Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Defense Specialized and Maintenance




Kaede and Risa started their activities in a new base town in the second stage, but Kaede was groaning with a dark face.


「U〜nn… I also didn’t think that there would be a maintenance two weeks before the event. In addition…」


Right, the two logged in immediately as soon as the maintenance ended……but they were stunned by the contents of the maintenance.

Mainly, Kaede.


The contents of the maintenance were about nerfing of some skills and buffing the AI of the field monsters.

The targeted skill name, in the settings of the game, was not cleared, so only those who have them knew it.

And, there was also one thing that changed.

That is.


The implementation of defense ignoring attack skills, and the reduction of pain.

There are three to five kinds of skill per weapon

And its power was very decent

The problem was the skills.



「Well… that happens all the time for somebody who stands out」


Don’t mind it, Risa tapped her shoulder.

There are mainly two adjustments related to Kaede.

But, Risa said that thinking about it with a roundabout way, it was three of them.


First, in skill fixes, 【Bizzare Eater(Akujiki)】 was fixed.

After the fixes of 【Bizarre Eater(Akujiki】 its abilities was limited uses of 10 times per day, and the MP that will be absorbed will be doubled.

It hadn’t changed that it was a passive skill, so after receiving attacks ten times with the large shield, the Mirror of the Dark Night will return to a normal large shield. The MP that can be absorbed became double so it can somehow become a magic power tank, but it hasn’t changed that it was nerfed.


Next, the buffs of monsters, they are now able to attack from behind, in some cases, they are now able to run away.

This is for stopping Kaede, Risa told Kaede. To Kaede who doesn’t seem to understand, Risa explained in details.


「Because…if the AI is buffed, the origin of Maple’s 【Absolute defense】, the loophole of the white rabbit couldn’t be used again right? The white rabbit with buffed AI wouldn’t charge for one hour… and maybe it was also an unexpected way of taking that for the GMs?」


In this maintenance, it prevented the occurrence of an irregular called Kaede, but according to Risa, they couldn’t do a maintenance that was clearly aimed to reduce Kaede’s specs.


「For example… deleting the 【Absolute Defense】. That wouldn’t happen I think.

「Probably though… some of the powerful skills that the top players was also nerfed, I think. And it means, one of those is Maple’s 【Abominable】」

「n〜… well, I also think it can’t be helped. 【Abominable】 is very powerful after all. But… that fix, huh〜…」


Figuring out what Kaede wanted to tell, Risa continued to talk.


「With this, Maple will now also receive damage right huh…… that adjustment is probably countermeasures against Maple〜」



Maple’s endurance was clearly off the balance, so the management side’s last resort was only to implement this fix.


「Well, ignore defense attack is a very common skill, it was until now that it was very few」


When Risa said that, Kaede stuck together her hands and talked apologetically.


「Ah〜… I’m sorry! I stopped being invincible… with this, we can’t be an invincible party… although you became a dodge shield」


Saying that, Kaede apologized to Risa. The two’s ideals were a party that both of them has no damage. If it was like this, they can’t do it.


「That cannot be helped. And, you are now able to receive damage… but it’s not like you’re going to receive no damage anymore at all…… “Although the damage effects are being grinded, she wouldn’t die even after grinding this much!”,  that would emphasize the feeling of invulnerability. If you just smile fearlessly, you’re still going to be so cool!」


Kaede imagined that with an opponent, their only hope was they were able to deal damage, and while laughing like *Fufufu*while receiving their desperate attacks, defeat them when they are exhausted.


「Oh〜…… it is certainly nice…」

「You’re making a dark smile you know?」

「Wawa! Y-You didn’t see that right now! You did not!」


Saying that, *BunBun* she swung her arms. Risa continued while laughing pleasantly.


「n〜… but if it’s like that, I need to increase my HP. Being damaged with defense ignorance is not good……… is the pain okay?」

「Well… it’s not that, painful though? It’s nothing much compared to real life… in addition, the pain is being reduced too, so」

「I should do my best to get better player skills and block attacks as many as I can…… and also recovery type skills and equipments, maybe I also need the MP and HP types huh?」


If she had those, in the end, it would be like she was invulnerable after all, Risa said.


「I’ll help you gather equipments! Also, I’ll find skills that looks good」

「I-Is it okay?」

「It’s the game I invited to, if I can play together with Maple, I’ll do that at least you know? I mean, you want to go right now?」

「Thank you!」

「Well, there are also times when I need help, so…」

「Un! At that time, I’ll do my best!」


Kaede answered with a wide smile.


「Well then… let’s first acquire skills that can raise HP. That’s the most important one. I know a little too, and after that huh. The event’s also near, let’s hurry!」



The two jumped into the field.

To acquire new skills, cover Maple’s weaknesses, and leave good results in the second event.

They are going to do what they can today.


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