Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 141

Defense Specialization and the Fifth Event



On the first week of December, a field exploration event was held as the 5th event. In accordance with the event, snow fell quietly from the sky and the field was covered in a white layer.


“It’s supposed to be like this until the end of December.”

Sally said to Maple as they looked out of the window of the guild home.


“It’s so nice and pretty…and at least it’s not hard to walk in.”


“Yeah. Well, I’m going to go kill some random event monsters.”



Sally pulled herself away from the window and left the guild home.

Now that Sally was gone, Maple also moved away.


“If there are any monsters that offer a lot of points in this event, I might try fighting them.”

There were four types of monsters to kill in this event.

These four monsters had varying spawn rates and points gained for killing them. The rarest monster gave the most points and there was also a small chance that they would drop rare items. Management had notified everyone of this.


“I’ll just kill the ones I happen to meet. The weak monsters are too fast and I can’t chase after them…”

Maple grumbled to herself as she left the guild home.

She would only kill the ones she found along the way as she finished quests to raise her permit level.



Maple opened the door and went out into the town where snow was falling.

The atmosphere had changed so much with just snow, which made walking quite enjoyable.

Maple was currently on the gathering quest, ‘Dregs of the Soul,’ and so she went straight to the western side of the field.


“I’m here!”

Maple had arrived in an area with scattered abandoned houses. She pulled out her short sword and weapons grew out of her body as she walked. As she did so, she would encounter blue fireballs that floated in the air. And they would drop the items that Maple was collecting.



The fireballs didn’t have much in terms of fighting ability to begin with, and the merciless bullets hit their target one after another, and the battle was over.


“Phew…yes! I’m off to a great start today.”

Not only were these fireballs not the easiest to find, but they also became invisible, similar to the monsters that she had fought with Yui and Mai.

Maple picked up the dropped item as she thought about her good luck. Then she moved to search for her next prey.



“Hehe…this is going well!”

Maple had been hunting the fireballs for 30 minutes now, and she only needed 1 more in order to finish the ‘Dregs of the Soul’ quest.

The fireballs were appearing much more often than they had before, and Maple was in a good mood.


“Yes! Just one more!”

Maple said excitedly, but the thing about probability is that it converges.



And for a whole hour and a half, Maple did not see a single fireball.


She had been raised up and then been thrown down.

And this was enough to make Maple want to give up her hunting for now and do something to lighten her mood. And so Maple decided to forget about the monsters and enjoy the winter scenery. She leaned back against the trunk of a tree and slumped down.


“Hahh…I’m tired. Mmm…the last gate is still so far.”

Maple was reminded of just how crazy Kasumi’s speed was.


“But the even monsters are everywhere…”

Maple pointed her right hand at the white monkey in the distance and fired off a round of bullets.


“Got it! Yes…ha…”

Killing one here was not going to affect the rankings in any way.

It was practically pointless.


“Alright, alright! I’m going to kill the last one and stop for the day.”

Maple stood up with a renewed resolve and returned to her hunting.

She squinted and cautiously looked around her as she moved. She had no intention of letting any get away.



Maple did not miss the fireball that appeared in the corner of her vision. She pointed her weapons towards it and unloaded enough bullets to overkill it several times over.


“Phew…it’s finally done.”

Maple gathered the dropped item and then inspected her inventory to make sure that she had enough ‘Dregs of the Soul.’


“Yes! Hah…this took more time than I thought. And I thought that my luck was good today…”

Overall, it had gone well early on. After that, it had been much worse than usual.

Maple stretched her limbs and then started to leave the area so she could make a report.


However, probability always converges.



Maple heard something heavy come down behind her, and she turned around.

And there she saw a 4-meter tall snowman.

Its mouth and eyes were made of rocks, and its nose was a carrot.

Its tree branch arms carried a bag, and there was a red hat on top of its head.



What Maple had encountered was the monster that offered the most points during this event.



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