Itai no wa iya 224

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s Fourth Floor 4



Like this, the two of them traveled from crag to crag and managed to survive the arrows without taking damage. As they went further downstream, the current became gentler and the water arrows stopped coming.


“Sally! The arrows stopped!”


“Phew… We can finally relax now. But we still can’t get off of the shield, as there are monsters in the water.”


“Oh, right. Ah, I can see them!”

You could see the outlines of the fish as they swam in the water.

It was clear that most of them were monsters.

Maple continued to make the great shield move forward as she talked to Sally.


“I never did find out if the water arrows could pierce through my defenses.”


“Hehe. Want to go back and find out?”


“No! No-no!”

Maple shook her head ferociously.

Generally, she did not want to take any damage. And she tried to avoid being attacked by anything that was pointed.


“Well, the boss might use it too. But, we’ll deal with it when the time comes.”


“The boss, huh… Oh, I hope it doesn’t use it.”


“The sea that looked so far away in the beginning now seems pretty close, doesn’t it?”


“I haven’t been to sea in so long! They’ve been absent on recent layers.”


“That’s true. We should think about ways of fighting a boss that would be in the water as we move.”

Now that they were able to ignore the monsters in the water, the two of them were able to concentrate more as they advanced.

There were no more forks in the river and the forest soon ended. It was then that the scene in front of them spread wide open.


It was the sea that spread out before them. There were small, calm waves that glimmered in the sunlight.


“Sally… Does it seem like there is a boss?”


“I’m not sure? There’s nowhere to stand… Hmm. I don’t want to fight here…”

Maple agreed with her.

However, it was always the inconvenient things that seemed to happen. As the two watched the slowly undulating waves, there was a large splash, and then the boss monster appeared.


It was a sea turtle that was over five meters tall.


“Oh! A turtle!”


“I guess that means that we have to fight here then.”


“I wonder if it’s bigger than Syrup…”

Maple said excitedly. She seemed so happy that it was hard to believe she was going to fight a boss.


“…Hey, don’t get attached to it, okay?”


“I-I’m fine!”

As they talked, the sea turtle started to move.

For a second it seemed as if had dived deep into the water, but then a path of water rose out of the sea, allowing the sea turtle to swim freely in the air.

The flowing water moved behind it as it rose to the sky. Like this, it could move in and out of the water.


They were so surprised that they couldn’t move. There were now many paths of water in the air. In was an incredibly strange sight.


“Wow! This is amazing!”


“It’s not attacking us… I suppose this is how it prepares the field. It sure is pretty…”


“Sally! Sally! Why don’t we try and ride on the turtle’s back?”


“Huh… Can we? …In the first place, that thing is a boss!”


“Just a little! I just want to test it out! I’m sure it will be fun! It should be completely different from riding Syrup!”

Maple said to Sally with shining eyes.

Sally glanced over to the turtle. She couldn’t help but want to try it as well.


“Just a little…okay?”


“Yes! Alright then, ‘Dedicated Affection’!”

Once Maple had finished preparations for protecting Sally, she remembered something and pulled out an item from her inventory.


“A snorkel?”


“This thing allows you to stay underwater longer! Hehe. I had forgotten about it…”


“You sure buy a lot of stuff. Alright, leave the rest to me. I’m going to attach us to the shell with my web!”


“Thank you! I’m going to ride it no matter what!”

And like that, the battle with the fourth floor boss began.

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