Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 271

Defense Specialization and Presentation



Once the battle was over, Izu went to gather the dropped items. In the meantime Mi approached Maple.


“He-hey! What was that back there!”


“Ehehe. Didn’t I tell you that I wanted to show you something too?”


“Uh, you did say that… But, there is no way that I would have known you would do something like that!”

From Mi’s point of view, she had acquired a new, incredibly high-powered method of attack. In fact, Maple hadn’t done anything that was all that different from before, it was just that it was such a departure visually, and so Mi didn’t realize it.


“I wanted to test it out on the boss. Maybe it can be my new finisher?”


“Yes, yes. Ahh, and to think that for a second I was starting to think you were underpowered.”


“Well, you showed me Ignis, so I wanted to show you something as well.”

Maple said and then laughed innocently. Mi couldn’t help but laugh as well.


“I’ll have to think of new anti-Maple measures by the next guild war. Both in terms of defense and offense.”


“Hehehe. I accept your challenge! Besides, the others have become really strong too.”


“I don’t doubt it…not now.”

Mi glanced towards Izu. She had assumed that Maple Tree didn’t have a powerful buffer, but she knew now that that was not the case at all.

As they talked about this, Izu finished gathering the materials. And so all three of them decided to leave the dungeon.


“Where to next?”


“I need the egg of a monster bird that nests on the cliffs, an ice flower from the snowy mountains…a coral from the sea, and poison from a scorpion…and also some fur…”

She started to list all of the items. There were so many that Maple started to feel dizzy as she listened.


“That sounds really hard…what kind of item are you trying to make?”


“None of the three items have any practical use. One is a kind of mixed medicine and then there’s a sword and some clothes.”

All of these would be very difficult to make unless your crafting abilities were very high. As Izu said, the medicine and sword were event-exclusive items, and could not be used for anything else.


“Well, I guess we have no choice but to patiently gather them. But it won’t be possible to do it in one day.”


“I’ll help whenever you need me!”


“Yeah, you can call me as long as I have the time. Hey, why don’t we go to a place that would be much easier with Ignis around?”


“Yes, that would be great! Then…maybe the cliffs?”


“Alright. Leave it to me.”

Mi gave Ignis the order, and it changed directions and then headed towards the cliffs.



After that, Izu would take several days to gather the rest of the materials. During that time, there was another member who was traveling around in search of his buddy. Yes, it was Chrome.


“So, that’s the next place… Phew, this is going to take a while.”

Chrome said as he spread the map that he had acquired as an item. That being said, it wasn’t just a normal map. It was a treasure map.

This was the quest that Chrome was currently working on. He had found this map while exploring a dungeon. It was a rare drop, and at this point he had already gone to ten of the ‘X’ marks that were on the map.

He had acquired a number of treasures on the way, which were items that could be traded in. However none of them led to a monster that he could tame.

Eventually, he found himself exploring thick forests and snowy mountains that could be described as uncharted territories. And it became difficult for him to get through these areas in a single day.


“I think it should end soon…”

Chrome’s current destination was a cave by the sea. When Chrome saw that the map was directing him towards the sea, he couldn’t help but think of Maple’s arm.


“I hope it’s something that’s a little more normal… Here it is.”

The entrance was usually covered by water, and the cave was inhabited by ravenous shark monsters. But depending on the time, the mouth of the cave was revealed.

Through his explorations, Chrome found out the right time to go, and so he decided to enter it now.


“It’s difficult to walk in here. And also…dark. Oomph!”

Chrome secured some light by attaching a lantern to his belt. Then he raised his great shield and carefully walked forward. On the way, he saw human bones in tattered clothes. The atmosphere here started to remind him of a certain rocky place that Maple had once told him about.


“I won’t be able to tame it if it’s a ghost-type monster. Oh, surely that’s not what it is?”

Chrome held his shield up. The lantern illuminated the area up ahead. And what he saw were skeletons that were armed with rusty axes and sabers. They clattered loudly as they approached.


“If we’re on a linear path, I’m not afraid of groups of enemies!”

He blocked the attacks with his shield and attacked back. There was no need to kill them with a single hit. He just needed to avoid being hit while using the narrow passage to his advantage.


“Phew… No bats have appeared yet. Is it mainly skeletons here?”

He still wasn’t sure what kind of dungeon this was. And so Chrome continued his exploration, all the while hoping to find something good.


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