Itai no Wa

Chapter 69 Fur Cut

A few days after Chrome had gone into the uninhabited area.

A small maintenance was carried out and a new skill Shear was added.

Shear was a skill to shave wool, just like the name suggests.


Along with that, sheep now appear in a certain area.

According to Izu, it is apparently quite good as a material, so she wants us to get it when we are free.

Maple and Kasumi, who were just free, went to search a section of grassland for it.


“We came ‘cause we were free but… We only know Shear, will we be okay?”


“Not us, only you have it…”


There’s no way Maple, who has poured her everything into defensive skills would be good at Shear.

Maple was in charge of slowing the target down using Paralyze Shout.

As the sheep’s HPs is quite low to begin with, that ability is needed to stop them without decreasing their HP further.

Maple was perfect for the role.


“Don’t see any sheep with wool–”


“Right… The other players also probably came to gather wool.”


Although they had already seen sheep which had Shear used on them, they couldn’t find any normal ones.


And after 30 whole minutes of searching,


“Found them!”


There were three sheep in the direction Kasumi pointed.


Paralyze Shout!”


Maple went to paralyze them immediately but because the other two were out of range, only one got paralyzed.

By the time the two of them got close to the paralyzed sheep, the other two ran off.


“Let’s get one for now, Shear.”


As Kasumi used the skill, the sheep’s wool disappeared cleanly and 1 item called sheep wool was added to the inventory.


“This is definitely not enough…”


“Yea… probably.”


Even if they were to go back with just one bundle wool, it probably won’t be enough to make anything.


“Hmm… If it’s just me, I can probably catch up to the sheep which escaped. And as for skills to limit their movement… well it’s not like I don’t have any. I will be back.”


“Alright! Got it.


And so, Kasumi went running after the sheep.

There, only a paralyzed, trimmed sheep and Kasumi remained.









Kasumi chased after one sheep.


Super Acceleration!”


Using her Super Acceleration, she chased at a speed with which she could catch up.

It would be difficult to use Shear if their movements aren’t limited.


“Well, for what it counts… Shear!”


Kasumi tried using Shear while running as she had nothing to lose.

As Kasumi used the skill while running parallel to it, it’s wool was shaved off cleanly.

Kasumi stopped in her tracks.


“Even if I don’t suppress their movements, it works if I am just within range. As it’s a game, that is.”


She confirmed that the amount of wool had certainly increased when she checked her inventory.

The other sheep went running in the other way and couldn’t be found.

Maple won’t be losing a fight with monsters easily so Kasumi could go back without worrying.

And Kasumi returned to Maple but there was a mysterious, pure white globe enshrined there.




Kasumi drew her blade and cautiously approached the sphere.


“This is… wool?”


After touching the sphere, Kasumi confirmed that it was indeed wool.




And so, Kasumi tried activating her skill on it.

It also worked perfectly on the sphere and it turned into 10 wool bundles in Kasumi’s inventory.


And at the same time, with a loud sound, Maple fell to the ground.


“Maple? … You were inside that?”


“Well, I was inside that… or should I say I was that itself…”


“W-what do you mean?”


“….Just a sudden impulse.”

Maple didn’t talk about the details.


“I-I don’t really understand what’s going on but… I guess not asking further would be better.”


Kasumi read the atmosphere and pursue the subject.


“I am now able to make wool for 24 hours so I will leave the shearing to you.”


“Y-yeah, leave it to me.”


The two got on Syrup and were returning to the guild home.

On the way, Maple reaffirmed her ability.



Sheep Eater.








After returning to the guild home, Kasumi sat down on a table and talked with Chrome.

The topic was Maple and wool.


“It seems that while I was away for just a bit, she acquired a new skill.”


“If I were to quote one of my acquaintances… stuff like that happens immediately when you look away.”


Chrome added that he was already used to it.


“…You got used to it?”


“I also have my feet way deep in that side, after all…”


Chrome said while looking at his equipments.

Chrome was not different from the normal people.


“Then, what would it take to surprise you?”


Chrome pondered for a while.

After a bit, Chrome started talking.


“Hmmm… If she were to float up in the air, turn into a cloud and start dropping lightning, I might be surprised.”


Chrome said jokingly.


“Hahaha! That surely won’t happen.”


“Yea, I also think so. Oh, right. A message came from the management, did you see?”


It seems Kasumi didn’t know since she shook her head sideways.

Chrome summed up the contents of the message.


“The third event. Two weeks later.”


“They are making it quite a continuation… Well? What will it be about?”


“Limited-time monsters will appear and we will have to gather the items they drop. There are also guild and individual rewards depending on the number of items picked up.”


According to Chrome, the number of items required for guild rewards will differ depending on the size of the guild.

Maple’s guild is quite small so the required number will also be less.

And a ranking for individuals on which the rewards will depend.


Moreover, you can’t transfer the item.

That was because it will not add to the inventory, it will just be counted as a number.


“…Hmm, it might be tough this time.”




The two were talking about Maple.

Maple has had her achievements in the events up till now but those were based on strength, not time.

It would be impossible to enter the higher ranks this time no matter what.


“I have also been doing it for a while but… there’s always someone above you.”







Author note:


A sudden fur cutting play.

But it is actually quite important.




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