Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 295

Defense Specialization and the Main Battle



As Maple and the others spent their days busily raising their monsters’s levels, the day of the main battle finally arrived.

They discussed their direction one last time and then waited to be teleported to the field.

The eight of them would be taking on the field with the highest difficulty, and if you survived until the end, you would receive 5 medals.


“It seems like you can also get other medals by killing monsters on the field. So it would be great if we can collect more than the ones for surviving. Considering how the battle is set up…I think we’re supposed to decide if we are going to stick together the entire time or not.”

Like Sally said, the more of the optional medals you collected, the stronger you would become.

And these medals you got on the field would go to every party member. In other words, if Maple acquired 1 medal, then each of the other members would also get 1 medal.

If they all split up and defeated strong monsters, they would be able to acquire a lot of medals. However, there was also a possibility that they could die, and the number of medals they received for surviving would drop.


“It says that there is a specific time when strong monsters come out. I think we could gain the most by gathering together when that happens, while generally spreading out.”


“Yeah. Surviving is important. But I want to get as many medals as possible!”


“Well, even if we split up, I think it would best if it was just in half, while considering who works best with who.”

Kanade suggested, and the others agreed. It was then decided that Maple, Sally, Yui, and Mai would make one team, while Kanade, Izu, Chrome, and Kasumi would make the other team.

As it was clear that Maple should be teamed up with the three that could be one-shotted if they were ambushed, they came to this decision in an instant.


“Let’s do our best during the main fight too!”


“Yes, Yui.”


“Is it almost time? …Oh, here it comes.”


“Alright! Let’s all survive until the end!”

Those were Maple’s final words as she raised her fish into the air. The others followed. And like that, the members of Maple Tree were enveloped in light as they were teleported away.



When the light faded around them, they saw that they were in the same field once again. As for their starting point, it was like a wasteland or desert, where only sand and rocks could be seen.


“It’s a good thing that we have a clear view. There doesn’t seem to be any players around…”


“Yeah. However, it seems that we have a visitor already!”

Great waves appeared in the sand, and then gigantic worms that could have swallowed the entire party began to appear before them. Once they detected Maple and the others, they opened their mouths and attacked.


“Alright! ‘Dedicated Affection’!”

Maple activated the skill in order to protect everyone. As the clouds of dust rose into the air, all of the attacks were neutralized. At the same time, each of them called out their tamed monster and then went out on the attack.


“There’s no time to put them in place… Fay, ‘Item Buff’!”

Izu threw the attack strengthening item onto the ground, and a red light enveloped all of them. Once that was over, Yui and Mai got onto their tamed monsters and jumped out.


“‘Power Share’! ‘Bright Star’!”

“‘Power Share’! ‘Bright Star’!”

Mai and Yui gave the order and a spherical effect bounced off of Tsukimi and Yuki. This caused great damage to all of the worms that were close to them.

However, they still had a lot of HP remaining. But this was no surprise, given that it was the highest difficulty.


“I won’t let you get away! Kasumi! Sally!”


“Yeah! ‘Blood Blade’! Haku, ‘Super Enlarge,’ ‘Paralysis Poison’!”


“Oboro! ‘Binding Barrier’!”

Haku suddenly grew very large next to Kasumi. It quickly wrapped around and strangled the worm while paralyzing it so that it couldn’t move. At the same time, Oboro stopped a different worm from moving.


“Necro, ‘Fire of Death’!”

Once they were unable to move, Chrome, who was equipping Necro, began to shoot out flames, accelerating the damage.

It was here that Mai and Yui, along with Tsukimi and Yukimi, began to pommel the worms. This was too much, and the worms were unable to withstand it, and they exploded. The other words seemed to understand that they were at a disadvantage, and they dove back into the sand and escaped.


Dust filled the air once again. And when it settled, the field was as quiet as it was before.


“Oohh! Amazing! All of your monsters are so strong!”


“But we weren’t able to kill all of them… Still, it was easy to fight since you were protecting us, Maple.”


“Monsters other than the ones we were attacking also died. All of the tamed monsters were so strong!”

Yui and Mai said as they looked at the others with awe and respect. Sally, Kasumi and Chrome looked puzzled.


“Eh? No, I didn’t think it was that impressive.”


“Yeah, me too. Though, Haku’s attack power was a little high…”


“Hehehe… Sou! Over here.”

Kanade laughed with amusement when he saw how confused they looked. Then he called Sou. What then appeared from the huge shadow of Haku, was Sou, who now had white hair, and had clothes made of a pink mesh with frills and ribbons. In other words, Sou looked exactly like Yui.


“What!? Me-me!?”


“Yes. I borrowed your attack power for a little while. It really was impressive.”

Sou had been acting in a state where the appearance and status were reflected by the skill. So if it was mimicking Yui, then it stood to reason that its attack power would be tremendous.


“Ohh. Kanade’s tamed monster is strong too. That really increases the possibilities in terms of strategy…”


“That being said, looks like its time is up.”

Kanade said. Just then, Sou’s body was enveloped in light, and then it returned to being a transparent slime.


“It’s over pretty quickly, but the cool down time is long. Still, it’s interesting, isn’t it? It can turn into party members that it memorized in advance.”

Like this, Kanade’s team had plenty of attack ability. And then the four of them started to look around.


“Ah! Sally. Are there any medals on the ground?”


“Hmm. Let me see.”

There was nothing around that looked like a medal. Perhaps it meant that those worms were just stock monsters.


“We’ll die if we let our guard down.”


“I suppose this is what the hardest difficulty is going to be like. Alright, let’s look for a place where we can get our bearings. You can all ride on Haku.”

And so the rest of them returned their tamed monsters to their rings, and then got on top of Haku’s back. And like that, the snake slithered through the desert.

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