Itai no Wa 211



Defense Specialization and the Tower’s Second Floor 4



After that Maple got many of her skills sealed, but finally the two of them reach the boss room.

A huge door stands before their eyes as usual.


“We finally did it!”


“I’d like to go check the corridors we haven’t seen yet… but oh well. So, are your skills still sealed, Maple?”


“Yeah… looks they’ll be back in 20 minutes or so.”


“Okay, let’s wait for the seals to wear off. We should be in top condition before going in.”


The two sit in front of the door and spend the time talking.

And when the last seal on Maple’s skills fades, they rush into the boss room.


“The atmosphere here is just like outside… “


Maple looks around her.

Just like the outside of the boss room, every wall in this spacious room is completely covered in bookshelves filled to the brim with books.

Sally is as vigilant as she was outside, and notices that a blue magic circle appears floating in midair at the back of the dimly lit room.


“Watch out Maple! Here it comes!”


“Okay! ‘Deploy All Weapons’!”


The two of them get ready to face the boss that appears in front of them, which is a massive book, several meters tall.

It slowly descends to the ground, clad in the blue light from the magic circle.


“Victory goes to one who makes the first move! ‘Commence Attack’!”


At the same time that Maple shoots her bullets, the huge book in midair begins to flip through its own pages and stops at a page showing a picture of a burning book.

Then, as depicted on the page, a red book sends itself flying and begins shooting fireballs.


“Maple! Take care of that one on the right! I’ll deal with this one!”




Sally starts running away from Maple’s side and knocks down the book with a magic skill.

At the same time, the huge book turns over a new page and several humanoid shadows appear around the room.

A total of 5 of these monsters that can seal away skills have been summoned.


“Ah! This is bad!”


“I can’t stop them all…!”


“Then, ‘Hydra’ ‘Oozing Chaos’!”


Before they could be sealed away, Maple releases ghosts and poisonous dragons, which dart towards the boss.

At the same time, the boss flips through its pages again and creates a blue barrier in front of itself.

As a result, the attack hits the blue barrier instead and though it shatters while making a loud noise, the damage from the attack seems to have been greatly reduced by it.


“Aw, Sally, that didn’t work at all!


“Seems like powerful attacks are not that effective! Let me give it a shot! ‘Super Acceleration‘!”


“Then I’ll take care of the shadows!”


Sally creates some ice pillars in order to make her way towards the boss while avoiding the sea of poison that Maple has created.

Maple shoots at the shadow monsters that approach her.

A fireball from the smaller book hits Maple but doesn’t do anything to her.


“How about this?”


While Maple takes care of the surrounding monsters, Sally faces the boss and slashes at it several times with her daggers.

The book has no chance to prepare its barrier, and with its defense incomplete, takes damage from Sally’s attacks.


“All right! One more time!”


Then, Sally tries to change her position using her threads, but the book flips through its pages and creates a strong wind with its own breath.

Sally is forced to extend her threads in order to avoid the attack.


“That was close… Is that a knockback effect?”


Sally confirms that Maple has been blown far away, hacks away at the boss again, and returns to Maple.


“Hopefully that’ll stop the wind.”


“Thanks, Sally!”


“This is far from over… what’s next?”


Just as they turn to check on the boss, it begins to flip through its pages again.

Then it stops at a completely white page, with nothing written on it.


“What? It’s blank…”


“Maple! Dodge!”


Though Sally is quick to call out their enemy’s attack, Maple can’t dodge it in time. Black chains climb up from under Maple’s feet, binding her body tightly.

Thinking that Maple’s skills might get sealed away, she rushes to help Maple before doing anything else.


“Wait! …Huh? I haven’t been sealed?”


Maple says that while Sally destroys each of the chains.




“Ah, no! It took them! My skills!”


As she says that, all of Maple’s weapons disappear.




The boss starts flipping through its pages again as Sally cuts down the last chain.


It stops on a page that has several weapons drawn on it.


“This is bad…!”


Sally’s eyes open wide in surprise as several magic circles begin to appear in midair, and from them emerge all sorts of weapons.


“Ugh… Sorry, Maple! ‘Right hand: Thread’!”


“Huh? Waaah!?”


Sally attaches a thread to Maple and pulls her out of the boss room.

Maple bounces on the floor, making loud noises as she is dragged out against her will.


“…We’re falling back for now! Fall back!”


“That’s right, I don’t want to be facing any pseudo-Maples as a boss!”


And so, they manage to escape from the boss room before the boss is able to fire the weapons it stole from Maple at them.


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