“I’m fine. These natives do not dare to kill me. They want to take me to their place and start working in order to learn our technology.” Lu Jin said sharply: “Kill them!”


  “Otherworldly Demons, you all never give up.” One of the female disciples looked resentful. She drew out her sword, getting ready to fight.

That long sword flashed faintly. It seemed to be a flying sword.

This group of disciples were significantly stronger and greater than the previous group, especially with the addition of that Nie Shixiong. He had high vitality. Jiang Li was not able to see the changes clearly.


“This group of people are extraordinary. Facing our armor’s oppression, they are still fearless. We have to be careful.” Jiang Li raised his guard secretly and got ready to use the milky white stone.


“What is your name?” Lei Zheng stepped forward: “You dare to capture my student from Star University? You might as well die without realizing!”


   “Hahaha…” Nie Shixiong’s laugh was so earth-shattering, the clouds actually dispersed: “What is there between us that we dare not to do? I call you the Outworldly Demons, you call us the uncivilized indigenous. There is an unsolvable vendetta between us! To win the war, we must depend on our own means. Do you really think that your technology can allow you to do anything you want? And dominate the world even?”




“Imposing. In all fairness, with your qualities, you will certainly be an excellent student if you enter our Star University. Unfortunately, you’re just a stubborn indigenous. Even if you are ambitious, you cannot compete with the technology of our entire civilization!” Ji Qing Wu stood out and said coldly.


Suddenly, a gun magically appeared in her hand. It was extremely fast and dazzling.




A bullet was shot and pierced the air. It seemed unavoidable. It went straight towards Nie Shixiong’s eyebrows. It was a nuclear warhead and there was a tracking function. It was extremely fast. It would explode upon impact and the power was strong enough to flatten a building.


Even if the opponent used a Flying Sword to block it, the bullet would still explode and even blown up the Flying Sword.


“Godly Spell!”


At this moment, Nie Shixiong stretched his palm forward.


All of a sudden, countless vortices emerged from his palm. These vortices were not air currents, but a Godly Spell. They were dark and deep, facing the bullet trajectory.


The bullet entered the black hole and disappeared. In the next moment, the black cyclone disappeared and a crystal appeared in the hand of Nie Shixiong. That crystal was palm-sized; with the bullet sealed inside of it.


The entire bullet was frozen; with the self-destruct program having been disintegrated.


 “Your technology is so-so. Our Godly Spell can restrain it! This Godly Spell is called Heaven and Earth Seal. It collects the energy of the universe. Ninety-nine Mystic Power, Ancient Seal, Imperative Shackles, Unity of Heaven and Earth. Any ghost or god can be sealed in it!” Nie Shixiong‘s eyes emitted a strong murderous intent, and his body actually emitted a surging force: “Perhaps, you think that I, Nie Shixiong only have the Flying Sword as my only skill?”

A powerful energy rose from his back. It actually condensed into a three-headed, six-armed, humongous god. This god opened its vertical eye in the middle of his eyebrows and fired forward…


Zi Zi Zi ……


  That vertical eye lasered out something similar to a laser beam. The ground that was shot turned to ashes.


“Godly Spell? Holy Seed!”



 Ji Qing Wu was shocked and her whole body was trembling!


She wouldn’t have thought that there was actually a Holy Seed in Nie Wanxiong’s body. A huge amount of energy was needed to condense into this god-like thing. The armor was incomparable to this kind of thing.


 Holy Seed Vessel, a tyrannical character with a Holy Seed in their body. He would have the power to dominate the world. In human society, this kind of person alone could fight for three thousand miles, and withstand a million soldiers with a sword.


This kind of character had a double-digit vitality.


 “Retreat! Retreat quickly!” Lei Zheng shouted loudly and kept retreating: “You are not a master from Holy Seed realm, how can there be a Holy Seed in your body?!”

“Are you shocked?” The God behind Nie Wanxiong was getting larger and larger. Its energy body was so dominating; it actually looked like Master Ba Li Ming’s imposing manner from Jiang Li’s examination: “My master knew that the force of Outworldly Demons is getting greater, so he used a Supreme Technique of Empowerment and forcefully condensed a Holy Seed – the Second Element of God, into my body. You call this thing an energy body; we call it the Second Element of God. Even though this Holy Seed is temporary, and will wither soon if overused, it is sufficient to get rid of you people.”



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