335 Part 2

After advancing a little farther, magic circles that resembled the one they had stepped on earlier started to appear on the ground. And then three humanoid monsters that were made of trees appeared. Each of them had unique features. One had very large arms, while the others held a sword and bow respectively.


“Maple. Let’s keep things simple!”


“‘Deploy all Weapons,’ ‘Commence Attack’!”

Three enemies were in front of them, and they were in the middle of a passage. So that meant there was only one thing for them to do. Maple created her weapons and aimed them all at the monsters before firing them at once.

After these obviously weak monsters felt the rain of bullets for a few seconds, they exploded.


“Nice one, Maple!”


“Leave it to me!”

Maple and Sally’s stampede didn’t end there. The passage was soon overflowing with monsters, but they could not get past Maple’s wall of bullets. Lily and Willbert watched this silently from behind and tried to confirm that this lived up to the rumors.


“What do you think, Will?”


“They really are strong. But I don’t think each individual attack is that powerful.”


“I’m sure they aren’t. Will, that is a weakness you could exploit.”


“Yes… However, it will also depend on where we fight.”

It was important to be able to see them again. The visual flair didn’t always equal actual strength. Willbert’s bow matched Maple’s guns in terms of speed, but did more damage. And as long as they didn’t attack each other head on, the weight of each of his attacks would mean so much more.


“That being said, even if we do get a second look, it would be back-breaking work, dealing with this kind of attack. I can’t imagine how surprised people were when the first saw this during the fourth event.”

Even as they talked, Maple tore down the monsters and advanced, step by step. As for the monsters, Maple and her weapons were blocking the passage completely as she fired at them. And so they had no choice but to be sacrificed when it was their turn.



Like this, they soon came out to what seemed like the next area. While they had walked through narrow passages between trees up until now, this was an open area.

The walls looked similar, but there were roses of many colors on the ground, just like with Syrup’s garden skill. And there were thorns spread out as well. This vast space was clearly different from the passages, and even Maple was quick to realize that something was about to happen.


“A strong monster is about to come out. I think…”


“Correct! Here it comes!”

The thorns on the ground began to grow thicker as they gathered towards the center of the room. Then an especially large, red rose bloomed. It moved as if it had a will of its own. The vines on either side of it lashed out like whips.


“We can trade places after this one. You two won’t have a problem defeating it, right?”


“I-I’ll do my best!”


“Maple, you deal with defense. We should be fine, since we know how this dungeon works.”

Their appearance alone seemed like they were inviting you to shoot at them with fire attacks. But as both of them knew better, they did not fall into this trap. And so Sally dashed forward, and the battle began.


“‘Oozing Chaos,’ ‘Commence Attack’!”

The monster that Maple unleashed crashed into the giant rose that was in the center. She followed this with a storm of bullets. At the same time, she slowly advanced for Sally, so that the rose would be within range of Dedicated Affection. Now that Sally’s safety was secured, she just needed to focus on attacking from the back.


As for Sally, now that she was protected, she attacked the rose mercilessly so that the rose could not attack Maple, on the off chance that it had piercing attacks.



Four thorny whips flew towards Sally. Two were on each side as they moved at an angle. Sally waited until the last possible moment before dodging them. One, two. Even Lily and Will could see that she wasn’t just challenging them for the sake of it from the safety of Dedicated Affection.




“I see…”

Just as it had been for Velvet, seeing them fight in person was a completely different matter.


“What do you think, Will. Could you hit her?”


“Not with an arrow that was just fast. Besides…”

Willbert saw that Maple was being strangled in the back by multiple vines, yet seemed completely unphased. He couldn’t help but laugh then.


“That one as well. A high-power arrow would be pointless.”


“So the rumors are true then.”

When they turned their eyes towards Sally again, she had just dodged the now six vines perfectly, and she was launching a counterattack. The vines that were still shooting out of the ground and attacking Maple were unable to catch Sally. However, as she was not using any skills, she could only chip away at its HP very slowly.


Most normal players would have become frantic after dodging so many attacks, and they would want to finish the fight as soon as possible. The fact that she continued to dodge, even though it looked as risky as walking on a tightrope, was because this was what was normal to her now.


“Maple! Let’s go!”



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