Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 278

Defense Specialization and Key Information



And so Sally dove back to the rift in the ground and used one hand to carry a flashlight to light her way as she entered it.

It was only the entrance that was narrow. Inside, there seemed to be a tunnel. Light poured in from the cracks in the coral, making the scales of the tropical fish glimmer beautifully.

Sally remained cautious of danger as she made her way forward. Eventually, she came to a dead end. And here, there was a stone board that was covered in seaweed and coral.



Sally pointed her flashlight at it and pushed away the seaweed and cut off the coral in order to see what was written underneath.

Once it was cleared, she saved it as an image and then returned to the surface.


“Pwaah! Maple! I found something.”


“Ohh! How was it?”

As Sally climbed up onto Syrup, Maple approached her as if she couldn’t wait to hear all about it.

And so Sally showed the image to her. It was a rough map of the seventh layer.

And there were marks all over the place.


“Here it is. It seems quite different from the drop map that Chrome was talking about… I think that it’s definitely not for the same event.”


“Yes! Yes! Oh… But there are so many. And there are only supposed to be three keys…”


“But look. There is a mark on the stream we were earlier. So, I think one of these marks is the right one, and the others are hints.”

It was a very simple map, and there were marks in every area. The reality was, that they had to check all of the areas, from the desert to the jungle.


“Should we go back once? Maybe someone else has more information!”


“That’s true. It seems like events can be triggered in all sorts of places. So maybe someone at the guild encountered something.”

They both thought it was a better idea to return to the guild, rather than run around blindly through the seventh layer.

When they opened the doors to the guild home, they saw that Kanade, Mai, and Yui were facing each other around a table and playing a board game.


“Hmm? Ah, welcome back, you two. Do you want to play with us?”

Mai and Yui said as they made their next move. And then they slumped in their chairs as they were defeated.


“Hmmm. We just came here today to ask if anyone knew anything.”

Maple told the three of them what they had been up to. Kanade nodded a number of times as if to suggest he had a few ideas.


“In that case, I saw something promising in the town library. Apparently, there used to be several other towns that were quite wealthy. And people back then could understand their monsters much better than they can now… According to this image, the towns should be around here.”

Kanade pointed at a few marks on the map. One of the places was where the stream was.


“Ohhh! Sally! This is very useful information!”


“Yes, I’m impressed. Aren’t there a lot of books at this library?”


“Yeah. Still, I read all of them.”


“A-all of them!?”

“A-all of them!?”

Mai and Yui said in unison. In the meantime, Kanade started setting up the next board game.


“It’s an interesting place, and there are a lot of things written that could be hints for events. So you should definitely check it out. Hehe. Though, it will take you a long time.”

After all, Kanade was only able to read all of them because of his ability.

Feeling the difference in processing ability, Mai and Yui could only slump weakly in their chairs.


“Sister, I don’t think we can win after all…”


“Uh, yeah… We never stood a chance.”


“Well, I’ll be waiting for a good report, okay? Also, will you play when you come back?”


“Sure! Once we finish this quest, I’ll come back and beat you!”


“But Maple, you haven’t even won once, have you?”


“It’s still fun! Besides, Kanade makes adjustments, just like a game!”


“Huh. He’s like a computer.”

Sally seemed very surprised as she looked at Kanade with suspicion. But he just smiled his usual smile and nodded. Sally was satisfied. She realized that such a thing wasn’t really all that odd when it came to Kanade.


“I’m at level 1 when I play against you two.”


“You’re too strong for a level 1!”


“And you said you can go up to level 10…?”


“Ahaha. Well, we better go now! I hope you two can win!”


“We’ll try!”

“We’ll try!”

They left the trio, who started playing again. And like that, they returned to the field, this time with concrete information.

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