Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 363

Defense Specialization and the Raid Boss 3



“Amazing. I thought it would be really tough, but they already destroyed it.”


“And it looks like Sally and the others are fine.”

Izu used her binoculars to observe the area near the giant’s head. They could see the twelve players who had survived the water spears as they separated once and came back down to the ground.

Of course, Maple and Sally had also made it just fine, and it was now their turn to head towards the boss and attack.


“I’ll protect you if you bounce away from a knockback or if you’re about to get hit by a piercing attack. So don’t worry and keep moving forward!”



Chrome was also able to use ‘Multi-Cover’ in order to protect multiple people with his shield. While ‘Pierce Guard’ was in cool down, Maple would raise her shield, and when a guild member was about to be hit by a piercing attack, Chrome would block it with his shield. Like this, they were able to slowly make their way closer to the boss without Maple taking any damage.

No other monsters were being summoned now that the water sphere had been destroyed. However, the tsunamis and water pillars were strengthened instead, and the boss now had an added attack in which it swung its giant trident through the air. Players were now dying all over the place.


“Here comes the water spears! Protect everyone but me, ‘Angel’s Protection.’”


“Right, ‘Multi-Cover’!”

Chrome held his shield up and guarded Mai and Yui who were about to be hit. Maple protected Izu by blocking the attack with her shield, and took no damage. Kanade used a skill from Akashic Records to deal with attacks by eliminating them entirely.

The attacks were quite vicious, and if you weren’t attacking it at long range with magic or bows, then it was by using hit and run tactics with tamed monsters who could fly.

Sally and the others, including the members of Congregation of Holy Swords and Flame Emperors, were alternating between being in the air and on the ground as they slowly but surely dealt damage. But since this was a raid boss, it seemed like this wouldn’t be enough to defeat it completely.

If they wanted to change this situation, they needed to stop the boss’s attacks so that all the players could attack it at once. And they needed Mai and Yui to do that.

However, the boss’s attacks grew more powerful the closer you got to it. The number of spears that rained down increased, and there were fewer gaps between the geysers, as well as stronger currents of water pushing you back.


“Maple and I can block it so that there’s no damage, but the knockback effect is too strong!”

Maple would not be able to move if she used ‘Heavy Body,’ and it wasn’t possible to nullify them during cooldown in the first place. So they were in a bad position when the time between knockbacks became shorter. Currently, they were succeeding in getting closer while avoiding taking any damage, so they were careful that they didn’t accidentally do something that changed things for the worse.

It was then that they heard a voice from a short distance away.


“What’s this? You seem to be taking your time.”




“Let me make a path. Or I won’t know how long I will have to protect you.”

Lily called out even more soldiers and ordered them to take on the damage from the boss’s attacks.


“Now, will you keep going? It would really help if you could stop this annoying water as soon as possible.”


“Thank you! Let’s go, everyone!”


“Yeah, we should be able to move now. Thank you!’

Chrome and Maple were guarded by the soldiers as they led the other guild members forward. They were almost within range.


“Will I be able to join in the attacks soon?”


“Maybe. Let’s wait until they arrive.”


“Ah, in that case, I’ll offer some support fire from the back.”

Like this, Lily and Willbert watched the members of Maple Tree move with the soldiers through the waves, and waited for their chance to attack.

After overcoming numerous attacks and special moves, Maple and the others finally reached the base of the boss. Once they were here, there was only one thing left to do.


“I’ll quickly cast some buffs!”


“I’ll use what magic books I have. After all, it will be a lot of trouble if it doesn’t go down.”


“Yeah, the rest is up to you two. Get it good!”


“Do your best!”

They used buffs that had only lasted a short time but were very powerful. With each buff, Mai and Yui’s damage increased. By the time that they had cast every possible buff on them, the two were surrounded in numerous auras and looked very intimidating.


“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go!”

Synchronized, the two swung a total of sixteen great hammers all at once.


“‘Double Impact’!”

“‘Double Impact’!”

It was a basic skill that anyone could use. However, the moment that it hit, the water enveloping the boss went flying into the air, and was replaced by a shocking amount of damage effects. No matter how many times you saw it, this firepower was nothing less than astonishing. And even this final raid boss’s HP was greatly reduced. It fell down onto one arm. It could do nothing more than support itself with the trident now.

There could not have been a more obvious signal for the rest of the players to go in for a counterattack. They had seen this heavy attack before during the fights against the other raid bosses.

And like that, the players attacked with a renewed vigor. Maple and the others also moved in as if they wanted to prevent it from getting up again. It was at this point that Sally and Kasumi finally reunited with the others.


“Maple! I see that it went well!”


“Sally! Kasumi! I’m glad that you’re alright!”


“We had some help. What’s the situation?”


“An all out attack!”

Sally and Kasumi nodded and raised their weapons as they faced the boss who was now showing a great opening.



It was the Kingdom of the Flame Emperor who launched the first attack on the fallen boss.


“Haha. What an interesting person.”


“She went away like a storm…”

They were thinking about Velvet, who had rushed back to her guild, Hinata still hovering right next to her.


“I guess they have their own work to do. And this is such a great opportunity. Let’s make sure we don’t waste it!”


“Yes, yes! Let’s do this! ‘Destructor’!”


“There isn’t much that I can do, but… I’ll prepare for when it does get up.”


“Everyone, please head towards it. I will heal or restore you if it attacks back!”

As Shin and Mi were incredibly powerful as individuals, they could battle in small numbers. However, the Kingdom of the Flame Emperor were good at fighting in formation and in a group. That’s when Misery shone as a healer and Marx as a trapper. And since they were now all in formation right in front of the boss, it would be possible for them to continue attacking even if it got up.


“Wen, ‘Wind to the Beyond,’ ‘Invisible Sword.’”


“Flame Emperor,’ ‘Fire God’s Flame’!”

Of course, it wasn’t as if Shin and Mi couldn’t support the others as well. Shin increased the range of his skills and added a wind blade damage effect to all of the attacks of the players in the area. Mi spread out her flames and boosted the status of everyone around her.

As Lily said, there was power in numbers.


“Let’s go!”

Mi ordered, and the attacks began, dealing great damage.


As Kingdom of the Flame Emperor attacked, Congregation of Holy Swords went in formation on the opposite side and prepared to attack.


“Looks like everyone’s busy casting buffs?”


“Haha! Unlike most times, we don’t have to think about defense. It makes things easier.”


“I wonder whose fault it is that we have to think about it in the first place”


“This is not the time! We can’t let it get up again.”


“Yeah. Let’s do what we can. Ray, ‘Protection of the Holy Dragon.’”


“Shadow, ‘Shadow Pack.’”


“‘Berserk,’ Earth, ‘Earth’s Halberd’!”

As everyone used their buffs and called out their tamed monsters, Frederica used Knots’ power and cast buffs on the others and nodded with satisfaction.


“Now fight as much as you can. If the buff wears off, I’ll cast it again!”

Frederica then tried to sit down and relax as if her role was over, but Drag pulled her up.


“I want you to join the fight as well.”


“Hmph. You’re so rough with me! Well, since it’s so big, it won’t be able to dodge my attacks. I guess I can use it as target practice then.”

Players would always be able to dodge Frederica’s magic when she fought in duels, but thanks to the buffs and Knots, she was able to unleash more magic at once now. And if she hit her target, the damage would be insane.


“Payne, I’ll transfer all the buffs to you when the time is right. I’ll be counting on you when that happens.”


“Yeah, got it.”

All the buffs onto one person. This skill’s ability was crazy, and it was stronger the more targets there were. In other words, it was at full spec right now.

The long sword that unleashes light was swung, and as the light that seemed to extend into the sky cut through the boss, the rest of the guild attacked at once.


Like this, as the other guilds surrounded the boss and joined in the attack, Maple Tree took position in the front and continued their attacks. And while they had fewer members than the other guilds, Mai and Yui were worth a hundred players, and they were not losing in terms of damage output.


“There is no way that we can beat them!”


“I don’t think there’s any point in comparing.”

As Kasumi and Sally shredded the boss next to Mai and Yui, Maple used her Machine God weapons to attack it with a storm of bullets. Izu had prepared a great amount of bombs, which she was now throwing. And Chrome and Kanade were attacking as well.


“Well, I’m not really contributing all that much. But I’m sure you can do more, Kanade?”

“Can’t you see my look-alike over there? Sou, ‘Destruction Canon’! Well, I’m still trying to save books. Besides, it’s really nothing compared to the damage that those two are doing.”


“You should just do what you can. Ah, the buff is going to wear off. Chrome, throw me a muscle boost potion.”



And so the eight of them continued to deal damage. But once the boss’s HP seemed like it was just about to be depleted, it got back up and thrust out its trident. Of course, it was targeting Mai and Yui, who had been dealing the most damage.


“I’m fine! ‘Act of the Giant’!”

“I’m fine! ‘Act of the Giant’!”

All sixteen great hammers slammed into the giant trident, and the damage that should have gone to them bounced off towards the boss. The two had already been buffed up to the limit, and so their strength exceeded that of the giant, causing the trident to bounce away. And with that, its low HP went down to a hair’s breadth.


“Alright! Let’s all keep pushing!”

Maple continued to use her guns, Sally and Kasumi their blades, Chrome and Kanade used what skills they could use, and Izu used bombs and other damage items without restraint.


“Let’s finish you off!”

“Let’s finish you off!”

Ultimately, it was when Mai and Yui, the two who had contributed the most in this raid boss fight, who caused the giant to explode into light and disappear after they swung their hammers for the final time.

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