Hong Long!

The God behind him started the initiative and used a hand to strike ruthlessly. Its speed was completely beyond the speed of sound.


This blow was directed towards Lei Zheng.


“Retreat! We fell into their trap.” Lei Zheng already flew up and retreated. However, the speed of the God was too fast; it wrapped the body of Nie Wanxiong in it and flew at a high speed. At that moment, Nie Wanxiong was like a peerless master, wrapped inside of the God. He leaped and flew; the speed had completely surpassed the sonic armor’s.




  The humongous god slapped at Lei Zheng’s sonic armor.


The entire sonic armor gave forth a roar, and it actually disintegrated inch by inch. It was completely destroyed by the slap.


Then, Lei Zheng felled from the sky and there was blood in his mouth. He fainted on the ground.


At that moment, Nie Wanxiong’s body turned sharply, and attacked Ji Qing Wu.



He had already noticed that among these students from Star University, the core members are Lei Zheng and Ji Qing Wu. If these two members were seized, the others will completely collapse and lose confidence.


 Bang bang bang bang bang…


Ji Qing Wu did not panic; she kept shooting her nuclear bullets, hoping to break the Holy Seed’s energy body. However, her effort were futile. No matter how many bullets she shot, it was neutralized by the energy God. The God would just wave, seal the bullets, and render them useless.




 The God stroked its long arm and severely hit Ji Qing Wu’s body. The sonic armor disintegrated all of a sudden.


She also vomited blood, fell to the ground and fainted.


  “Luo Han, Xue Ling, let’s go!” Jiang Li had long noticed how dangerous it was and began to retreat. Lei Zheng and Ji Qing Wu had gained some time for their escape.



He mind controlled Luohan and Xue Ling to fly towards him. The three of them gathered to ease their escape or else it would be more difficult to deal with the situation if each of them were to be destroyed one by one.

At that moment, the three of them had already flown far away.

The rest of the students also fled and scattered in all directions.


There were several students who even tried to fly towards the sky. They wanted to return to the warship, and fight against the powerful Holy Seed energy body with the strength of the warship.


“These students are done.” Jiang Li shook his head.


Nie Renxiong howled and flew up rapidly. He caught up to those students immediately. The three-headed, six-armed God used each arm to capture the students. The God crushed all the sonic armors and threw them to the ground.


Apart from Jiang Li, Luo Han, and Xue Ling, all the students were captured!


 Nie Wanxiong aimed at Jiang Li and chased him ferociously. Jiang Li was sensitive. He knew that he would certainly be caught up if he escaped through the sonic armor. There was no way to survive once he is caught.


Ooo, ooo!



At this point, he no longer hid. The space opened immediately. Luohan and Xue Ling were wrapped into it, and then he also entered into the space. They disappeared all of a sudden. A rock flew across the air with five times the speed of sound.


Nie Wanxiong had just reached their position, but Jiang Li was already far gone.


 “Magic Weapon?” He was a little surprised; he stopped chasing and stayed in the air. His eyes emitted a curious luster: “It is actually the legendary Magic Weapon with a Heavenly Spell?”



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