Chapter 56 Arriving In Another World


The moment he was caught by Ah Jin, Ji Huan’s surrounding situation had a subtle change.

As if it were a double image, Ji Huan felt a strong sense of dizziness for an instant. Soon, he started to vomit.

“Through the grasping action, I have forced a promotion on you to the next level of dimensional space. Dizziness and vomiting are normal reactions.” Ji Huan heard Ah Jin’s calm voice, “You can close your eyes and just follow me. However, this will be the last time you can see your hometown. In about three minutes, we will arrive at another location.”

Hearing Ah Jin saying that, Ji Huan strongly suppressed his desire to vomit, swallowing his saliva hard as he opened his eyes desperately.

Only then did he realize that he was actually walking in Bade Town.

Ah Jin pulled the group of three. They were all walking at a normal pace, but the surrounding scenery retreating behind them very quickly. It was like on a train. No! Faster than a train!

The familiar scenery fell backwards quickly. Ji Huan saw a tall Ferris wheel. In a blink of an eye, the familiar lights made him realized that he had arrived at the town next door which could only be reached in a few hours with a motorcycle ride!

No, they did not arrived there. Instead, they were just passing by.

That small town quickly faded behind them, just like Bade Town.

They passed by a blurry crowd. Not a person noticed them. Soon, Ji Huan found a lonely road in front him.

It was very empty and completely dark. There were neither exciting sceneries, nor any pedestrians.

All of a sudden, the grip on his wrist increased, and in a second, Ji Huan was strongly being jerked over.

As if instantly breaking free from an invisible bondage, he stepped on that road with one foot, and felt like he had broken through a mucous membrane. With a “pop“, the surrounding air… was completely different from before.

Ji Huan turned his head violently: The bustling world of human feasting seemed to be covered with a matte shell behind him as it slowly disappeared. After three seconds, all that was left was only a dark path in front of him.

He looked behind, the road had no end;

He looked to the front, and he still could not see its end.

Ah Jin was standing in front of him, tidying the clothes he wore on his body with grace. It was not the robe that he usually had, but a black suit. That was clearly not the clothes Ji Huan brought him. It seemed that Ah Jin was already well-prepared.

Above the suit, Ah Jin put on a thick cloak. In that way, aside from exposing his head and neck, the left arm of Ah Jin’s body was also exposed, while the rest was completely hidden under the cloak.

The suit was black. Although the cloak had hidden lines of fabric, its base was still black. With hair like the feathers of a crow and jet-black eyes like the night sky, Ah Jin seemed like he was completely black in that outfit.

Ji Huan did not know the reason why, but he felt that the outfit was more suitable for Ah Jin at that moment, as if he should be dressed like that on a normal, daily basis.

“Feeling better?” Ah Jin walked over to Ji Huan, bending down slightly as he asked Ji Huan.

Taking two deep breaths, Ji Huan shook his head, “I’m much better.”

Ji Huan straightened his body again, when he realized that Ah Jin was actually much taller than himself now.

“Please check again. If possible, we will be continuing on our journey.” Ah Jin looked away from Ji Huan and switched his gaze to the front.

Ji Huan was not surprised that he would say that. Ah Jin would talk to him, but he always almost completely ignored Grandpa and Hei Dan. The so-called “check again” there meant that he wanted Ji Huan to check the situation of Grandpa and Hei Dan.

Of course, Grandpa and Hei Dan did not hope for Ah Jin to talk to them either.

Either Grandpa or Hei Dan, both monsters seemed to be terribly afraid of Ah Jin.

Ji Huan quickly checked Grandpa’s and Hei Dan’s situation: Grandpa was obviously a little dizzy, but Hei Dan’s condition was even worse. It vomited. A few mouthfuls of milk were splatted onto Ji Huan’s T-shirt. Ji Huan quickly gave the little fellow a wipe and let the duo sniffed some traditional soothing ointment. After confirming that Grandpa could continue on the road, Ji Huan wrapped the still-sorrowful little monster in his arms.

Ah Jin also threw two cloaks to Ji Huan later. Ji Huan was unsure where he got it from as he wrapped himself and Grandpa with the cloak, like Ah Jin. Soon, Ji Huan expressed that they could proceed with their journey.

They started moving forward again.

With the same pace as before, Ah Jin walked at the front. The darkness in front of him had no effect on him as he took steady forward strides. Ji Huan and his family followed him closely. No one spoke, even Big White the pig was very well-behaved and did not bother to make a sound.

They were not the only ones on the road as Ji Huan quickly noticed the existence of other people.

From time to time, there was a tremor in the air, as if something was hitting desperately.

It was not an assumption after all! After seeing a few monsters that came across in the air on both sides, Ji Huan was finally sure that there were other monsters around the area.


It was those monsters that caused the air to tremble!

“Don’t worry, those guys can’t get in,” as if he was aware of what Ji Huan was worried about at the moment, Ah Jin’s voice suddenly echoed.

Ji Huan’s gaze immediately looked behind him.

“Humans classified monsters into four ranks: A, B, C, and D. Those that were higher than A were classified as Super A-rank. You knew about this classification, right?”

“Yes, I know.” Ji Huan nodded. He knew that Grandpa was an A-rank, and the black monster before was the Super A-rank that were in people’s conversations. Having Super A-rank meant that the monster was pretty powerful.

Ji Huan did not know what rank Ah Jin is, but no matter how he looked at it, it seemed that Ah Jin should be at Super-Duper A-rank, which was more powerful than the black monster.

“The classification measures are a bit one-sided.” Ah Jin said slowly, “Actually, there should be an S-rank above Super A-rank though.”

“Of course, the so-called S-rank was also named according to the local naming method.” That was how Ah Jin was like. His speech had always been accurate.

“There is a limit of high energy for a realm to allow for independent living entities to possess. If the limit is exceeded, then that living entity will either perish or be transferred to another dimensional space that will be more suitable for him.”

“Like how we are now.” As if worried that Ji Huan could not understand, Ah Jin used himself as an example.

“According to the local rank classification, I have just successfully promoted to the S-rank, which makes my individual energy exceeding the range allowed by the previous dimensional space. Therefore, I can go to the next rank of life.”

“To explain it in an easier-to-understand way, you can assume it as the ascension in the spirit-cultivating novel. When a human monk has cultivated to a certain level, he will ascend to the immortal realm and become an immortal. Although the place we are heading to was different now, the process was probably the same.”

“The imagination of human beings is very developed. Although they have not experienced it before, they can imagine a similar process on their own.”

Ah Jin explained when he noticed that Ji Huan was still frowning. He suddenly smiled, “Forget about it, you never read novels.”

Ji Huan, who was silent for a long time, suddenly spoke, “The reason for the destruction… was because there was no way to ascend?”

He pointed to the surrounding area, “Like these monsters.”

The smile at the corner of Ah Jin’s mouth suddenly froze. He took a closer look at the young man behind him, and nodded, “You are really good at grasping the key points after all.”

A moment later, Ah Jin fell to the position where he was walking shoulder to shoulder along with the young man and said, “These are indeed the majestic beings that have been upgraded to S-rank, but they can’t find their way. They were much stronger than those that were completely having no way. If they still cannot find a way within a period of time, they will die.”

Ji Huan did not say a word.

If Ah Jin was able to find the way to the next dimensional space immediately after promotion, then he surely knew a lot.

Ji Huan understood that point, and Ah Jin naturally knew that he understood.

The duo’s thoughts were indeed tacit.

Not long after that, Ji Huan immediately noticed that there was an extra person in front of him. It looked human, but was much taller than a human, and it had wings behind its back.

That was a majestic being, a monster.

He seemed to fall suddenly from the air as he landed silently on the ground. After composing himself for a while, he took a vigilant look at Ah Jin and Ji Huan behind as he also walked forward, like them. He walked much faster than Ji Huan’s group. After a while, the figure of the monster disappeared in front of Ji Huan and the others.

After that, Ji Huan had seen similar scenes twice. For another time, a monster did not appear suddenly, but it was walking in front of them from the very beginning instead. It was not shaped like a human. It looked more like a certain mollusk, crawling slowly on the road, leaving sticky liquid along the way.

Ah Jin quickly took them past it.

That road with seemingly no end was actually not as long as he imagined. After walking at a constant speed for another three hours, Ji Huan noticed that a set of tables and chairs suddenly appeared in front of him.

That’s right. There was a set of tables and chairs.

A set of wooden tables and chairs instantly appeared in the middle of the endless path. The scene was indescribable in many ways.

There was a person sitting at the table.

“Don’t speak.” Ah Jin only said such sentence.

Ji Huan nodded, indicating that he heard him.

When they came to the table, the person was dozing off.

It was a very thin monster. From the left arm to the left half of the face, there were exaggerated tattoos all over his body. His appearance was no different from human beings, but when he opened his eyes, Ji Huan noticed that there are two pupils in each eye.

When they stood at the table, the man immediately sat upright. Ji Huan noticed that behind him, a transparent mollusk-like snake also stood up with the man.

At the moment when he was stared at by the pairs of strange eyes of a monster and a snake, Ji Huan felt like he wanted to kneel .

He could prevent high-ranked monster from attacking him!

Instead, a lot of cold sweat gushed out from the pores, headache, nausea, suffocation… were all somehow able to attack him in an instant. Ji Huan’s knees began to soften uncontrollably, and when his two legs could barely support the weight of his body, Ah Jin helped him up and caught his shoulders.

Letting Ji Huan leaning on him, Ah Jin met the person’s gaze frontally. His cloak was very wide tha it blocked Ji Huan behind him.

The man laughed, and after looking at Ah Jin from head to toe with strange eyes, his eyes only swept over Ji Huan as he immediately asked Ah Jin.

“Ёмэ?” It was a language that Ji Huan did not understand.

However, Ah Jin did listened to him carefully, and proceeded with, “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

The man paused for a second. When he spoke again, Ji Huan was surprised to find that he could understand what the other party was saying this time.

“Shake hands.” The monster lazily stretched out his right hand.

With generosity and kindness, Ah Jin reached out his hand and shook it with him.

“First rank.” The monster continued to say lazily while stretching out his right hand with long nails. He tapped on Ji Huan and the others, “And these are?”

“Family members.” Ji Huan heard Ah Jin said.

“That too?” The monster referred to Big White the pig this time.

“That’s livestock.” Ah Jin’s voice was still calm.

“…” Ji Huan was speechless.

“What were you thinking?” The monster was about to say something when Ji Huan saw Ah Jin’s hand suddenly stretching out from under the cloak, and putting something on the table in an instant. The moment he saw it, the monster’s hand reached out as quick as lightning as he grabbed it and took it down.

Ji Huan saw it clearly: It was a gold bar.

There was also something like “XX Bank”’ engraved on the gold bar.

Ah Jin smiled and looked at the monster opposite him.

The monster who accepted the gold bar had a much better attitude now. After asking Ah Jin a few more questions, they were released back to their journey.

“We can go now.”

With a strong force holding onto Ji Huan’s shoulder, Ah Jin firmly led everyone over the monster and walked forward.

This time, the front was no longer pitch black. Not far away, Ji Huan saw heavenly light, as if it was representing the exit.


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