Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 283

Defense Specialization and Evolution



Due to a desire to show the others as soon as possible, they hurried back and burst through the doors of the guild home.

Inside, Kanade was still playing a board game. Kasumi, Chrome, and Izu were surrounding Yui and Mai.


“Woah. What happened? You seem more cheerful than usual.”


“Hmm. Welcome back. Hehe. It looks like I can expect a positive report.”

And so Maple and Sally picked up Syrup and Oboro and thrust them out in front of the others.

As the other guild members had seen them longer than their own monsters, they noticed the difference immediately.


“Huh? What happened to them!”


“Hehehe. They evolved! They’re stronger and cuter!”

And then Maple explained the event to the other six members in detail.


“I see… Evolution, huh. But…”


“Yeah, I went to that place with the floating rocks, but there was no giant there.”

Maple had assumed that everyone would be able to make their monsters evolve too, but it seemed like that wasn’t the case. Even Izu had not heard anything about people fighting on top of a huge tree.


“Um…Maybe it’s affected by their level and how close they are to you? After all, you two have had Syrup and Oboro for a long time…”


“That might be true. The books I read were all about how to get the most out of their power. And I think they’re talking about after their general abilities are established.”

Perhaps it should not have been a surprise that you couldn’t make them evolve so soon after taming them.


“Well, I guess it really is because we spent so much time together then… Ehehe.”

Maple said as she patted Syrup on the head. This was the buddy that would continue to fly around with her on the field for a long time. And so she was incredibly happy about Syrup evolving.


“Well, now that Maple and Sally’s monsters are stronger, I’m really looking forward to the next event.”


“That’s true. The way we fight will change. So it will be a good opportunity to test things.”


“Oh, the event! Then I’ll have to work hard so Syrup can level up!”

Just evolving would not be enough to make the most of the enhancements. From here, it was about patience and training.


“We’ve done a lot today already. What will you do, Maple?”


“I-I think I’m going to do just a little more. Maybe Syrup will learn something after gaining one level!”

And in order to do that, she had to return to the field. Maple would run from one interest to the next. And from one fun thing to the next.



During that time, management was exhausted from preparing numerous monsters and events for the seventh layer. Every area had different monsters and different evolutions. And creating all of that was a lot of work.


“How many rare monsters have been tamed?”


“Less than 20%. After all, the area is huge. And there are lots of strong monsters that aren’t rare.”

If anything, the rare monsters that had been prepared were rather peaky in terms of features, and so some players would ignore them even after encountering them.


“Well, it looks like monsters that can buff you are the most popular. On the other hand, many magic users are taming tanks.”


“What about the important guilds?”


“They have a bunch of rares.”


“Haaa… Well, just being hard to find is… No, they’re choosing them because they’re a good fit.”

Of course, they had checked Assembly of Holy Swords and Ifrit’s Kingdom. And also Maple Tree.


“They are capturing monsters that are strong…and are capable.”


“Maple and Sally even evolved theirs. In spite of there being almost no information about doing that…”

They were taking advantage of the fact that they had tamed monsters earlier than the others. And much faster than had been expected.


“Is her body made of some kind of magnet that helps her react to rare events?”


“That may be… I’m really starting to believe it.”

Once things had settled down on the seventh layer, the next event would begin.


“What will happen during the next event?”


“As the players are monster-like, we have to send strong monsters for them to clash with.”

They muttered as they ran a final check on the enemies. They had to prepare monsters that were fitting for the highest difficulty.


“Ah, one more thing. Maple has tentacles now.”


“…That’s not something you add at the last moment.”

Such was their conversation as they checked to see that the monsters were not acting in an abnormal way.

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