Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 281

Defense Specialization and the Floating Stones 2



They hopped on the floating boulders and cut their way through another wolf ambush. And while giant boulders continued to fly towards them, Maple was always rescued by Sally. Eventually, they arrived at the deepest part of the area.

Here, there were several boulders floating above flat terrain. The wind was blowing like a tornado and in the center, there was a giant that was made entirely of wind.


“I don’t think we’ll be able to kill that in one hit. We better be careful.”


“Yes! Leave it to me!”

Maple pointed her barrels at it. At the same time, the giant also went into a battle stance. The tornado that surrounded it became stronger and the floating boulders began to move.


“Huh!? But I can’t dodge those!”

There was the sound of metal hitting against something hard, and Maple went flying into the air.

Of course, more than one boulder assaulted her, and Maple was bounced around like a ping pong ball.




“Maple! That’s too… I don’t think I can help you… Ah, I have to concentrate!”

Sally lowered her stance and shifted between accelerating and stopping. It was all she could do to dodge the boulders as she got closer.

And as Maple was being blown around the field, Sally could not depend on the effects of Dedicated Affection.


“Oboro, ‘Demon Flame’! ‘Fire Child’!”

Sally ordered Oboro. Then blue flames appeared all over her body and increased her damage output. Furthermore, flames stretched out from her daggers, increasing her reach.

She spun her body and cut through the wind that the giant had unleashed. Then she slashed deeply into the giant’s arm without losing momentum.

As the red damage effects flew, so did the blue flames around her.


“Oboro’s MP is…still fine…!?”

Then Sally saw the lasers being fired from behind the giant’s back, and she quickly jumped away.

However, it turned out that it was meant to damage the giant and not Sally. She saw the damage effects rise into the air.


“Maple? Woah, she’s going crazy…”

While Maple was being bounced around by the boulders, she wasn’t taking any damage. And so she utilized this to move at a high speed and then use ‘Poltergeist’ to randomly unleash her lasers and other attacks. Occasionally, she would make her weapons detonate and bash against the boulders on purpose. This made it difficult for the boss to hit her with its masses of wind.


“Is it…a field gimmick…? Well, I should do what I can.”

If Maple currently had its attention while racking up damage, that meant that Sally could use a skill that would usually take too much time.

Sally moved close to one of its legs and activated the skills.


“‘Quintaple Slash,’ ‘Power Attack’!”

There was additional damage from Demon Flame and the follow-up attack from ‘Pursuing Blade,’ and ‘Sword Dance,’ which affected everything, on top of buffs from items. These resulted in damage that was nearly unbelievable coming from daggers.

When the damage effects died down, one of the giant’s legs disappeared, and it fell to the ground.


“It’s our chance!”

Sally dodged the flying rocks and moved to the giant’s head, which she slashed repeatedly.

However, a great boulder came flying towards her as if to interrupt her attacks.


“Oboro! ‘Spirited Away’!”

Sally commanded, and then she disappeared. It wasn’t like ‘Quick Shadow,’ which made her invisible. This was a skill that erased your existence completely for one second.

And you could not hit what did not exist. And since she used it right before it hit her, the boulder passed through as if nothing had happened.


“Yes, success! Oboro, ‘Binding Barrier’!”

As things were going well, Sally’s attacks accelerated even more. Maple was still flying wilding about the field and damaging the giant with her lasers. And the result was that the boss could not survive Sally’s attacks.

There was one last gust of wind, and then the floating rocks became still. At the same time, Maple was tossed to the ground and rolled towards Sally’s feet.

Obviously, she was unhurt, but she still looked unstable as she wobbled up to Sally.


“Good work! Oboro sure can do a lot now! Oh… I’m reminded of Mi.”


“Oboro does fire and illusions. And I guess I do water and ice? What do you think? This blade when I used Demon Flame. Isn’t it cool?”


“Yes! You look like a ninja, I think? And that rock went right through you!”


“Thanks to Oboro, I have one more way to get out of nearly impossible situations. Anyway, this is what’s important!”

Sally scooped up the red gemstone from the ground. It had been the giant’s eye.


“Now we just need to go to the ruins that Kanade told us about.”


“I hope that’s it. Fighting bosses is quite hard…”

As there was nothing else for them to gather right now, they decided to head for the ruins. They wouldn’t know if they needed something until they got there.


“Alright, let’s go! Let’s go! I can’t wait to see what is there!”


“Yes, yes. Okay, get on the horse again.”



Since they had everything they needed, they got on the horse and headed for the ruins.

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