Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 90

Defense Specialization and Final Adjustments



Now that they knew the date and contents of the event, the members of Maple Tree discussed it and began to make preparations for the event.

Luckily, it was a date that allowed all the members to participate, so they assigned roles to everyone.

Maple, Yui, Mai, and Izu would guard the home base.

Sally, Chrome, and Kasumi would go on the offensive.

And Kanade would go back and forth depending on the need.


Chrome and Kasumi would fight monsters and collect dropped items.

This was to increase Izu’s stock of gold and also to sharpen their senses.

Sally left the guild, saying that she was going to practice evading.

Yui and Mai went to the second layer, so they can practice synchronizing while also staying out of sight.

Kanade was asked by Izu to go out into the field and collect materials in order to make the best quality potions.


And since the guild members told Maple to go out and freely explore, she decided to wander around on the third layer and pick up items.




Sally was alone as she went out to the second layer and into an area with lots of monsters.

There, she evaded attacks nonstop. This did not change even after the blue aura around her reached its maximum size.

Sally was trying to lengthen the amount of time she could concentrate, as she continued to make precise movements.

Thankfully, Sally was a high school student in the middle of summer vacation, so she was able to play for long hours.



Her dagger held a shocking degree of power as it carved away the monster’s HP, but they kept coming, one after another.

Sally continued to move, intent on reaching the goal that she had set for herself.


“…Hmm, I think I’ll stay up all night.”

Sally would continue for as long as she could.




Yui and Mai were fighting on the second layer.

Now that the plan for the event was decided, the two were excited to be given important roles to help Maple save her energy.

Izu had given them new equipment too, so each had two great hammers that were the same color as their hair, and their outfits were pure white and jet black to match.

Their accessories were two rings and a choker.

Bother were to raise their STR, ultimately raising their attacks to the absolute limit.


Currently, the two were moving to protect each other, but with Maple’s support, they would be able to focus on attacking, and create a real scene of carnage.

As no one knew Yui and Mai’s statuses, there were apparently some who thought they could block their attacks with a shield.

While it depended on the shield’s strength, it was likely that they would be blown to shreds.

If that happened, it would be hard for those enemies to stay calm.

And before they could understand what was happening, they would be hit, and it would all be over.


“‘Double Impact’!”

It was completely overkill to attack in quick succession with a skill.

Both had acquired a number of skills recently.

And ‘Throw’ was among them.



And Izu had given both of them some iron balls the size of basketballs to put in their inventory.


Though, they did not use the balls this time.




As they had told her to do whatever she wanted, Maple had Hydra destroy some weapons while she raised Syrup’s level.

Once she had destroyed all of the armaments, she would be able to activate ‘Machine God’ once again.

Which meant her defense power would go up.

Maple decided to make this her daily chore until the event.


“Ah! Syrup, your level has gone up!”

Maple patted Syrup on the head and smiled.


“There is a new skill. ‘Rampart’?”

‘Rampart’ was a skill that continued to create breakable walls around the person who had Bridge of Bonds equipped for 30 seconds after activating.

Maple tried using it as a test, and a high wall immediately appeared around her with a 2-meter radius.

It looked like it would be hard for her to attack like this, but at least it would be the same for her opponent.


From the enemy’s point of view, it would look like she was in an egg.

No matter what came out of it, it would be monstrous.


“I wonder what kind of skill Oboro is going to learn…there’s still time to grow, right?”

Once Maple was finished having Hydra destroy the armaments, she went off to buy the scroll for the skill that she had been putting off.


The skill was ‘Pierce Guard.’

In other words, it was a defense measure against piercing attacks to her shield.

With this skill, she would be able to nullify the effects of piercing attacks.

Maple had been too busy to be able to acquire it up until now, but she had not forgotten about it.




Strengthening of the guild was finished in time, and Kanade’s books of magic only increased.

Izu was able to collect a satisfactory amount of gold, and she was able to make more than enough items with New Frontier.

Though she was tired, Sally continued to work, until everything was perfect by the time they were making final adjustments.

Chrome and Kasumi had raised the guilds abilities to its highest, Maple’s defenses were stronger, and Yui and Mai now had more firepower.





And now that they were all finished with what they needed to do within the preparation period, the event finally arrived.

This time, they would participate as a group of 8.


“Our goal is the top!”


“No objections!”

Maple and Sally had built this guild, and this was their first group fight.

They were eager to show the precision of a smaller team, as the eight of them were enveloped in a light and were teleported to the battlefield.

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