Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 39

Defense Specialization and Outside the Game


This was the real world a little bit earlier in time.

It was in the room where the people running the game were managing each event to ensure that there were no glitches.


「Aaaaaaah! 【Silver Wing】 has been defeated!」

One man shouted.

Everyone in the room reacted to his voice.


「What? 【Silver Wing】? That thing wasn’t designed for players to beat, right?」


「Yeah, we packed it with a bunch of deadly skills, high HP, high MP, high stats. It was a lump of our malice.」


「Who is it? Who defeated it?」


「I’m bringing up the footage now…」

The man fiddled with the machine and an image appeared on a monitor.

A monster bird with glowing white wings.

In opposition was a pair of girls: one in black armor and the other in blue clothing.


「Maple!? Seriously!? Hey, hey, 【Silver Wing】 should have been impossible for her, right!?」


「She shouldn’t have had enough mobility! I’d understand if she was up against the 【Earth Dragon】, but…」

“Impossible, impossible” were the words that were flying around as the battle began.




「The shards… well, that’s to be expected.」


「Crazy defenses as usual.」

Everyone in the room glanced at that screen while managing the event.

A few moments later, the scene in question played.



「This one is the problem! This blue coat became Maple’s mobility!」

The screen showed Maple moving at high speed with 【Cover Move】.

Naturally, that was beyond their expectations.

Everyone looked at the screen intently.


「…This one is 【Sally】, AGI oriented, and her skill structure is that of a generalist. Her only strong skills are 【Mirage】 and 【Ocean】.」

One man looked up Sally’s information and provided it.


「Well, it’s normal. No, anything is normal compared to Maple.」


「That’s for sure.」

Just after that was said, in front of all of them, who were chuckling bitterly.

Sally’s abnormality showed itself.






「…I take it back. This one is also insane. Maybe even more so than Maple.」


「She doesn’t have any precognition-type skills, right!?」


「Y-yeah. She doesn’t.」

In the video, Sally was dodging the attack of the Silver Wing with an evasion ability that was unthinkable for a human.

At these movements, which made it seem as if she really knew what was coming, voices of astonishment came from all over the place.


「How is she dodging this?」


「Even if the shards stopped, it’d be tough to get through that, man.」




And everyone in the room watched the entire fight in a daze.

Then one of them raised his voice in disbelief.


「This is bad! You mean the 【Mythical Beast Eggs】 were taken away!?」


「What’s inside!?」


「A fox and a turtle. Well… it’s not too bad.」


「What about the bird and wolf?」


「They’re where the 【Sea Emperor】 is. They’re supposed to only appear from there… well, it’ll probably be fine…」

After saying that, he leaned against the back of the chair looking exhausted.



「Ahh… impossible… no way… that’s after the nerf…」


「Hey, whoever is free, check the medal skills again! Let’s recheck to see if there are any skills that could be used in a weird way!」




「…maybe they should be the last boss now…」


「Yeah… maybe.」

There was obvious tiredness in this voice.

Of course, Maple and Sally would never know any of this happened.

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