Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 156

Defense Specialization and the 6th Event



While Maple wasn’t immediately able to get the item that she needed to go to the jungle, she did manage to get one while there was still plenty of time left.

And as she had secured lots of time that allowed her to stay logged in for a while, she decided to finally teleport to the event area.


“Alright…I’m going. Yes. Use!”

Maple used the item, and then a swirl of light appeared around her.

The light stretched up into the sky and then disappeared.


When the light disappeared, Maple saw that she was in a quiet jungle. And the only thing she could hear was the leaves blowing in the wind.

There were also many tall trees, with ivy hanging from them.


“For now…there doesn’t seem to be anything around here?”

Maple couldn’t sense the presence of any monsters or players.

And there were many places one could appear in the event area.

So it would be difficult for Sally, Chrome, and Kasumi to be able to find out where Maple was.


“I would like to find at least one thing. Since I came all the way here!”

Maple said with excitement, as she started to walk into the jungle.

Her eyes darted around as she searched for something interesting, and her eyes landed on a pretty red flower.

It had five petals that were each the length of Mapple’s arm, and they gave off a sweet scent.


“Is there something here?”

Maple went closer to inspect the flower.


As if waiting for Maple to do this, the flower’s stem began to grow, and the petals wrapped around Maple’s upper body.

At the same time, Maple was forced to drop her shield and short sword.

From the outside, it would have looked like she was being eaten.


“Woah! Ah, stop it!”

For Maple, it was more instinct than thinking that led her to flail her arms and legs around.

But the flower would not let go of her.

Still, it did not deal any damage to her either.


“Oh, I know!”

Maple finally remembered that she still had a method of attack, and she started to grow the weapons out of her body.

The flower was too busy trying to eat Maple, that it did not see the danger coming.


“‘Commence Attack’!”

The bullets began to fire, blowing holes through the petals, and Maple was finally released from its grip.


“Phew…that was a surprise.”

Maple picked up her fallen shield and sword when something else happened.


Just before the battered flower monster disappeared, a sweet smell left it.

That smell that spread around her was not something for healing.



The sounds of the bushes, the sounds of the rustling leaves, the sounds of something heavy moving, the once quiet jungles started to echo with different sounds.

They were becoming louder, as birds, monkeys, moving plants and even giants made rock and covered in moss started to appear as if surrounding Maple.



Maple looked at them with distaste from a dozen meters away.

She could tell now, that they had been lured here by the scent of the flower.


The information about the red flower had already spread to other players, thanks to the sacrifice of early players. But Maple was not the type to actively search for that kind of information, and so she had no idea.


However, the difference with Maple was that she would not so easily allow herself to be sacrificed.


“It will be hard to fly in the jungle… Ooh, I guess I have to fight!”

Maple decided, even though she didn’t really want to, and entered her fighting stance.


“‘Commence Attack’!”

She wasn’t targeting any specific monster as she unleashed the lasers and bullets. The overwhelming volume of ammunition dealt heavy damage to the monsters.

While Maple’s attacks weren’t as effective as they would have been, due to the trees that blocked her, the monster’s had very little health and fell very quickly.

But some of the monsters that were quick, were able to hide behind the trees and move closer to Maple.



The two monsters slithered out of the ground and prevented any monsters from getting close to Maple.

Maple’s defenses were too strong. But the monsters did not understand the futility of attacking her, and so they continued to strike and were ultimately torn to shreds.


“I haven’t…been damaged yet! Great!”

Maple was wary that the giant rock monsters would do some kind of special attack, and so she fired at them while maintaining a distance.

She didn’t need to concentrate on her back, because her two reliable monsters were protecting her.

The sounds of the other monsters being slain that echoed behind her were proof of that.


“Okay, just like this…!”

Maple fired off at a bird monster that was flying in the air as she continued to fight the ones on the ground.

Maple was relieved that the fight was going smoothly.


“This is fine…hmm!?”

In Maple’s line of sight, sprouted a red flower, just to the side of a stone giant’s foot.

Maple frantically stopped attacking, but it was too late. One of her lasers caught the flower right in the center.



The sweet scent spread out, and the already loud jungle became even more chaotic.


“Why was it right there! Hmph!”

Maple flailed her arms up and down and shouted.



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