Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 128

Defense Specialization and the Message Board



780 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User




781 Name:Anonymous Spear User

Hey. I saw the video.



782 Name:Anonymous Bow User

They called her a walking fortress with inhuman defense, but now she’s a running fortress and nonhuman.

What can we even do at this point.



783 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User

She was human only a short while ago…

At least on the outside.



784 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

She keeps changing every time you look away.



785 Name:Anonymous Magic User

I would like her to teach me how to grow so that I can develop weapons or change my body like that.



786 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

It’s like the speed of lighting.

You take your eyes off of her for one day and she has already shed another layer.



787 Name:Anonymous Spear User

A layer? Hohoho



788 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User

Shedding her skin and growing. It’s like she is a class that suddenly evolves. Right?



789 Name:Anonymous Bow User

Well, no one in Maple Tree is normal.

I was sure of this after seeing the footage of Chrome.



790 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User




791 Name:Anonymous Bow User


Chrome was also just wearing human skin. That’s all.



792 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User

He just looks normal by comparison, because Maple is too insane.

Still, even considering all that, Sally and the twins are also on the strange side.



793 Name:Anonymous Magic User

I’ve experienced a hit and run by Maple Tree.

I know what it’s like to suddenly be thrown into the air in the dark.



794 Name:Anonymous Bow User

And their advance guard throws iron balls at you.

They were a little similar to Maple.

Really slow on their feet.



795 Name:Anonymous Spear User

I bet.

Well, they at least didn’t seem quite as bad as her.



796 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

The gift of Maple’s growth.

It does it in one day.



797 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User


The Maple characteristic is contagious?



798 Name:Anonymous Magic User


Chrome caught it, that’s why he’s like that.



799 Name:Anonymous Spear User

Judging by the video, Chrome definitely did.

I mean, Kasumi is the only one who hasn’t changed her equipment.

The rear guard is also completely strange.



800 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User

Well, I think they are manageable if you go one on one.

The ones that you can’t are the dangerous ones.



801 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

On a serious note, is there anyone who could beat Sally one on one?

I tried in the training area of the guild home, but it was no use.



802 Name:Anonymous Bow User

She dodges right?

I watched the video, and it’s always so close.



803 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

Rumors have been spreading, but they are just rumors.

You just can’t land a hit on her.



804 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User

Rumors about Maple Leaf?

There are a lot of them. Especially because the video of this event had a huge impact.



805 Name:Anonymous Spear User

The third day is being called the War of Gods and Demons, or the End of Days.



806 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

She multiplied after all.

Well, that wasn’t something that Maple would have been able to do alone.



807 Name:Anonymous Bow User

There isn’t much of a difference when 0 hope turns into a pinch of hope.



808 Name:Anonymous Magic User

I had totally forgotten that Maple even had HP, until that moment when Pain damaged her.



809 Name:Anonymous Spear User

I mean, why does Maple even have a skill like that?

Has someone been able to take all of her health before?



810 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

There was.

Though, probably not a person.

And it wouldn’t happen with the current Maple’s VIT, I think.



811 Name:Anonymous Bow User

It’s still going up?

She’s already at a level where it wouldn’t need to go any higher.



812 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

I asked her recently, and she said that she was close to five-digits.

Really, I almost fainted when I heard that.



813 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User

That’s like 50x my STR.




814 Name:Anonymous Magic User

And she said that she didn’t feel like putting points into any other stats anymore.



815 Name:Anonymous Bow User

At least she’s having fun.

I mean, if she started putting points into other things, she would become invincible.

It’s hilarious that just being able to run would be a massive upgrade.



816 Name:Anonymous Greatshield User

I don’t know if Maple thinks about efficiency or not.



817 Name:Anonymous Magic User

My theory is that she became strong because she doesn’t think so hard.



818 Name:Anonymous Spear User

You don’t get carried around like a portable shrine while inside of a ball of wool by thinking normally.



819 Name:Anonymous Bow User

That was the only clip they showed of the 4th day.



820 Name:Anonymous Greatsword User

One moment I was watching the Flame Empress in battle, and then it suddenly switched to that. I wasn’t even able to think straight after seeing that.



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