344 Part 3



Once they arrived on the ground, the lightning was deactivated, and they gathered up all of the dropped materials. Then they turned towards the passage that led out from there.


“We can gather quite a bit from just coming down! Of course, normally we jump down all at once!”

Even if they were plunging down at an incredible speed, Hinata would be able to stop them before they hit the ground. But passing through so quickly meant that some monsters were able to survive. However, it didn’t really matter, as their goal was to hunt the fish monsters.

Like this, the two could use their abilities to kill a great number of the event monsters in a short amount of time.


“We searched a lot for places that would let us hunt them quickly! And this hole was the best one!”

Usually, they would wait for the monsters to respawn and then fall down again, but this time they kept going deeper in.

This was because they wanted to show Mai and Yui how they fought. Besides, there was apparently another efficient spot deeper within. And it was that spot that they were headed to, not the boss room.


“Ah, but we’re not that good at protecting, so you should still be careful!”


“There’s no one else out there…who can protect like Maple.”




Velvet and Hinata’s attack ability was superior to their defense ability. They weren’t good with guarding other players by using skills such as ‘Cover’ or ‘Dedicated Affection.’

As they walked down the cloud passage, it started to branch out, and several monsters began to appear. But due to the shape of the passages, these weak monsters could do nothing in the face of Velvet’s thick bolts of thunder that filled the area. Neither could they dodge the shock waves that erupted from Mai and Yui’s ‘Flying Attack,’ and so they turned to ashes in an instant. There really wasn’t much need for teamwork here.

Like this, they advanced for some time until a large monster appeared in front of them when they turned a corner.


“Ah! It’s a swordfish! Hinata!”


“Don’t worry… ‘Gravity’s Shackles,’ ‘Thought Freeze.’”

As Hinata’s voice rang, black chains stretched out from the ground and bound the swordfish. At the same time, a cold wind rushed from the ground and sealed its skills. Now that the swordfish was helpless, Velvet enveloped herself in lightning and shot towards it. Then her body shrank as she dove underneath.


“‘Heavy Twin Attack,’ ‘Roar of Thunder’!”

The swordfish was smashed by two heavy attacks that were boosted by thunder. Electricity crackled all around it. Immediately after, the ground around Velvet began to shine, and then a pillar of thunder shot, piercing and then erasing the swordfish into nothing.


“Phew… Nice one, Hinata!”


“It did go quite well.”

Mai and Yui thought about the sword fish who had been annihilated in an instant without being able to do anything, and they replayed Velvet and Hinata’s brilliant teamwork in their mind.


“Hehe. How was it?”


“It was amazing! You two were so coordinated!”


“It’s true, but it’s a little embarrassing hearing you say it. Anyway, you should always talk and decide on what to do in advance.”

Good teamwork like this could only be born with advance preparation. Most of Velvet and Hinata’s moves were effective against both players and monsters, and they had been used many times. And so there was an incredible smoothness to their actions, and they were quick to make decisions when something had to be done.


“The swordfish can nullify skills that inflict damage, so I have Hinata stop them for me.”


“Though, I don’t have much else to do…”


“Close teamwork…”



Now that they saw the way that Velvet and Hinata fought, they hit the same wall. Yui and Mai could not take on different roles yet, which meant they weren’t ready for this kind of teamwork.


“It’s important to have someone support you! In fact, as long as Hinata is here, the attacker doesn’t even have to be me!”

But Hinata replied by saying that the matter of compatibility was more important. The more Mai and Yui thought about it, the more they realized that it was necessary to gain support skills.

That was really the only conclusion. Mai and Yui pondered on this as they continued to walk through the dungeon. They had a few more opportunities to see Velvet and Hinata’s graceful teamwork before they arrived at their destination. It was a wide room, much like a boss room. However, it seemed to be quite empty.


“We have to go to the center.”




After they all walked to the center, the color of the floor changed, and numerous monsters started flowing out.


“It’s a trap that spawns a ton of monsters! …And some of them are the event monsters!”

As it was a trap that filled the room with monsters, it was currently made to have many of the fish monsters as well. As long as you could survive here, it was more efficient than walking around and hunting them down.



As soon as the monsters were finished spawning, Hinata froze all of them before they could do anything.


“Now, let’s smash them with everything we got!”




The battlefield was filled with thunder attacks and the smashing of great hammers that killed in one hit. Of course, it was impossible for any of the enemies to survive until they were defrosted.




When the battle was over, the four escaped from the dungeon and decided to part ways.


“I hope you were able to gain something from watching us.”


“I don’t think you two will be able to fight in the same way…but I hope you find your own style.”




“Thank you so much.”


“Get stronger! And then we can fight you one day!”

Velvet wasn’t here just to be nice. If Mai and Yui became stronger, it would make things significantly more entertaining if she had to fight them in the future.

Mai and Yui waved their hands as the two left. And then they looked at each other.


“…What should we do?”


“Hmm. I guess one of us should support the other, and gain skills accordingly?”


“In order to make use of our strength…”


“Something only we can do…”




Both of them closed their eyes tightly and thought about it. Then, as if having an idea, they opened their eyes and sent out a message before heading back to the guild home.

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