Itai no Wa

Chapter 74 Defense Specialization and Demon Battle

The demon charged towards Maple and punched her with intense momentum.


Maple took the blow without being able to react.



“Alright! No damage!”


But the demon’s attack was unable to hurt Maple’s body.







Dark red chains twined around Maple’s body. It was easy to realize that it was due to the demon’s attack.



“What is this…?”


And while Maple was wondering what it was, the demon came attacking once again.


Maple had also received this head on without being able to dodge.



“The chains are increasing…!”


Maple judged the chains to not be good and so she decided on keeping away from the demon’s attacks for the time being.




Hair Growth!”


Pure white ball of hair appeared on the middle of the wasteland.


Maple shut herself in the wool and checked the chains while avoiding the demon’s attacks.



“Mmm… Binding Spell…. That’s the first time I have heard of that state.”


Maple confirmed the details of her condition.


Binding spell could be used on someone 5 times at most and after using 5 times, their abilities would decrease by 25%.



“So since I took two hits, mine has decreased 10% eh?”


Binding Spell lasted 2 minutes for each stage and so Maple would be stuck like that for 4 minutes.



“Then I guess I will stay here.”


Maple waited inside the wool for the chains to disappear and then after they disappeared, she peeked from the top of the wool and called Syrup to fly into the sky as always.





After going up for about 10 meters, she looked down diagonally.


And then, after confirming that the demon was still punching the wool, Maple shouted out her command to Syrup.


Soul Cannon!”


Reacting to Maple’s voice, a very thick laser was shot from high above.


It was an one-sided attack, where she was outside the opponent’s range.


The laser spread light to all of the wasteland and engulfed the demon.



“Mmm, tough, eh… Only a part of it has been shaved off.”


Seems like the demon wasn’t lying about going all-out here, as it kept attacking Maple in defiance of the damage.


After shutting herself in the wool again, Maple started thinking.



“Should I just put out my hand and use Hydra? But it doesn’t seem like poison would affect demons.”


If it became a poisonous, wool sphere, Syrup wouldn’t be able to carry it and so they would be trapped there.


To avoid that, her usage of poison must be very careful.


Maple brought out her head and Shingetsu and waited for the demon.


And although the demon kept attacking Maple’s head, Maple’s head even flicks off swords.


There was no way a mere fist would be effective.





The poisonous dragon shot out from Shingetsu engulfed the demon and blew it away.



“It seems like poison doesn’t work, as I thought.”


There was no extra damage from the poison but there was damage from the poison dragon.


It is much better than not using it at all.



“Let’s leave it to Syrup!”



Having received the Binding Spell again, Maple returned inside the wool, just in case.





Using Spirit Canno’ every few minutes, the demon’s HP bar finally went under half.



Spirit Cannon!”


Syrup’s Spirit Cannon engulfed the demon again.




“Gghh…So annoying! Crush! I will crush you!”



A black light covered the demon’s body and it started to expand, changing shape.


Its limbs enlarged and muscles bulged.


Its neck stretched and its face disappeared, leaving a big open mouth from which saliva kept dripping.


The ugly demon screamed.





Even Maple didn’t seem to have a liking for monster-like monsters.



“Gegegeeh! Agaa!”


It spit out pitch black flames from its mouth.


It covered Maple and burned the wool.



“Ehh?! This wool can burn?!”


It was wool so it is extremely normal for it to be burn. No matter how strong the defensive skills are, it doesn’t change the wool’s natural property.


The wall of wool protecting Maple disappeared and she fell to the ground.


The demon approached closer with its mouth open wide.


Maple immediately tried to run away but didn’t make it.







Maple was eaten up with a single bite.


The big shield and short sword fell in place.





The demon laughed happily in a creepy voice.




Maple, being swallowed whole, was moving through narrow places.


“Uuu… so-narrow! Uwaah?!”


Suddenly her foothold disappeared and she fell into some sort of liquid.


Maple grabbed something which was floating to not get wet.



“Uwaa… this is inside the stomach or something? ……Ahh my armor is melting!?”


Maple panicked but after a while, when she noticed that she didn’t melt, she calmed down and looked around her surrounding.



“Yep… no ways to attack. Ah, or maybe there is.”


Maple muttered.




This boss was made in such a way that it swallowing its enemies whole would be most damaging.


They would keep taking damage even after being swallowed. Moreover, they would be dropped in a pool of deadly poison at the end.


And on top of that, with time, the stomach also starts to contract so even if you’re able to survive the pool of poison, you will ultimately be crushed to death.


Normally, the slow, big shield users must dodge this.


But Maple broke through that from the front with her super defense and Poison Immune skill.


She didn’t even receive the damage which would kill three people wielding big shields and the pool she dropped to felt like lukewarm water.


At this point, it was like a somewhat cool bath.


On top of that, at this point where being alive itself isn’t expected, Maple had gotten stronger after having her armor melted.



“I was eaten but… I can get out if I defeat this thing, right?”


Saying that, Maple swam towards a wriggling wall of meat.


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