Do you Remember Me? – Chapter 41 (Part I)


It’s going to be the winter holidays soon. Feng Fei was actually a little unhappy. He had just separated with Hai Xiu for more than two weeks, and after staying together for a while, the two had to separate again. Although they could still meet each other during the holiday, but there were too many things to take care of, and there was thus limited time. Hai Houwei suddenly interfered, making Jiang Yuman unbelievably annoyed, and she didn’t want him to be close to her son, which was actually a favor to Feng Fei.


Feng Fei again accompanied Hai Xiu back home to fetch some clothes and daily necessities. Feng Fei was prepared for this time, and he’d brought a lot of things. Also, what he had got were mostly specialties from his hometown. Jiang Yuman couldn’t reject it, so she had to take them, and she laughed, “look, Hai Xiu has been staying at your home, not only you didn’t ask him to buy, but you even sent us stuff…”


Feng Fei did not know that Hai Xiu had told Jiang Yuman about the matters about living expenses, and he looked at Hai Xiu, “I’m a friend of Hai Xiu, and it’s normal that we help each other. It’d be meaningless to talk about money. Also, my parents won’t be around me, and I still need to bother you and Hai Xiu often in the future.”


“If there’s anything, remember to tell us.” Jiang Yuman was indeed grateful to Feng Fei, “don’t act like a stranger with your Auntie.”


Jiang Yuman handed a fruit platter to Feng Fei and slowly said, “for the matters at home, I assume Hai Xiu has already told you? Logically speaking…we shouldn’t be bothering you, but Hai Xiu feels very uncomfortable with strangers, if I ask somebody else, I…”


Feng Fei knew that Jiang Yuman wanted to keep her face, and she was reluctant to tell anything bad about her family, “it’s ok, I know more or less. Don’t worry about it, when Hai Xiu is with us, I will be with him all day long. Nothing can go wrong.”


Feng Fei looked at Jiang Yuman and smiled, “you should be at ease with me.”


Jiang Yuman laughed, “of course I’m at ease. Although you’re one year older than Hai Xiu, you’re much more mature. Hai Xiu understands it, it’s just that he’s too shy, and it worries me.”


“Well, I’m here.” Feng Fei looked at the inside of the house and smiled, “I’m going to look for him. We still have classes later, and we have to be at the school earlier.”


Jiang Yuman let Feng Fei get on with his plans, who got up and walked into the house, then lightly closed the door, and hugged Hai Xiu from behind, who’s folding his clothes.


Hai Xiu was shocked, and when he saw the door was closed, he hurriedly whispered, “don’t, my mom is outside…”


“The TV is on, she probably can’t hear it.” Feng Fei bit his teeth and whispered, “have you told your mom about the living expenses?”


Hai Xiu thought for a while, then closed his mouth, he was scared, “I…I forgot to tell you.”


Feng Fei found him cute when he’s scared, and he smiled, “it’s alright. I was just worried that our versions were different, so I didn’t say much.”


Hai Xiu hurriedly apologized, “it’s my fault, I won’t do it again.”


“It’s ok.” Feng Fei looked at the closet, “are you done?”


Hai Xiu nodded, “yes, soon. Don’t worry, we have time and we won’t be late.”


Feng Fei looked at Hai Xiu’s bed, and he suddenly had evil thoughts, he whispered, “it’s good that we have time.” Right after he finished, he immediately kissed Hai Xiu, and pushed him all the way to the bed. Hai Xiu was petrified and was so scared for Jiang Yuman to find out. He opened his eyes widely, but since he enjoyed it so much, he didn’t push Feng Fei away. Feng Fei only let him go after kissing for five minutes, and he lowered his voice, “I’d wanted to do something bed on your little bed for a long time, I just didn’t find the time to.”


Hai Xiu blushed, and he was too shy to say anything. Feng Fei pulled him up, opened the door and talked to Jiang Yuman. Now, Hai Xiu found out that Feng Fei had already locked the door when he entered, it was just a false alarm!


At the beginning, Feng Fei was worried that Jiang Yuman would continue talking about the living expenses. But Jiang Yuman wasn’t thinking about it anymore, and had bought Feng Fei quite expensive clothes the next day. Feng Fei accepted them with pleasure. And it now seemed that Jiang Yuman was becoming closer to Feng Fei.


Hai Xiu had formally moved in, and Feng Fei’s relationship with Jiang Yuman was also nice. Everything was moving to the ideal direction. The only problem was that after being on leave for half a month, he had accumulated two big folders of empty test papers.

“And this pile…hasn’t included the exercises yet.” Hai Xiu swallowed once and whispered, “you…why don’t you just leave it? But, you still have to revise those few important things mentioned by the professor last month, and you still…have to do the assignments related to it.”


Feng Fei looked at the two big folders on the table, and recalled the relaxing days of this half month, then said helplessly, “yeah, I will do it. I will do it.”


Hai Xiu encouraged Feng Fei, “I’m here with you. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, I will teach you. Don’t you worry.”


With Hai Xiu next to him, of course Feng Fei felt more at ease. It’s just doing exercises. Before the winter vacation, the professors had stopped teaching new things, it’s mostly about revision or doing past papers. Such a less intensive schedule enabled Feng Fei to catch up with the schedule.


After going back to his hometown, Feng Fei found it easier to worry less.


Perhaps he’s already used to the fact that his parents have left, or perhaps he’s clearer with his future plans. Maybe, after turning 18 years old, he had become a real man. Feng Fei became less bothered by trivial things, and he’s more determined with his goals.


Growth is always a slow process and there is no trace. Hai Xiu was aware of the changes of Feng Fiu, but he couldn’t describe them accurately. The only thing he could feel was that Feng Fei had a stronger charisma than before.


Before, Feng Fei was unable to concentrate for more than 30 minutes in his self-study class. Then, he would either play with his pens or start playing on his mobile phone. But now, he’s able to concentrate on two consecutive classes without taking a break.


Hai Xiu peeked at Feng Fei’s profile, when he’s studying will full concentration. And he said to himself, how handsome he looked.


Feng Fei sometimes found out that Hai Xiu was peeking at him, but once he raised his eye, Hai Xiu would immediately turn his head and pretend to be studying. Sometimes, he’d even read softly and pretend to be concentrating. Feng Fei was so happy to have his attention, and he continued reading. After knowing that he hadn’t been discovered, Hai Xiu would peek at him again.


During the class, Feng Fei arranged the questions to be asked in this lesson, and he asked Hai Xiu, Hai Xiu explained them one by one. Feng Fei was a quick learner, and he could understand everything quickly once Hai Xiu reminded him a few main points. He also knew what to do to avoid the same errors.


After studying day and night, Feng Fei quickly caught up with the learning schedule. He breathed a sigh of relief, and Hai Xiu still hesitated a bit before reminding him, “there’s still the language class…”


“There’s nothing to revise with language, is there?” Feng Fei refused to cooperate and tried to shove him away, “it’s ok for now. Later, I will do copy the passage to be dictated, and that’s pretty much it.”


For Feng Fei, language would be a class that he couldn’t break through, and no matter how much he gave, there’s no way he could see results in a short time, that’s why he’s too reluctant to invest time in it. Hai Xiu understood what he meant, and he stopped urging Feng Fei. Feng Fei looked at Hai Xiu and smiled suddenly, “who was peeking at me in the class?”


Hai Xiu was a bit shocked and hurriedly shook his head, “no, I didn’t.”


Feng Fei found it funny, “why don’t you just admit it? I’m so handsome, it’s normal to peek at me.”


Hai Xiu was still reluctant to admit it. He saw a mark on Feng Fei’s fingers, and instantly looked for a wet tissue to wipe it. Hai Xiu pressed down his waist smilingly, and wiped his fingers with diligence.


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