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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 246

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 10th Floor



On the following day, the two of them stood in front of the tower, now that Sally’s Empty Shell and Maple’s Machine God skills were usable again.


“Let’s finish it today!”


“Of course. Besides, the event won’t last forever. And I can’t fight it multiple times in one day.”

Most of Maple’s skills had a limited amount of uses per day.

So she was not fit for fighting a powerful monster over and over again.


“Alright, let’s go to the 9th floor then!”

They returned to the 9th floor and found the magic circle. Then they stepped foot into the 10th floor.

The light faded in front of their eyes, and the scene in front of them became clear. What they saw was a great stone hall with streams of light that shone down. The ceiling was dome-shaped and the field was round. There was no visible path that led elsewhere. In the center of the room, there was a figure in heavy silver armor that glimmered in the light.

As the head was covered by a helmet, they could not read the person’s facial expression, but it unsheathed its sword and pointed it at them, so there was no mistaking that it was hostile.


“It’s coming.”



The boss accelerated towards them just as Maple raised her shield.

Maple frantically held it in front of her, but the boss dodged it and cut down at Maple from the side.





Maple went flying loudly into the air and crashed into the wall with an explosion of dust.

Before Sally could check her HP, the boss started to attack her.



She dodged the attack by a hair’s breadth and then returned with her own attack.

However, since the boss blocked with its sword as well, she barely did any damage.



Not to be outdone, Sally blocked the attacks as well, and then jumped back.

However, the boss would not allow her to create any distance between them. And every time Sally took a step back, the sword came swinging at her.


“‘Cover Move’! ‘Cover’!”

At the same time, Maple moved in. ‘Bizzare Eater’ swallowed the sword and gouged out a chunk of its body.



Sally now had an opening, and so she jumped out from behind Maple and slashed at its sides with her daggers and then moved towards the boss’s back.

However, the boss ignored her and moved around Maple’s great shield and began to attack her where she wasn’t protected.


“‘Deploy all Weapons’! ‘Commence Attack’!”

Maple quickly prepared her weapons for a counterattack. And while the boss’s HP fell dramatically, it still did not stop.

It swung up and down and stabbed. These three attacks in succession were able to destroy Maple’s weapons, and graze her. Maple’s HP was greatly reduced.




“Maple, over here…!”

Sally quickly shot a web towards Maple and pulled her away by force.

The boss’s attacks hit empty space instead. Then it stopped and turned to look at them.




“Thank you. Wh-what should we do!?”


“I’ll do something about the boss’s speed. You make sure it doesn’t hit you!”

This boss attacked and guarded without giving you an opening, and so there was rarely a time for Sally to retaliate.

Fighting one-on-one just meant you would slowly grow more and more disadvantaged.

Maple would have to deal damage to it somehow.

Sally charged up to the boss and then parried its attack with her daggers.


“Oboro ‘Awakening’ ‘Ghost flame’! ‘Ocean’! ‘Ancient Sea’!”

Pale flames were unleashed from Oboro, and water flowed out from Sally and ate away at the boss.

Both skills had the ability to lower your enemy’s AGI.

Not only that, but the fish that came from ‘Ancient Sea’ also helped in spreading the water.

While her movements were slowed, Sally felt that they could now finally fight on equal footing.



She ducked in order to dodge a swing to the side, but she lost her balance, and it was then that three successive attacks were unleashed onto her. Sally’s eyes widened as she tried to retreat, but all three attacks cut into her body.


However, her body disappeared. And then she reappeared behind the boss.


“Double Slash!”

She didn’t miss the opportunity she created and attacked with a powerful skill. Then Sally returned to where Maple was.


“Had I not used ‘Mirage’…I would have been cut.”


“…Uh, I’ll protect you with Dedicated Affection!”


“But then…”


“It’s fine! I don’t actually want to take any damage… But these are the times that I have to protect you! Besides, I want to win!”


“You can deactivate it if it gets dangerous, okay?”


“Got it!”

Maple activated Dedicated Affection and Throne of the Heavenly King. Then she used Encourage to raise Sally’s status.


“Maple, you need to save your skills for when its movement patterns change!”


“You can do it, Sally!”


“Yes, I got this!”


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