Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 120

Defense Specialization and Shadow of the Night



In a certain forest at midnight, a large guild turned on their lights as they defended their base.


“Guilds are being crushed at a very fast pace…”


“Yeah, it won’t be long until large guilds are fighting each other. It wouldn’t be strange if it was happening now.”

As the two players were talking, they heard a rustling in the darkness.


“…Let’s go.”


“Yeah, let’s see what it is.”

They pulled out their swords and approached the bushes where the sound had come from.



When they shone a light at the bushes, they saw the head of a monster that had its mouth open wide.




They froze in shock and were eaten in the same instant.

And that was not the end of it, the monster continued to move forward to the center of the base.

The players who saw it were trampled, killed, chewed and burned in its wake.


Considering that it was a large guild, the number of players that died were not that many, but the effect that the monster had was to inflict psychological damage and shock, which made it difficult for them to organize.

Even if they could predict that a swarm of players would attack them, they could never have predicted that one monster would.


On top of that, there were seven players that jumped off of the monsters back, and they killed the players who ran and screamed in the confusion.

But the presence of the monster was so overwhelming as it ate and destroyed, that hardly anyone noticed what the seven were doing.


They were so disturbed, that they did not realize the strength of these seven, and before they knew it, half of the guild had been destroyed.


“Okay! Next!”

When the monster heard this, it stopped feeding and allowed the seven to ride on its back. Then it left the guild as it tore through the players in its path.






“Hmm, we got the orb. Things are going quite well.”


“Where next?”


“Hmm… Let’s check out the guild on the left.”

Sally talked to Maple from the back of the monster that was Maple.


They meant to wreak havoc on all of the larger guilds while Maple’s last and strongest abnormality was not yet widely known, and while they were unprepared.

It would be like a traffic accident for the larger guilds, and there was nothing that they could do to stop it.

They would have no idea what hit them as they lost their orb and half of their players. And then their target would disappear into the night.


Maple had sacrificed her humanity for mobility, and in one night, ravaged many large guilds.

One of the strengths of Maple’s monster form was that it took time for people to use piercing skills now, while they would do it immediately otherwise.

And so Sally would watch to see if the enemy would use such attacks, and gave the order to retreat accordingly.

And that is how they were able to do so much damage.




There was one guild whose base was in the plains, and they turned off all their lights in an attempts to stay hidden that night.

Larger guilds tended to have bases that were the most exposed, and such flatlands were the hardest to defend.


“The moonlight is weak… It’s so dark.”


“I thought this during the second event as well, but it’s so hard to move during the night.”

The time passed quietly.

The only sounds that could be heard were the cries of insects, the blowing wind, and the voices of the other guild members talking.


And so when they did hear something running towards them, it sounded incredibly loud.


“Lights! Turn on the lights!”

A magical light appeared and shone in the direction of the noise.

What they saw, was a giant form that they had never seen before during the last two days.


In exchange for the light they shone, they received a breath of fire. The players were overcome by shock and confusion.

For all of the players there, this was surely the most shocking moment of their lives up until now.

It was no exaggeration. It was because of that, that they could not react to the monster in front of them.


“Thanks for the orb.”

The monster ran passed them and grabbed the orb in the center.


“Here’s a bomb in return.”

The seven riders threw their bombs down.

The monster ran as bombs were ceaselessly thrown off of its back. Iron balls, shock waves, and magic attacks soon joined the mix.

Anyone who was hit by the few iron balls or shock waves was very unlucky indeed.


And like that, without a large scale battle occurring, dozens were devoured, and even more were killed by the combo of fire and ammunition. The rest all fled.




“Tonight… Tonight, we have to kill as many people on first sight as possible.”


“Yes, that’s right.”

They were aiming to take the lead with this plan, but they also wanted to quicken the complete destruction of the larger guilds.

In other words, they would accelerate the already maddeningly accelerated events, and thereby reach the complete destruction ending before the final day.

And even if they did not accomplish that, Sally could tell from what they did tonight, that things would still accelerate greatly.


“Maple, just a little bit more, okay?”


“Yes! I can still do a lot more!”

Maple continued on to the next guild, without ever slowing down.


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