Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 248

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 10th Floor 3



The flames eventually died down. And while Sally was unhurt, Savagery crumbled right in front of her, and Maple came rolling out.

Sally picked her up and moved away from the boss.

It seemed like the boss stayed still for a while after special attacks. However, neither of them was in a position to take advantage of it.


“Ah, that was close…”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t think it had any hidden moves left.”


“Maybe going in like that was a bad idea? I can’t use Savagery anymore…”


“Deactivate Dedicated Affection. If the area attacks come, you’ll die before I can heal you.”


“Okay. You’ll have to dodge them then!”


“Leave it to me. It’s what I do best.”

Maple brought out her weapons again and raised her shield.

Sally also held her daggers up and heightened her concentration once again.


“Let’s go, Maple. ‘Phantom World’!”


“‘Commence Attack’!”

There were now three Maples as the firing began. A tremendous amount of bullets sprayed over the boss.

As they were keeping a distance from it, its attacks for dealing with clones did not reach them. Instead, the boss created a wall of fire to protect itself from Maple’s attacks.


“Ohhh, please break!”

Maple’s prayer was answered, and the wall of fire began to fade, but then as if to dodge the bullets, the boss jumped upwards and flew towards Maple.


“‘Pierce Guard’!”

In order to do as much damage as possible, Maple pointed the gun barrels upwards and prepared to hit it with ‘Bizarre Eater.’

The flames blazed hotter and the sword was now like a giant pillar of fire as it cut into Maple’s clones. As the flames were not piercing attacks, she could not stop them, but the damage from the sword was still nullified, and she survived.

Maple ignored the disappearance of her clones and swung her great shield, gouging out part of its shoulder and body.


“Once more!”

Maple swung her shield again, but it was blocked by the fiery blade and pushed aside. And then without losing any momentum, the boss charged forward.

Maple had no way of dealing with it perfectly.

Still, Maple laughed as if it were all according to plan.




“‘Quintuple Slash’!”

Sally had moved away when Maple started firing. She had been using Oboro’s ‘Quick Shadow’ to hide. Once she was no longer targeted by the boss, she waited for her chance to attack.

Sally had used Doping Seeds to the limit, and it was like this that she unleashed the highest succession of attacks that she could. With the combined effects of the ‘Pursuing Blade’ skill, the weight of 10 attacks from each hand went into the boss’s defenseless back. And the sword that tried to attack Maple stopped.

Due to receiving such overwhelming damage, the boss’s movement priorities changed, and it thrust its sword into the ground.

The magic that caused a massive pillar of flame to burn them earlier was about to be activated again.


“‘Quick Change’!”





Maple quickly drank a potion, but as that wasn’t enough, Sally healed her. And then she made a dome of light that would block all damage.

Powerful moves should be met with powerful moves, and so an instant kill attack had to be met with the ultimate defense.

A storm of roaring flames blazed around them.


“Our chance!”



This time, they would not let its pause go unpunished. Maple fired her guns and Sally unleashed a barrage of attacks. They took its remaining HP down to 30%.

Then shock waves erupted, and while neither were injured, both were pushed away.

Sally immediately returned to Maple and healed her. Then they watched the boss.

Maple went back to her original equipment and called out Syrup, securing more firepower.


“It went well!”


“Don’t get too excited just yet.”

In front of them, the boss made another burst of flames surge from its sword in the ground. And then the ground cracked, and several pillars of fire erupted, completely changing the field.

Five swords of fire now hovered behind the boss’s back. They were stronger than the blade enveloped by fire.


“…I guess this is where the real battle begins.”


“We won’t lose!”

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