345 Part 3


“We did it! Success!”

Maple was so happy that they had been able to recreate her first battle. And she dashed forward towards the cross.

And then the same effect occurred as the time Maple acquired ‘Helping Hand,’ and before she knew it, a pendant was around her neck.


“Uh…yes! It seems to be the same one!”

Maple said as she took it off and inspected it. Then she handed it to Mai and Yui.


“Yui should have the first one.”


“Are you sure, Mai?”


“Yes. Hehe. You seemed like you could hardly wait.”

Yui did not object to this, and so she accepted ‘Helping Hand’ and immediately equipped it.


“Uhh, okay! And then I give them weapons…”

Yui equipped the two floating arms with great hammers so that each was holding one.

The hammers were made of rough crystal, and Yui tried controlling them.


“Woah! It’s so difficult!”


“Yes. I’m not really good at moving them precisely, or while I’m doing something else.”

However, precision was hardly necessary with these two. They just needed to swing the arms randomly and they would hit something. And it would all be over.


“Alright, now we need to get one for Mai! …?”


“Yes! …What is it?”

Maple looked as if she had suddenly remembered something that should have been very obvious. Mai tilted her head in puzzlement.


“Hmm. The last time I came here, I was alone and it was such a hard fight that I thought I’d never come back… And so it didn’t occur to me at all. But what do you think about this?”

Maple made a suggestion and the two nodded as if it made perfect sense.


“Alright! Let’s do it then! We still have a ways to go!”




And so the three left the boss room.





A few days later.

Izu was spending her time leisurely in her workshop as she made items from the materials of the event exclusive monsters.


“Phew. I guess this is it. A lot of the items are related to underwater exploration. Well, there must be a good reason for it.”
They had bothered to add these new items, so they must have prepared a special use for them as well. That being said, she currently had no idea what that might be. Still, they would probably be useful when exploring the sea and lakes.


“I should be able to leave most of the hunting to the others.”

As she sat and rested in her chair, she suddenly heard voices coming from outside.


“Miss Izu!”

“Miss Izu!”

“Miss Izu!”

It was Maple, Mai, and Yui who had come to visit her. As they had come in such a rush, Izu assumed that they wanted to ask her a favor.


“Wh-why are you in such a hurry?”


“We want you to make weapons for Mai and Yui!”


“Weapons? Did the old ones break? I only repaired them just recently, so I thought they would last longer… Of course, I would be happy to do it.”


“Thank you!”


“Uh… Could you please make six great hammers for each of us?”


“S-six? For each of you?”

Izu had wondered if they had been fighting with monsters that lowered the durability of the weapons. However, her eyes then widened at the unexpected words.


“W-wait a minute. I don’t really understand.”

Izu said. And so Maple and the others explained it to her.


“Hmm. It might be simpler if you just saw it…”

Maple said as she looked towards Mai and Yui. And so the two changed their equipment. What then appeared around them, were six white hands.

Realization seemed to hit Izu as she saw this.

Yes. One person could equip up to three accessories. In that case, they could replace their STR boosting accessories and use the slots for ‘Helping Hand.’ They would still have to switch with their tamed monsters when fighting, but the dream of being able an ‘instant-kill-level great hammer octo-wielder’ was now possible.


“I finally understand now… Though, I feel a little light headed. Yes! I will make twelve great hammers for you that are of the highest quality.”


“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”


“And we can go and test them when they are ready!”




What would other players think when they saw them? Izu wondered to herself.




335 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

While I’m doing what I can during the event, it’s pretty relaxing, as there is no need to rush.


336 Name: Anonymous Archer

Which layer is the most efficient?


337 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

It’s more about certain spots then layers.

There are good spots on every layer.


338 Name: Anonymous Archer

I mostly use ranged attacks, so I have to stay in areas where I won’t be surrounded. And that’s not really efficient…


339 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Well, everyone is supposed to reach the goal together, so it should be fine.


340 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer



341 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

…I have a bad feeling about this.


342 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder



343 Name: Anonymous Archer

I bet something happened.


344 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

I saw something crazy.


345 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

An event monster?

Or a monster-like player?


346 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

A monster-like player.


347 Name: Anonymous Archer

Does their name start with ‘Ma-’?


348 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

Maybe partially?


349 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder



350 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

To put it plainly

Mai and Yui are now octo-wielding great hammers.


351 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder



352 Name: Anonymous Archer

Those words don’t make any sense.


353 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

I haven’t heard about this. Nothing at all!

Because I’ve been too busy hunting!

I better go and see what they’re doing… I did hear that they were with Maple.


354 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

Were the fish so high in nutrition? Did they get that much experience points…


355 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Uh, your weapons don’t increase just because you level up!


356 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

I saw black and white masses spinning from far away, and when I got closer, they were humans.


357 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

That’s just excessive firepower.

What enemy are they even doing this for? Almost everything would be turned into dust in front of them now.


358 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

They just keep growing… It’s so amazing.


359 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Poor bosses.


360 Name: Anonymous Archer

Maybe if they dodge…


361 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

It’s massive violence.

I haven’t seen it and I don’t know how it works. But masses that large will already be lethal if they hit you. And now there are eight? What the hell?


362 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

Eight great hammers lined up as they spin…

And the monsters go ‘crack-crack.’


363 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

My brain is melting just thinking about it.


364 Name: Anonymous Archer

I wouldn’t call it spinning.

It’s more like spreading death everywhere.


365 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

Our main attackers sure are reliable!


366 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

They were reliable enough before…

Oh…damn it…

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