Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 188

Defense Specialization and Inside the Darkness 2



After a while, Maple stopped and tore through the monster’s skin and fell to the ground. It was more about finally having the resolve to deactivate Savagery than it was about finishing the gathering of information.


“For now, ‘Deploy all Weapons’!”

As she was prepared to leave at full power, she called out Syrup and had it enlarged.


“Syrup! ‘Soul Canon’!”

This was an attack method that Maple had thought of as she was running around.

The light that shot out of Syrup cut through the darkness and sucked up the small ghosts in its path.


“Okay, I can do this! Thank you, Syrup!”

As there would still be piercing attacks, she was unable to use Dedicated Affection.

Maple decided to protect Syrup with her shield, like the great shield-wielder bearer that she originally was.


“Shield, check! Salt, check!”

Maple made sure that she had the items as she flew straight towards the place that Syrup had opened for her.

She left a trail of blazing fire in the darkness behind her as she blasted towards the boss and launched the salt over it before landing.


“Oomph. It’s so hard to land in the darkness…”

Maple then flew towards the throne and fell into it as if she were rolling.

She had Syrup stand by on her side, and there was no need to worry about the smaller ghosts using any skills.


“Phew… Syrup’s attack works the best, so I will just have to wait until I can use it again.”

Maple dealt with the small ghosts by using her items.

And if the boss ever reached out towards her again, she would use an explosion on the throne to launch herself up in the air for an emergency escape.


“Alright, this is good…Syrup!”

As Maple was getting rid of the small ghosts, the boss was attempting to attack Syrup with piercing attacks.


“Oh, uh. ‘Dedicated Affection’!”

The small ghosts were so numerous that Maple could not leave the throne, but she frantically tried to protect Syrup.


“Ohh…ahhh… ‘Meditation’!”

As long as she was not lifted from the throne, ‘Meditation’ and the throne’s recovering effect would be enough.

In other words, she wouldn’t lose even if Syrup was targeted.


However, it was a big problem for Maple that recovering like this did damage as well.


“Ohhh…it stings.”

There was a constant pain running through Maple’s body.

Maple felt like she was being tortured on the throne as she waited for the attacks to stop.

After a while, the ghost stopped. It then moved away and began to summon more of its underlings.


“Syrup, are you alright? Uhh…what should I do? I don’t think I can endure that again.”

Even if she could endure it according to the numbers, it was unbearable for her otherwise.

Things would be very bad if Syrup continued to be targeted. It was as Maple was thinking this that she got a flash of insight.


However, it could hardly be called insight.


“…I just need to return Syrup to my ring…I’m an idiot.”

As soon as Syrup returned to the ring, the pain disappeared completely.

There was no need to have Syrup next to her at all times.


“I just need to call Syrup when it’s safe. Alright, my bad!”

Maple quickly switched gears and looked forward.

The enemy was still not defeated.

As long as it could use piercing attacks, she did not have time to think idly.


“For now, I’ll move away and call Syrup again. It’s too hard without Soul Canon.”

Maple spread out her weapons over the throne and caused an explosion. The weapons were destroyed as she launched up into the air and put as much space between her and the ghost as she could.


“Alright, now I’ll bring Syrup out.”

Maple called Syrup out and protected it until it could use ‘Soul Canon’ again.


“Syrup ‘Soul Canon’!”

She attacked whenever Syrup was able to, and when it couldn’t, she carried it after it had shrunken down. When this happened, Maple used Dedicated Affection to protect it from the explosive flames as she flew around and evaded the enemy.


Maple was able to repeat this over and over again. It was a rare battle where she did not take any damage from the monster she was fighting.


“I’ve dealt quite a lot of damage…?!”

Maple realized here that there was a very visible change occurring.

It had been quite dark up until now, but she was able to see her own body and the boss. It was about the same darkness as a moonlit night.


However, currently, Maple was unable to see Syrup, who was now enlarged and nearby, and she could also not see the throne or monster.

Maple was surrounded in a thick darkness that was no different to when she closed her eyes.


“Wh-where are you?! Syrup!”

Maple had Syrup return to her ring and then crouched behind her shield as she looked around.


“Where will it come from? Umm…”

Maple squinted, but it didn’t change the fact that it was so dark, she could not even see her hands.


“I know, a lantern!”

Maple took out a lantern from her inventory and tried to light it.




However, the light was enveloped by darkness, and it disappeared as if something had snuffed out the candle.

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