“I admit that our Great Qian Empire is falling behind your civilization. You otherworldly demons, no, you earthling are very powerful. However, there will be a day when we surpass you.”


Nie Shixiong was not mad after hearing Lu Jin’s words. He was as placid as an ancient well. Naturally, there is a sense of self-confidence and elegant demeanor in him. It was obvious that he is a peerless genius taught by great man.


“Hahaha, that’s really funny. Keep dreaming…” Lu Jin laughed and looked to the distance: “When my companions come, you will all die.”


Rumbling sound…


There was a roar in the depths of the sky. It seemed to be thunder.

Nie Shixiong and the others looked up. Their faces changed. They vaguely saw a shadow, like a big fish emerging from the depths of the sky. At such a height, even a Magical Flying Sword would not be able to hit it.

“Be vigilant, alert!”


Nie Shixiong was unflappable. He drew a circle in the air and the air became frenzied. An energy field was formed. It showed that his vitality was definitely not ordinary.

“Target found, one hundred kilometers below. There are 7 Taoists in the jungle. Lu Jin is among them.” In the atmospheric depths, there were a lot of light spots flashing on the screen of the starfish warship. Then, they expanded and there was a clear display of everything on the ground.


“Ready to set out! Jump down from the air, use the armor to balance and fly down in high-speed from the atmosphere. Be careful. Do not dally for long in the atmosphere. The sonic armor will not be able to withstand for long.”


Lei Zheng stood up and reminded the others.


Ji Qingwu, Luo Han, and Xue Ling also stood up.


Everyone stayed vigilant, including Jiang Li.


This was his first fight with the Taoist civilization. His heart had great expectations and at the same time, there was an indescribable emotion.


The door of the ship opened.


Strong wind whizzed past. The entire warship was shaking vigorously. Everyone flew down together.



Soon, Jiang Li saw the vast sea of wind, surrounded by great agitation. The blade-like wind kept cutting the armor, causing a crisp sound, as if it was cut by countless flying swords.


If it was just his body without any armor, it would have been crushed in an instant.


Jiang Li’s body kept rotating, like a leaf boat in a tsunami; the direction was unpredictable.


“Fly down at full speed!”


He began to operate the armor and accelerated down vigorously.


A minute later, he finally flew out of the atmosphere. His whole body relaxed immediately. The armor’s eyes were made out of a transparent material. It also had a lens and it could zoom in and out. It could also be used to contact other people through signals. Jiang Li had already learned how to operate the armor; it was easy to operate for him.

An armor flew and appeared in front of him. It was Ji Qing Wu: “Jiang Li, land rapidly. Intercept those 7 people from the West. Cut off their way back.”

“All right.” Jiang Li agreed readily.


11 sonic armors sank rapidly and fell to the jungle instantly. They surrounded Nie Shixiong and the others from all directions and closed in on them in a circle.

Eventually, the distance between both parties narrowed until they were all gathered in jungle with a space of about one square kilometer.


Nie Shixiong stepped on Lu Jin’s body. The other six went back to back and stayed alert. The Fire Bird had flown up high and away.


They understood that the Fire Bird was useless at the moment. It would be more dangerous flying on the Fire bird while facing the ‘Otherworldly Demons’ armor’s speed.


Kacha Kacha!


Jiang Li and the others slowly closed in the gap while wearing the amours. However, everyone felt the energy field released from Nie Shixiong and they could not help but stop.


“Lu Jin, are you alright?” Lei Zheng said, while keeping a close eye on Nie Shixiong.



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