Defense Specialization and the Third Event




Maple logged in and appeared in the guild home.

Sally, Kanade, and Izu were already inside.


“So the event has started!”


“It’s only been five hours, but isn’t it amazing? The top players are already in the 5-digits. Also, Chrome and Kasumi have already gone hunting.”


“Woah… Everyone’s amazing, huh…”

The four that were left there were still at 0 points. Izu intended to only do a little during this event before stopping.


“I don’t have any attack skills, but I have a little ‘STR’.”

Depending on the type of enemies, there was the possibility of defeating them with a smithing hammer.

Of course, her ‘STR’ was higher than Maple’s.


“We should go too.”


“I suppose.”

The three of them tried to leave Izu there and go, but she called after them.

Izu handed over some gear to Sally and Maple.


“I made this out of the sheep’s wool. Apparently, the item drop rate will increase depending on the amount of sheep’s wool used.”

They had been able to acquire quite a lot of sheep’s wool, thanks to Maple.

Kanade’s gear was already using plenty of wool, so there was no need to change it.


The gear that Izu handed over to Sally was the exact same as her current gear, only it was completely white.

Maple’s gear was very sheep-like in appearance.

The entire set was pure white and all of it was covered in fluffy wool.


“It would be quite impossible to make armor out of wool, after all.”

The great shield and Japanese short sword had to be black due to attack power. This did not really match with the rest of the adorable look, but it could not be helped.


Izu didn’t say it, but the only reason why the gear came out looking like this, was because Izu wanted to see a fluffy looking Maple.


Even if armor was impossible, she could have made normal looking clothes.

This was just the result of her personal tastes.


The three finally left the guild home and all headed off in their separate directions.

It would only become harder to gain points if they stayed together, and this was the best method considering the points they would need for guild rewards and personal rewards.









Maple was on the move as she rode Syrup and looked at the blue panel, inspecting the required points for different rewards.

Visuals of the actual monsters also appeared on the screen. This one was a red cow.


“My speed of mobility is not a good match for this event…”

Even if she was riding Syrup, it was still not even close to Sally’s.

Maple decided that she would just enjoy the event and collect enough points to receive the personal rewards that she wanted.


“I need more points to get that one skill.”

Maple looked at a certain skill before closing the panel and looking downwards. She saw that there just happened to be a red cow right there.



Maple unleashed the Hidora from Syrup and checked her points.

The points had been added exactly.

There was no need to actually check if the monster was dead or alive.

That was how strong it was.

However, there was one condition in using this power.


“Hmm… So there will be enemies with ‘Poison Immunity’ later on…”

Maple’s options for attacks would become incredibly limited should an enemy with ‘Poison Immunity’ appear.

In fact, it would be better for her to run in such a case.

Furthermore, Maple had used poison and paralysis so many times in her attacks, that every player now knew of them. That was also a problem.

Eventually, there would be another event where players fight against each other, and by then many would have acquired ‘Poison Resistance’.


Taking measures against Maple had already become a normal thing for stronger players.

There were even players who would be able to beat her if they made the necessary preparations.

“Come to think of it… I’m level 30 now, so I think I should be able to add another skill to my gear.”

Maple concentrated her points in one place, so there were only a few skills that she could acquire.

As for her armor, she now added a second slot without adding a single skill to it yet.


“No point in worrying about it I guess.”

Maple continued to fly around the field, occasionally making it rain poison.


“I don’t see any cows… I hope there’s a herd somewhere.”

According to information from management, the cows were supposed to appear in almost any location with the exception of boss rooms and underwater. And so Maple moved to a place that was likely to have few players around.



After 30 minutes of travel.

Maple had been looking downward as she traveled, but she had not been able to get many points along the way.

This handicap in terms of speed was quite big.

But Maple didn’t become discouraged and continued to look for some cows.

One reason that Maple wasn’t discouraged, was because she actually enjoyed flying languidly in the sky along with Syrup.


“I wouldn’t mind looking for cows later…and just enjoy this time with Syrup…I’ve been so busy with quests recently, that I haven’t been able to relax.”

After a little thinking, Maple decided that today, she would postpone the cow hunt and spend the rest of her time enjoying an aerial walk with Syrup.

Unlike the surface with its cow hunting and savagery, in the sky, Maple was able to leisurely enjoy the game to a surprising degree.




Around this time, management was making sure that no malfunctions would occur during the event, while talking about a certain subject.


“Maple is a player who draws a lot of attention, because she regularly does things that exceed the boundaries of our understanding.”


“Yeah, that’s true.”

Management was trying to come up with good ways to weaken her.

Whether it was her defenses or ‘Bizzare Eater’, even Syrup these days needed to be reconsidered.


“We considered making a lot of adjustments as there is something odd about the way she’s balanced. Like the mysterious flight etc.”


“Of course.”


“But…I think it’s fine…maybe.”




“One reason would be, because Maple is considered by many to be a poster child for the game.”

She’s also contributed quite a lot in terms of sales.

This was because many players joined because they were drawn to her.

Perhaps it was to resist her, but every time Maple did something, in-game items would increase in sales.


And so management had decided to leave Maple as she was.

Though, one of the reasons was that she had so many eyes on her now, that there was more reason that they couldn’t risk making any bad fixes.


“We would like to adjust the third level so that we won’t have to kill Maple’s flight ability while also keeping the event fair.”


“So, from now on we won’t touch her?”


“Yes, let’s just watch. You know…as long as we don’t force ourselves to consider weakening her, she’s just a cute player, right?”

In other words, they had just given up.

And so, without Maple knowing it, her abilities had been authorized by management.






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