328 Part 2


“‘Heavy Twin Attacks’!”

As the monster was frozen for a second, she slammed her fists into it one after another. The sheer power that didn’t seem to fit her small frame was enough to send the stone statue flying back with a dull ring.



This time she activated a skill that was used when using your bare fists as weapons. It allowed her to suddenly accelerate towards it, returning to close-range combat, which was her forte. And then pale electricity shot out from her body.


“‘Electric Discharge’!”

All the electricity that was stored with every hit taken and given was now unleashed. Over and over again, the statue was burned. Then the electricity around Velvet started to die down, and the stone statue fell to the ground and disappeared into light.


“Hmmm. That wasn’t much of a fight!”


“Amazing! Unlike last time, you were moving around so fast that it ended in seconds!”


“We’ve been here a couple of times already, so it’s easy to beat it!”


“That’s nice. It’s so cool to be able to move fast!”




“…Miss Sally?”

As Velvet and Maple talked excitedly, Sally closed her eyes and played the fight back in her mind. Aside from the electric attacks that Maple had talked about, she was able to see how Velvet fought with her weapons up close. However, there was one thing that bothered her.

As a fight with your fists meant you had little range, many skills were set to have high damage output. However, even with that considered, Velvet’s fists seemed to pack too much of a punch.


“There’s a risk…but I suppose it can’t be helped.”




“Oh! What did you think about the fight! Did it make you want to challenge me?”


“Yeah, it did. We should fight later.”

Sally said, and Velvet smiled happily.


“Well, it would be rude for me to just watch. So I’ll do the next one.”


“Ohh! Good idea!”


“And if you think it will be boring to fight me, we can reconsider.”

Sally said. And then she took the lead as they headed to the next gate.




Just like the path to the first gate, there were no monsters on the way to the second, and so it was an easy journey.


“By the way, Velvet. You said that you’ve been here a number of times?”


“This place allows me to fight one on one over and over! Still, it’s starting to feel less satisfying.”

Every time she found a promising dungeon, Velvet would drag Hinata with her and charge in, looking for powerful monsters to fight. When she and Hinata were together, they could take down almost any boss without much trouble.

That meant it was hard for Velvet to really enjoy fighting. And since it wasn’t like Hinata could be with her at all times, Velvet had come here to train, hoping that the monsters would feel strong enough if she was alone.


“I’ve become stronger myself. If I’m with Hinata, we’re unbeatable!”


“And then you found me and Maple. To be your new opponents.”


“I knew you two were strong because of the last event!”


“Yes, yes. We’ll be your rivals!”

As Sally talked with Velvet, she realized that it was true that she really did only have one face. It was just as Maple had said.


“Well, you can call her a rival, but Maple doesn’t really do PvP, right?”


“Hmm…I guess. Only if it’s during an event.”


“Well, there it is. I guess you’ll have to come to me if you want to fight?”

There was already a certain player doing just that, so Sally didn’t care if there was one more.


“Unlike me, Hinata doesn’t like fighting all of the time, so it would make me really happy to be able to fight you one on one!!

Hinata was the type of player who only fought when it was necessary. And so she was very different from Velvet, who was constantly looking for new places that allowed her to fight in the way that she wanted.


“It’s a lot of fun being with Velvet… But if someone can keep her entertained…then that would make me happy.”


“Sally, that’s a lot of responsibility!”


“Hmm. Well, I think we should find out if I’m up to the task first. The gate is right up ahead.”


“Got it!”

And so Sally headed towards the second gate that appeared in front of them.



“So, are you all fine with me being the only challenger?”


“You can do it, Sally!”


“Uhh… I’ll be cheering you on.”


“I’ll be watching you very closely!”


“Alright, I’m going then.”

Sally set it so that she was the only combatant, and then she stepped into the battle area, which was also in the shape of a circle.

Here, there was a stone statue that carried a stone greatsword that might as well have been a blunt weapon.


“That’s a power fighter if I’ve ever seen one.”

Sally faced the statue and pulled out her twin daggers.


“Oboro, ‘Fire Child.’”

She used Oboro to envelope herself in fire, and then rushed forward in a straight line, closing the gap between herself and the stone statue. The difference in size was the same as with Velvet, only this time, the stone statue had superior reach. The statue was also the first to attack.

The great sword cut through the air in a flash. It was so fast that it was hard to believe such speed could come from a body made of stone. As dust flew in the air, Sally twisted her body so that she barely avoided the sword, and then she slashed at it as if to counter.


“No damage. In that case…!”

She shot passed the side of the statue and slashed at it with her daggers. As damage effects exploded, Sally moved away from it.

As the STR boost from ‘Sword Dance’ was still small, she was not dealing maximum damage yet. That being said, Sally’s attack power wasn’t exactly low. The fact that its HP bar had only gone down a little told Sally just how high Velvet’s attack power really was.


“Phew! Haaa!”

Sally spun around, and as the great sword came swinging at her, she dropped to the ground in order to dodge it. Then she slashed at one of its legs and came out behind it.

No matter how many times it tried, the results were the same. The statue would attack, but the damage effects and fire would be coming from it and not Sally. Its attacks were giving her openings, and every time it went on the offensive, its HP dwindled.

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