Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 145

Defense Specialization the Strongest



Maple followed the Oni onto the magic circle and was teleported to the battlefield that was prepared.


“Now, let’s do this, human.”

The Oni said from a short distance away. And then a 2-meter naginata(Japanese halberd) appeared in his hand.


“Go easy on me… ‘Deploy all Weapons’! ‘Predator’!”

With loud noises, a mass of weapons began to grow from Maple’s body.

She had a shield in her left hand and a giant mechanical sword in her right hand, which she held as if to cover her body.


“‘Commence Attack’!”

The canons and gun barrels around Maple fired off a volley of bullets and lasers all at once.

The mass of ammunition sent at the Oni was so dense that she didn’t even have to aim.


However, the Oni used his naginata to block all of the bullets that would have hit him, and they fell to the ground.

But at the same time, Maple did not stop her attacks, and he was unable to do anything but defend himself.


“That’s something Sally would do… Syrup! ‘Enlarge.’”

Maple had Syrup ‘Enlarge’ in the air. Then she took the two monsters with her and walked towards the Oni.


As Maple was now closer, the bullets were reaching their target faster, and yet the Oni was still taking no damage.


“Syrup, ‘Soul Canon’!”

Syrup’s attack caused white lights to rain from the sky, but even this the Oni dodged.



“Ohh… ‘Hydra’!”

The poison gushed from Maple and attacked the Oni.

The Oni spun his naginata round and round, causing the current of poison to fly away from him.


Right after that, Maple activated an explosion, causing her to shoot forward like a bullet, her shield and gleaming sword held firmly in front of her.

But this also meant that her attacks had stopped for a brief moment.


“Get blown away, human!”

The Oni’s reaction was ultra fast. His naginata swung into Maple, destroying her weapons and throwing not just her, but her two monsters to the side.

When this happened, Maple’s great shield scraped against his body, but it only caused a little bit of damage.


“Woah! Oomph!”

Maple jumped and rolled loudly on the dirt before she was able to get up again.

She immediately saw that the Oni was coming for her.


“‘Oozing Chaos’!”

The monster’s mouth attacked the approaching Oni, but he dodged it.

However, the other two mouths from ‘Predator’ were waiting to follow up on the attack, and they mercilessly tore into both of his arms.

But the Oni still didn’t stop, his counterattack with the naginata slashed at ‘Predator.’

A red damage effect came out of them like a fountain. Maple charged through it and bashed her shield into the right side of the Oni, and shot past him.


“He got ‘Predator’… But I don’t know that he won’t use piercing attacks.”

She would lose HP if she used ‘Dedicated Affection.’ If she got attacked with a piercing attack for two ‘Predator’ monsters at that moment, there was a possibility that she could die. And so Maple chose the safer option.


Maple was getting accustomed to this. And the way she fought on her own was becoming quite different to when she fought with the other guild members.


“‘Commence Attack’!”

Maple started to fire the guns again and sighed.


“I’m sure he’ll use a lot more attacks…but I haven’t taken damage yet, so maybe I can just repeat what I’m doing now?”

Maple was exuding such dominance that it was hard to tell which of them was the boss.


Even now, he was still blocking all of her bullets, but his HP bar had been chipped away to nearly 80% by her attacks.


“Once more…”

Maple started to walk forward again, but then the Oni’s movements suddenly changed.

He jumped away from the reach of the bullets. He had shot up 5-meters into the air and was then surrounded by purple fire.



Maple frantically tried to change the angle, but Oni’s flames began to shoot down first.


“I’ll return all of it.”

It was a counter that involved recreating all of the skills that Maple used with fire.

Usually, a great shield was just used to block close-range attacks, but this action burned the entire area with fire and made it hard to see.


A heat ray shot down and fire bullets exploded. The ground was covered in fire.


“Ugh!? Wh-what’s happening!”

She did not take any damage as there was no piercing ability in the attack, but she could also not see the enemy when she was surrounded by flames that were taller than her.


“F-for now!”

Maple pointed her weapons at the ground and shot into the air with an explosion of flames.

She was aiming for Syrup who was floating in the air.


“‘Dedicated Affection’!”

Angel wings sprouted from the inside of her weapons and Maple’s hair turned to gold.



Maple jumped onto Syrup’s back with force as if she meant to be impaled. The heat ray followed her.

But Syrup did not take damage due to ‘Dedicated Affection,’ and now that the ground was no longer burning, she could finally see the Oni.



None of Maple’s own attacks would be effective when used against her.

Which meant that as long as the Oni was mimicking her attacks, she was completely safe.


“I think I’ll just wait up here until it’s over!”

As the heat ray continued its assault, Maple sat down comfortably on Syrup’s back.


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