318 Part 2

As the forest was filled with green, the blue butterfly was easy to spot, especially when the wings caught the light.


“Is it a rare monster? Up until now, we only saw small animals.”


“It’s flying away! Let’s go!”



Sally put Maple on her back and then dashed through the trees as she chased after the butterfly. However, the distance between them would not shrink.


“It’s strangely fast…  But there’s no way a first layer monster can be faster than me!”


“You can do it, Sally!”


“Leave it to me. I won’t lose it…!”

After they had followed it for a while, the light that shone from between the trees became stronger, and they came out into a clearing.

Here, there was an especially large tree in the center of a field of colorful flowers.

And they saw that there were a number of the same blue butterflies flying here.




“It doesn’t really seem…like an event?”

Sally put Maple down, and they walked towards the flower field. When they reached the center, Maple spun around happily and then bent down to look at the flowers.


“Hmm. It looks like you can’t pick them.”


“I see. Should we take a photo to commemorate?”


“Yes! Sally, over here!”

They took a picture together so that the tree and flowers were behind them. Sally checked the photo and then sent it to Maple. Just then, Maple slumped down on the ground.





As Maple did not respond, Sally checked to see if it wasn’t the effect of some status. She then realized that Maple was affected by Sleep, and so Sally looked around to find out what had caused it.


“That butterfly…?”

On closer inspection, she could see that the scales of the wings were spreading in the air as they sparkled in the sunlight. Sally was sure that this was the cause.


“This is pretty troublesome for being in the first layer. Well, it’s Maple. She’ll be fine.”

It was possible that there was some other status effect as well, but Maple’s HP remained the same, and Sally was fine as long as she remained within range of Dedicated Affection.


“Still, there must be something here if they have monsters like this… Maybe we hit the jackpot?”

She leaned Maple against the trunk of the tree and then started to climb up in order to check the shining thing she had seen.


“Apples…but this is…”

It was an apple that was the same blue as the butterflies. It was not particularly appetizing, but it was beautiful, like a jewel.


“‘Fruit of Sleep.’ …Is it a material? Well, I suppose it could be a souvenir.”

Sally picked two of them before climbing down from the tree. It was just as Maple was starting to wake up.


“Sally, are you alright!?”


“Thanks to you, Maple. Look, I found something to take back with us.”


“Wow! It’s so pretty!”


“There’s one for you and one for me.”


“Oh! I have an idea! We should take something back from all the places we go to on our adventures!”


“That’s good. So what should we do now? Do you want to stay here a little longer?”

Sally asked as she showed Maple a potion for sleep resistance. As an answer, Maple accepted it.




While they were a little annoying, they were still monsters of the first layer, and as expected, nothing appeared that was able to hurt Maple. And so the two enjoyed the flower field to their heart’s content. Then they left the forest behind them.


“That was nice. There really are a lot of places we haven’t been to yet…”


“Well, we always end up moving to the newest layer right away. Though, it’s also fun to be among the first.”


“What should we do next?”


“Hmm. We really did come out here without deciding anything. Is there anything you want to see? Like the sea or mountain.”


“Hmm. Then I want to go to a castle that’s floating in the sky!”


“…! I see. Okay. I did promise you that we would go one day.”


“Ehehe. We have to take as many detours as possible when we have time!”

A floating castle. Now that there were more layers and dungeons and different terrain had been added, there must be something like that somewhere.


“In that case, we can’t explore without a plan. Let’s go and see if there is any information. Also, there might be something that we need.”




“Okay, should I carry you again?”




“There might be something on the way back, after all.”


“I don’t mind if there isn’t!”


“…That makes me happy.”

Mapple laughed as if to say that she was having enough fun by just being with Sally. And so Sally laughed as well and they returned to the town together.

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