Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 34

Defense Specialization and Exploring Downstream


In the end, they spent the third day hatching the eggs and playing with the two critters.

The time was ten o’clock in the evening. It was a troublesome time to go out to explore again.


「Ahh… what should we do-o… wanna go exploring?」


「I think it’s enough for today…」


「I feel like that too…」

The two patted their partners as they made their plans for tomorrow.


「Tomorrow let’s explore downstream and climb up the side opposite the one we came down from.」


「Yeah… eh? Climb up!?」


「Just like when we came down… oh!」

Maple had not completely thought out what to do later.

Yes, Maple had no way to get out of this canyon.


「W-w-w-w-what should we do!?」


「…What should we do?」

Maple looked to Sally for answers, but Sally couldn’t find a solution to this either.


「Well then, tomorrow we’ll head downstream and find our way back up. There has to be something like that, I think.」

They had only planned to explore downstream, but an unexpected problem surfaced and the exploration took longer than expected.

If they did not find a way to get to the top, it would be a wasted trip, but they had no choice.


「Well, we’ll have to leave early then.」


「We need to be up there on the fourth day, after all.」

They decided to leave as early as four o’clock in the morning and the two took turns sleeping.








「Good morning.」


「Good morning.」

The two exchanged greetings and headed out to explore.

It was the fourth day of the event, and its second half.

Many players must have gotten medals.

There were battles going on all over the place, fights where some took away and others were taken away from.

And that wasn’t something they could ignore.

They had to be ready for battle at all times.


「Anything happening?」


「No, nothing for now.」

They observed the area carefully, but there were no dungeons or magic circles to be found.

Just like that, they headed downstream for two and a half hours.


After a few battles along the way, Syrup and Oboro leveled up once and learned some interesting skills.

The skills were called 【Hibernate】 and 【Awaken】.

【Hibernate】 was a skill that enabled the two to order them to sleep in the ring and safely recover health.

【Awaken】 was a skill that enabled the two to order them to come out of the ring.

Currently, the two critters were sleeping inside the rings.

That was because the fog was getting so thick that they were easy to lose sight of.


And so, after another 30 minutes of walking.

The two finally reached the end of the river.

Before they arrived at the end of the river, they had had a hunch that this was the source of the fog, but now they were convinced.


「This is the source of the fog, isn’t it?」


「Yup, no doubt about it.」

The fog was getting thicker, and Maple was already having trouble seeing Sally, who was right next to her.


The two approached the river.

And then.


*Whoosh* A breeze blew the fog away and exposed the area in front of them.

There was a spring there just like the one upstream, and in the center of it was a pot.

White fog was coming out of the pot endlessly. The pot seemed to be sucking in the water from the spring and producing fog.


「That pot… do you want to check it?」


「…I guess we’ll just have to do that.」

Just when the two stepped into the spring.

The wind stopped as if on purpose, and a thick fog instantly covered the area.


「Sally! Are you there!?」

There was not a single response to that call from Maple.

Maple grew wary.


「Whoa!? Ugh! Ah!」

She could hear Sally’s voice.

She could also hear metallic clanking. Sally’s voice seemed to be impatient, which made Maple uneasy.

As Maple headed towards the voice, a pitch black hole appeared in front of her.

Even looking into it, she couldn’t see what was inside.

However, Sally’s voice was definitely coming from inside of it.


「Alright! Let’s go!」

Maple closed her eyes tight and jumped into the hole.

When she opened her eyes, what was there was Sally with red effects spraying from her body.




A knight clad in full body silver armor and holding a shining white great sword.




Maple exclaimed in shock.

Which wasn’t surprising. It was the first time Maple had seen Sally take damage.

Sally, having noticed Maple as well, hurriedly moved back and leaned against her.


「A-are you okay!?」


「Yeah, somehow…」

Sally’s body was enveloped by the light of 【Heal】.

The painful to look at red effects also disappeared.


「Stay behind me! I’ll stop it, whatever it is!」

Maple said confidently and unsheathed New Moon.

A purple magic circle unfolded from its blade.

The knight was calmly holding its sword.



The three-headed poison dragon closed in on the knight.

The knight held its sword aloft and swung it down.

It sank into the poison dragon, stabbing through it and slicing it in half.

However, it only sliced through one of them.

The other two hit the knight directly.

The knight groaned and fell to its knees.

Still, it tried to stand up using its sword as support.

However, that didn’t work out.

White light started to flood out of its battered armor.

The knight looked like it had given up on standing up and let go of its sword.

And with that, a torrent of light as bright as that silvery white armor rushed up to the skies.


「Super weak compared to the monster bird!」

In fact, its ability to cut through the poison dragon was remarkable, but it didn’t have the HP and defense to match.

In that respect, one could say that the monster bird was abnormal.


「We managed to defeat it!」


「Hehehe! I’m going to go check and see if any medals have dropped, okay?」

As usual, the place where it was defeated was sunk in a sea of poison.

Only Maple could go and take a look.


「There has to be one at least, right?」

Maple walked towards the place where it had been defeated.






「【Defense Break】」

A voice suddenly sounded.

Pain running down her spine.

What Maple looked back and saw was a deep blue dagger that cut through her over and over again.


「Eh? Eh?」


「Ah-ha. Ahaha, hahahahahahaha!」

It was Sally who was laughing like crazy.



Maple noticed her HP bar being whittled away at.

If this continued, she’d be putting herself in danger.


「【Paralyze Shout】!」

A powerful paralysis status affliction attack.


Maple noticed.

What was in front of her was something in the form of Sally.

It was never anything like Sally.

This was because damage could not be dealt directly to a party member.


「Aha, ahahaha!」


「It’s not working!?」

The paralysis resistance was too powerful.

She was convinced that was not Sally.

However, her speed was the same as Sally’s, no, faster than that.


「She’s been strengthened!?」

With a crazy laugh, the figure disappeared and red effects burst out of Maple’s body.


「Ugh… I can’t catch her!」

Even her signature poison dragon and her great shield were useless if they didn’t hit.

Fortunately, her attack power wasn’t high.

It was a matter of coming up with a good idea or getting whittled down, whichever came first.




Maple was fighting a fake.

And it was the same for Sally.




「Damn… it’s got the same crazy defense as Maple!」

Sally slashed at its body as she passed by, but its HP bar didn’t go down a millimeter.

She was sick of her desperation-inducing defense.


「Among the opponents I wouldn’t want to fight if I could, this one is ranked first by far, but…」


「Ahahahaha! 【Hydra】!」

From the thing that had Maple’s appearance, a poison dragon was shot out. Sally dodged it.

She was easily able to dodge the poison dragon, which wasn’t particularly fast.

However, defeating that thing wouldn’t be easy.


「This is… tiring.」




Maple against Sally, Sally against Maple. There was mutual trust between them.

And that was a hell of an annoying thing to have turned against you.

Fighting the knight was just a starter.

The real battle against something with the appearance and abilities of a trusted partner started now.

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