Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 331

Defense Specialization and the Next Objective



Now that the duel was over, Velvet had a very satisfied expression as she took the lead during their descent of the mountain.


“That was great… Thank you, Sally.”


“We just fought. There’s no reason for you to thank me.”


“I’m so glad that we met today! I’ll get stronger for the next time that we fight!”

The two versus two battle would be saved for another time. And so they decided to part ways for the day.


“Oh, that’s right. Do you have a second?”


“Hmm? Me?”

Before they separated, Velvet called out to Sally. To show her gratitude for such a fun fight, she gave Sally one piece of information.


“Recently on this map…around here, a strong player is apparently leveling up.”


“Huh. Maybe I should go. There are more ridiculously stronger players these days.”


“In spite of what you told me, Sally, I’m going to be the first one to defeat you. We’re rivals now!”

Sally couldn’t help but think of another player who said similar things. However, she was grateful for the information.


“Don’t you dare lose to anyone before me!”


“I already told you. If I lose to anyone, it won’t be you, Velvet.”


“That just motivates me even more!”

After receiving the information, they parted ways for the day. Once they had left Velvet and Hinata, Maple and Sally decided to return to the town. They both got onto Sally’s horse and rode like the wind on the road leading to it.


“Was Velvet strong?”

“She was strong. But there are more and more strong players now. She gave me information about an interesting player. Do you want to go?”


“Yes. Since she was so kind to tell us! Maybe we can make more new friends!”


“Alright, let’s go then. Apparently, they usually go on weekends. Ah, but they might want to be rivals, just like Velvet.”

The amount of people who called themselves Maple’s rivals were increasing. But that was also one way to connect with people.


“I have to become stronger! I’m the Guild Master, after all!”


“That’s good. I’ll help you.”


“Yes! You’re the most reliable person, Sally!”


“Hehe. Thank you.”

As they talked like this, they reached the town in no time at all.






623 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

There’s no event and the 8th layer is still far away.

Not much is happening these days.


624 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

Well, the 7th layer is huge. I haven’t explored every area yet.


625 Name: Anonymous Archer

All of the layers were huge, but the 7th layer beats the others.


626 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

But you pretty much accomplished the goal once you tame a monster.


627 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

I guess you’re supposed to use this time to raise them.


628 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

I was reminded of the importance of that in the previous event.


629 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

I’m just going to focus on leveling up.


630 Name: Anonymous Archer

Ah, there he is.


631 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

How are things lately?


632 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

Hmm. Nothing has really happened. In fact, Maple is rarely even in the 7th layer.


633 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Oh? Did she find a new dungeon?


634 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

No, she said she’s sightseeing with Sally.


635 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

She must be enjoying herself.


636 Name: Anonymous Archer

That does sound like her.


637 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

She never did seem like the type who cared about leveling up and searching for dungeons.

She was like that since the first event.


638 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

Like that person who draws pictures.


639 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

I’m always so busy doing this thing or that thing. So maybe it will be nice to relax for once.

Perhaps that’s what this time is for.


640 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

This game does have a lot of tourist spots.


641 Name: Anonymous Archer

I’ve barely gone to any of them. It’s a waste now that I think about it.


642 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

Well, everyone has a different way of enjoying themselves.

By the way, where did they go?


643 Name: Anonymous Great Shield User

From what they told me, it was a floating castle. The one in the sky.


644 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

That’s not a tourist spot. It’s the lair of a ridiculously powerful dragon.


645 Name: Anonymous Archer

Well, the view is pretty. But you’ll die if you let your guard down.


646 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Maple can walk anywhere while enjoying the scenery. I’m a little jealous. The best thing about her is that she is fine even when ambushed.


647 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

I’m sure they are leisurely sightseeing today as well.


648 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

And it won’t matter to them if that place is a death vallery for normal players…


649 Name: Anonymous Archer

Defense is important, even for sightseeing these days…


650 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

Well, we can still go to the normal tourist spots. I think I might pay them a visit some time.






Maple decided to go with Sally to the spot that Velvet had told them during the weekend. In the meantime, she was strolling leisurely in a town on the 7th layer.

As there were always a lot of people on the newest layer, it was very loud and lively. It was here that Maple sat down on a bench to rest under the shade of a tree, and with ice cream in one hand.


“It seems like there is a tourist spot on every layer that is themed after stars, so maybe I should search the 7th layer.”

When she thought about it, nearly all of the good tourist spots she knew of had been recommended by Sally. While there were times that Maple herself had stumbled into them by accident, she had never actually escorted someone else.


“I should do something in return.”

A nice view for a nice view. Since Sally had told her that there was one on every layer, Maple thought she would find it first this time, and take Sally to it.


“Yes, I’ll do my best!”

Maple finished her ice cream and stood up enthusiastically.


“First, I have to gather information!”

As that was what Sally always did, Maple decided to do the same. However, no likely places had been discovered on the 7th layer yet.


“That must mean it’s an event that only occurs at night!”

That being said, just because it was stars, it didn’t necessarily mean they were on the surface, just like the one that Sally had shown her. It was possible that it was in a place where you couldn’t see the sky.


“I wonder how Sally knew they were on every layer.”

This seemed to suggest there was information pointing to this conclusion somewhere. Maybe it was a rumor between players. Or maybe it was something more concrete.


“Alright! I’ll go to the library.”

If Sally said it, there must be solid evidence. Thinking this, Maple decided to look for hints from NPCs and information that was already available in the town. And wanting to act immediately, Maple then ran on foot all of the way to the town library.



While the library was filled with books, not all of them had any meaning. There were many areas that you couldn’t enter, and there were some places that just had bookshelves as a backdrop for atmospheric purposes. So there were not that many books that you could actually read.

That being said, she knew that Sally wouldn’t have gone through and read every single book. She either knew which books to look for, or there was a hint somewhere. As she thought about this and searched, she found a corner where the books had a promising theme.


“Stars and lights… Ah, maybe these ones over here!”

Maple took out a single book from the shelf. It contained stories about stars.


“Ah, it must be this! Umm…the lake and moon…shadow of evolution…hmm. It sounds like the 7th layer!”

She nodded to herself. Judging by what was written, Maple thought it might have something that would make Syrup stronger.


“Alright! I’m going to go tonight then!”

Just like when she explored the cave with Sally, she changed her equipment, just in case. And since she was going to a lake, she brought her snorkel along with a light and rope, so that she would be able to move in the water without having to use ‘Swim’ or ‘Dive’ skills.

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