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Itai no wa iya 228

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 5th Floor



After being separated, Maple realized that Sally had logged out, and so she left the tower without deactivating Savagery. And then she waited for Sally.


After some time, Sally returned with a very embarrassed expression.


“Next time, we’ll make sure that it won’t fall off. Okay?”





As they climbed the steps of the fifth floor, the other members of Maple Tree were also working on the fifth floor.

Generally, they all protected Mai and Yui. Their strategy was to apply a lot of buffs on them when they stopped moving, and then they would unleash them. It seemed to be working for now.


However, there were monsters on the fifth floor that even these two couldn’t defeat.


“There they are, physical immunity! Kasumi! Kanade!”

The semi-transparent ghosts that rushed towards them were immune to all physical attacks.

As Yui and Mai were not used to combat yet, it was difficult for them to even hit their targets. And so they had to trade places.


“Yeah, leave it to me! ‘Arm of the Warrior’!”

Kasumi activated the demon sword skill she had acquired on the fourth floor. Just then, two armored arms that held swords appeared on both sides of Kasumi.

The one on the right was covered in purple flames and moved in sync with Kasumi’s blade. It also dealt fire damage.


And while it caused all of your stats to drop by 20%, its abilities more than made up for that. And so Kasumi cut through the ghosts one after another.


“I wish I could do that. I’ll just have to use random magic…”

As the other two used their different attribute attacks, Chrome continued to protect Mai and Yui.

While they could take damage, unlike Maple, he would not allow it to happen.


“As far as recovery goes, I won’t lose!”

As Izu was also using recovery items on him, Chrome’s HP would repeatedly go down and then fully recover again.


“Hmm. It should be soon. Kasumi! It’s coming from the ground!”


“Yeah, I know. No problem.”

The same fissure that had swallowed up Maple now appeared. But as none of them were being held down, they were all able to avoid it.


Chrome and Kasumi had enough STR to tear away from the hands in the ground, while Izu and Kanade were fast enough to dodge them. As for Mai and Yui, there was no point in even trying to restrain them.

So it wasn’t hard for them to avoid the crack in the ground.


“The underground route is a real pain. It’s also easier for me to defend on the surface…so let’s keep avoiding it.”


“Yes! Uhhh…but please help us on the way there.”


“I hear that normal attacks are effective on the boss. You two should save your energy for it.”


“Leave the boss to us!”


“Yes, very good. Maybe I’ll prepare some magic to improve the environment for us.”

Mai and Yui held their great hammers tightly and Kanade thought back on the magic book he had saved.

After that, they got passed the monsters that continually tried to drag them underground. The six of them were making very good progress.


“I wonder what Maple is doing.”


“The fifth floor seems like a bad fit for her.”


“Doesn’t it mostly depend on Sally? I hope they’re doing well…”

They said as they thought back on how Sally had been in the sixth layer. It was then that things started to change.


“Hmm. Look, the mist is getting thicker. We’re in the next district.”

Like Kasumi said, they were starting to get surrounded in a white mist. Almost immediately, they could only see a few meters ahead of them.


“I didn’t expect to be able to see so little…”


“We have to be careful as we move forward. There still isn’t much information about this section.”

Kasumi took the lead. She was followed by Kanade, Izu, Chrome and then Mai and Yui as they advanced in the quiet mist.


“It feels creepy once it gets this quiet, doesn’t it Chrome…Chrome?”

Izu thought it was strange that he didn’t answer, and she turned around. But the three people who should have been there were gone.


“Kanade! Kasumi! …Huh?”

She looked back ahead, but the two others had now disappeared.


“I knew it…there are still more traps.”

She merely thought it was unfortunate that they had been split up as she opened her map, however, their positions were not on it.

This is going to be annoying. She thought as she continued to walk in order to gain information.


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