Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 260

Defense Specialization and the Snake



“I guess I should go and try again. Or I won’t learn anything.”

It didn’t matter how many times she died. She would have to rely on trial and error in order to gather information. Things had happened so quickly the first time, and it had all been so one-sided that she really hadn’t gained much information.

And so Kasumi descended into the valley once again, and this time, the base was covered in fog immediately.


“Hah. So it already sees me as an enemy then. ‘Mind’s Eye’!”

Kasumi used Mind’s Eye first and then hid in a nearby bush. It was there that she watched for the enemy.

And then, she slowly began to hear the sounds of it slithering on the ground and then the attack displays appeared and passed by her.


“So, it really is attacking where it sees… But its reach is not that far.”

While Mind’s Eye was still in effect, Kasumi avoided entering its vision and moved towards its body.


“It’s quite big… Well, let’s test this out then.”

Kasumi unsheathed her blade and activated Arm of the Warrior and Purple Phantom Blade. It was the attack that took down the headless knight, Kasumi’s most powerful attack.

The first attack hit the snake and tore away its scales. The damage effect burst from the wound. However, just as Kasumi thought she had it and continued, the attack with Arm of the Warrior turned white and was then blocked by the scales.



As she could not stop the successive attacks, she had to continue as each one bounced off. In the end, she was left with a shrunken body. Her attacks didn’t work. It didn’t feel like it had high defense ability. It felt like she was attacking something that was indestructible.


“I guess I’ll just watch…”

It was then that she stopped moving. The fact that she could no longer move on her own was proof that its head was pointing at her now.


“Do what you want!”

She saw the shadow of the head approach from behind. And with that, Kasumi was forcefully returned to the 7th layer’s town once again.


Kasumi sat down on a bench and thought as she waited for her body to return to normal.


“It wasn’t as if I couldn’t deal any damage at all… So I don’t think it’s impossible for me to defeat it.”

Judging by the circumstances, it was easy to assume that the first attack had damaged it because it had been a surprise. However, none of her attacks did any damage after that, and the alerted snake was able to look at her.

In that case, it was clearly best not to attack it.


“The head seems to cause some advanced form of movement prohibition… And not being able to move means a follow-up attack is impossible…”

If the goal wasn’t to destroy the snake, then maybe it meant there was a place you were supposed to reach by sneaking past it.

But that would also be incredibly difficult.

After all, that forest at the bottom of the valley was huge. She knew just how difficult it was to search through it, from her experience before the encounter.


“Alright, I’ll start by checking out the edges of the valley. At least the early parts of this event were easy.”

Her position would be quite different now that she had to search the valley while staying hidden.

In Kasumi’s case, using Mind’s Eye would be key. The movement restriction led to a one-hit kill attack, and so being able to see it’s range was something that directly affected whether she lived or died.


“I think that this is enough for today. I have to restock on items… Also, maybe I should visit the frog again.”

Things had happened. Maybe he would offer her a hint now, Kasumi thought with a nod.

Quite some time had passed since she had run around on the different layers and reached the valley. The journey had been more fun than anything up until now, but she was starting to feel tired. And as she had used up a lot of the special potions that Izu had given her in the dungeons, she decided it was a good time to log out.

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