Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 361

Defense Specialization and the Raid Boss



As Haku was currently the fastest way for all eight of them to move at the same time, they arrived at the spawn point of the raid boss while riding the white snake that had been enlarged with ‘Super Enlarge.’ Up until now, they had alternated between using Syrup and Haku, depending on the spawn points, and so the other players immediately knew that Maple Tree had arrived when they saw the white snake.

Some of the players were already declaring an early victory upon their arrival. However, it was not at all odd for them to think this, when they saw the ridiculous amounts of great hammers floating above the snake’s head.

They had already seen raid bosses being beaten to a pulp many times over. And so Yui and Mai were recognized as firepower that could be relied on.


“There are already quite a lot of people here.”


“Yes. I thought we were going to arrive early, but I suppose everyone else was thinking the same thing?”

Since there were so many people there, Haku’s giant body would get in the way. And so Kasumi had Haku stick its head on the ground so that they could all get off, and then she returned the snake to her ring.


“We still don’t know what kind of boss will appear. So I’ll send Haku back for now.”

Due to Haku’s large size and generally high status, it was able to withstand attacks and unleash counterattacks. But it did not have the kind of mobility required to dodge, so it would be best to wait to see how the raid boss would fight. And even if she couldn’t use Haku, Kasumi had become stronger than before, and would be able to manage just fine.

Now they just had to mix in with the other players and wait for the raid boss to appear.

Most of the other players were talking to fellow guild members about their strategy, or about how to move in reaction to the monster’s tendencies, but some players came up to Maple and the others.


“So you all came! I have high expectations for you today as well!”


“Hello… Velvet wanted to come and talk to you.”


“Ah, Velvet! Yes, we’ll all do our best!”

Maple looked at the guild members and talked about how excited she was.

“There isn’t much that I can do, so if something happens, I’d be grateful if you could help…Velvet.”

Raid bosses usually had a strong resistance to status effects, along with movement and skill sealing effects. If it weren’t the case, even if they weren’t as specialized in it as Hinata, everyone could work together and cast debuffs on the boss until it could no longer move.

Hinata’s skills became a disadvantage now, and so she did very little whenever she participated in fights with raid bosses.


“She says that, but I still rely on her all the time. And so please go in on the attack if Hinata succeeds in casting something!”



As they continued to talk to Velvet and Hinata,more familiar faces came walking towards them from a different direction.


“Hey. It’s finally the last raid boss. And it seems like a lot of people gathered together for this one.”

It was Lily and Willbert who had come. This time, Lily was already holding her flag, and Willbert was weaning his butler uniform. So that meant that Lily would be the attacker.


“‘It seems like a lot of people from ‘Rapid Fire’ came as well.”

Sally looked in the direction that Lily had come from. She saw the group of guild members huddled together.


“Well, it’s the last one, after all. Besides…don’t you just have this feeling that it’s going to be a big one?”

This time, the puddle of water that spread around the spawn point was dozens of meters in diameter. And that was much larger than previous ones. So it was not odd to assume that what would come out would also be strong.


“Yes. We must all stay on our guard.”


“Well, you and your guild have much higher defense ability, Sally. It’s we who have to be careful that we don’t accidentally get ourselves killed.”


“Of course. However, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will fight against so many players. Oh, it looks like ‘Kingdom of the Flame Emperors’ and ‘Congregation of Holy Swords’ have arrived.”

They could see large groups of people moving towards them from afar. And near them were a glowing dragon and a phoenix enveloped in fire. You could tell at a glance which guild it was.

And so all of the highest level players on the 7th layer, which would also be considered the strongest, were now present. And then they all waited for the raid boss to appear.


“Any moment now. Let’s talk afterward if we survive.”

“Yes, of course.”

Lily ended the conversation there and returned to where her guild members were waiting. Velvet and Hinata did the same, and waved their hands as they left.


“It’s finally starting.”


“Yes. Maple, we’re relying on your defense.”


“Leave it to me!”

In order to deal with the first attack, Maple activated ‘Dedicated Affection.’ A brief moment after, the water that spread out began to glow, and ripples appeared in the center. And from there, a pillar of water burst out, and what came out from the water was muscular and holding a trident. It was a giant that controlled the water that surrounded it. As everyone present felt the difference in level from previous bosses, a giant mass of water appeared above the boss’s head, and from it was summoned hordes of the event monsters they had been hunting up until now.

At the same time, HP bars appeared over all of their heads, and like that, the battle against the final raid boss began.

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