Itai no Wa 199


Defense Specialization and the Recovery


“Hahaha, take this!”


Just as Maple finishes getting ready, the twins sent out more swords and spears towards her.

She tried to avoid them, but failed to do so as their speed is on a completely different level now.

The swords and spears pierced into the slime’s body, but quickly dissolved without even scraping the slime’s HP.


“Oh! You’re amazing, Mr. Slime! In that case…”


Maple transformed the slime so that instead of floating inside it, it would cover her body like a mantle, and created a pair of big arms made of slime.


“Great, they feel like they’re easy to use! Well then…”


Maple spread out the slime-arms, and out of the twins that were floating in midair, she closed her grip on the girl dressed in green.


“Ah… She’s slipped away… I thought I could catch her with Mr. Slime’s help.”


The way the slimes are configured, physical attacks don’t affect them.

However, the girl dressed in red attacked the slime with fire.


“Ah! Don’t use fire!”


Noticing that the slime’s HP decreased because of that attack, Maple pulls the slime-made arm back.

Wrapping it around her body one more time, she settled down for a moment and began to calmly look around the room for something.


Upon closer examination, Maple noticed that the room looked like a child’s room.

Although the room was considerably large, the fact that it was furnished with a desk, a closet, and other common furniture, and there were plush dolls and toys all over the place, made it look more like a child’s room rather than a boss room.


“Hmm… there are a lot of presents here… Isn’t there something I can use?”


Maple asked that to herself while the slime kept on melting the things that were being thrown at it.


“Leave the fire attacks to me!”


Maple jumps out of the slime, shaking the fire attack away with her own arm.

The fire deflected by her arm gets thrown against a present box, setting it on fire.


“Ohh! Wait, wait!!”


Still, she was relieved to manage to put out the flame with her bare hands without a problem.

And then, Maple found something that didn’t burn inside the present box.


“Oh! My sword!”


It was part of the equipment that had been stolen from her.

Realizing that Maple had found her sword, the twins spoke up.


“Oh, what are we going to do?”


“We don’t want it anyway, so that’s okay.”


So the twins said that they didn’t want Maple’s sword.


“Alright… ‘Hydra’!”


Maple equipped it immediately and used her ‘Hydra’.

The skill activated normally and a three-headed poison dragon appeared, heading for the twins.

However, the twins disappeared and quickly reappeared in another place, avoiding the lump of poison completely.


“Ahahaha! So weak!”


“Tsk… Alright! ‘Deploy All Weapons’!”


Maple produces something like a rifle and shoots at the twins, but the attack has little effect in disrupting them.


“We’ve already seen that.”




After saying that, the twins looked at each other and chuckled.

Seeing that, Maple thought about changing her approach.


“Hmm. The rest of my equipment must be inside one of these present boxes somewhere. For now, let’s hide Mr. Slime somewhere.”


After moving the slime to the edge of the room, she began opening present boxes one after the other, all while still taking spears and swords thrown at her back.

As swords piled on the ground, and hatchets and spears were pierced on the walls, Maple was finally able to find all of her equipment inside the present boxes.


“Phew… I’m tired. But the fight will be easier with these.”


Having found her equipment, all that was left to do was to punish those troublesome twins.

Maple came up with a strategy while looking for her equipment.


“When fighting against someone who’s good at escaping… you eliminate the means of escape!”


Maple began walking towards the middle of the room with an evil smile on her face.


“’Dedicated Affection’ ‘Venom Capsule’”


The angel that appeared in the middle of the room quickly sinks its wings into the poisonous lump.

It turned into a giant purple sphere that sat eerily on that spot.




Two monsters appeared in front of Maple, who triumphantly stood within the venom capsule.


“Mr. Slime, you come here as well!”


The slime, who had no choice but to obey, leapt towards Maple and fell between her and the monsters.

Maple’s plan was to protect them while the ‘Venom Capsule’ was still small.


“Sally’s fake may have escaped, but don’t think that you two are going to be that lucky!”


The idea was to completely fill the room with poison.

No matter how well you can move inside this room, it won’t make a difference if everything in the room is dead.


“Let’s do this! I’m great at winning by persistence!”


Saying that, Maple began manipulating the slime here and there.



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