Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 154

Defense Specialization and an Ice Arm



When Sally arrived in the new area, she immediately pulled out her daggers and looked at her surroundings.


The place that Sally was in was a dome made of gray clouds from a cloudy day.

The floor and ceiling felt the same as the clouds from the previous area.


“…It’s coming!”

Sally heard the sounds of something approaching, and she looked in that direction.

What crawled out of the cloud under her feet, was an arm made of ice.

It was three times as tall as Sally and stopped at the elbow. It was standing up as if growing from the clouds, but then it quickly sunk back down as if trying to avoid being seen. But in the next instant, it shot right out again in front of her.

The arm then made a fist and punched down at Sally like a hammer.



Sally dodged the arm as it swung down. Then she shot toward the arm’s root.

Her daggers slashed at it, but it seemed to have high defense ability, and she did much less damage than she had hoped.

And then the arm retaliated in a way that Sally was not expecting.


Just after the fist slammed into the floor, a shockwave spread from the ground around it that prevented you from moving for a few seconds.

Of course, Sally was within the area of effect, and she could not help but stop.

While this happened, the cold wind that already existed around the arm started to increase.

Sally could tell that it was preparing its next attack.


“! Alright, ‘Leap’!”

Sally was able to move again just a little quicker, and she moved away from the arm as fast as she could.

Spikes shot out of the ground as if to chase her, but they were just one step away from hitting Sally.

The spikes then crumbled and melted into the floor.


“I won’t be able to counter that attack unless I can use Leap or Super Acceleration.”

Sally carefully observed everything as she fought. She approached the arm once again, and this time when the fist swung down, she jumped back without attacking.



She turned around after moving away and unleashed the magic attack.

It landed on the wrist and took away a little of its HP.


“I’ll continue like this for a while.”

Sally didn’t exactly hate long fights. And one-on-one battles like this were something that she was good at.

Sally decided to prioritize safety and slowly defeat this monster.


Fire was effective against ice.

Even the weakest magic was enough to do visible damage, which was impressive.


And after 25 minutes, Sally was able to take its HP bar down to 60%.



Sally looked at the arm in annoyance.

This was because the arm had created two separate clouds that were shooting hail at her.

She was pretty good at dodging the hail attacks now, so she was not struggling, but that didn’t mean they were not a nuisance.

Sally concentrated once again and approached the arm.

Monsters did not have emotions, but if they did, this one would probably feel fear, as Sally had dodged every one of its attacks.


Its attacks were becoming more severe, but they could still not hit Sally.

Sally was also using ‘Icicle’ to create blockades, and the bullets were not fast enough to hit her.


And when the arm’s HP bar reached 40%, 4 more clouds appeared.


“Just a little more…oh!”

Sally noticed that a magic circle had appeared at her feet, and she quickly jumped away.

In the next instant, a sharp block of ice pushed out.

And then it crumbled away without hurting anything.


Sally looked at the arm and saw that its palm was open towards the ceiling, and there was a blue magic circle above it.

And now magic circles were appearing one after another under Sally’s feet, and she could no longer stay in one place.



Sally thought for a moment.

It wasn’t directly related to the current fight, but it was the reason for her decision.


“Damage…well, I can take some. I have to try.”

Sally used a Doping Seed that raised your maximum STR and then dashed towards the ice arm.


She dodged the hail that shot at her as she closed the gap.

The distance between them was already at a 0.



Sally swung her daggers into the arm.

It was hard to believe that daggers could blow away so much health at once.

She continued to attack as she circled the arm, and just as the arm’s HP went down to 20%, the ground around it started to glow blue.


Still, Sally did not stop her attacks, and she was pierced by icicles before the arm’s HP was depleted.


However, ‘Empty Shell’ then activated, and Sally took no damage.

And since Sally was focused on attacking, she was able to finish emptying the arm’s HP bar before it could attack again.


And with the alert sound ringing, Sally ended the fight.





The fight was over, and sally stretched her limbs.


“Well…that was alright, I guess.”

Sally nodded to herself and checked the notice.

She had received one skill this time.


“‘Freezing Area’…”


‘Freezing Area.’

Can use for 10 minutes after using a water-type skill.

Freeze magic and objects.

Does not directly affect players or monsters.

Adds ice attribute to attacks regardless if friend or foe.


“Huh, I guess that’s it. I think anyone can get it if they kill that thing… I think that’s all I will do for today.”

Sally put away her daggers and stepped on the magic circle that appeared, leaving the cloud arena behind her.

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