that…」


「I’m rather surprised you didn’t know! Oh well, if you want to reacquire a skill that you did 【Discard】, you’ll have to pay 500 000 gold to a special facility, so only do it if you really don’t need it.」

After saying that, Risa used 【Discard】 on 【Giant Killing】.

Her level, which had been 12, now became 15.

Risa had accumulated 40 status points, but she did not seem to allocate them yet.


「Alright, I guess that’s about it! Also, yeah! What’s up with Maple’s equipment?」


「Mmm, I don’t have money, so I just had the great shield made for now. The short sword and armor can wait.」


「I see! The event is coming up… and I’d like to collect some more skills.」


「If that’s the case… should we head to the second layer? …What do we do? Maybe there’s a Unique Series over there too…」

In order to go up to the second level, you needed to get through the 『dungeon』. There could be equipment for completing it solo.


「Hmmm… I don’t really mind… I like the equipment I have right now.」


「If it’s fine with Sally, it’s fine with me. And I’ve already got a regular great shield.」

The two headed to the dungeon that led to the second layer. The method of travel was the same as when they went to the underground lake.


「You’re so faaast!」


「Hold on tight, okay?」

They were headed north.

At this pace, it wouldn’t take too long.

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