“Completely wiped, completely wiped out!”


Outside the field, as the white stone fell, the space flashed as the three of them appeared under a towering tree. Xue Ling and Luohan were still unconscious, wearing suits of silver sonic armor as they fell and sat down on the grass, with blurred gazes.


Jiang Li looked at them, four words had been left in his heart.


Completely annihilated.


Nobody expected that Nie Wanxiong possessed a Holy Seed inside his body. Although the Second Element of God was blessed by a master, and would wither soon if no energy was supplied to it, at least its power is unbeatable for the moment, able to destroy sonic amours as easily as smashing ants.


“Jiang Li, how did we escape?” Finally, Luohan and Xue Ling regained consciousness. They didn’t even know what had happened. The moment the incident occurred, both of them dizzily approached Jiang Li. Later, they felt their surroundings raging like a storm, so they tried hard to escape. Once they regained consciousness, they found themselves sitting on the ground.


This is because Jiang Li had mind controlled them, as he didn’t want them to discover the mystery of the milky white stone.


There is a space inside the stone that produces essence, it could be the most tyrannical Emperor Pearl in the universe. If this information were to be spread, it might bring disaster. Not a good choice for Luohan and Xue Ling.


“Let’s not talk about this, we escaped by using one of the magic weapons we got from teacher.” Jiang Li pushed the matter to Hong Heiyu, then changed the topic, “This time we’ve been completely wiped out, we must think of a plan to rescue the other people”.


“Rescue, how are we to rescue?” Xue Ling had a cold shiver: “Nie Wanxiong’s power is too strong, even if teacher came he might not be his opponent, what else can we do?”


“Both of you leave this place quickly. Contact teacher, I will stall them.” Jiang Li said: “These bunch of people won’t go far, the Holy Seed in Nie Wanxiong wasn’t trained by himself, it has a lot of flaws. I might be able to rescue the others.”


“Isn’t it too dangerous for you to go alone? This matter is too big, we better notify Astral University.” Xue Ling felt that Jiang Li was acting rashly.


“I have the magical weapon given by Teacher, it can be used to buy some time. Moreover, Nie Wanxiong caught Ji Qing Wu and Lei Zheng, if they are forced to explain the controls of the Astral Fish battleship, then the matter will turn serious where nobody can stop him.”


Luohan and Xue Ling were straightforward. The both of them were convinced, they knew that the matter was urgent.


Originally, they thought the natives from Emperor Planet couldn’t fly very fast, and with the matter escalating slowly, they thought that they could discuss a plan, but now it seems that the situation would not allow them to do so.


Nie Wanxiong’s cultivation is invincible, and he seems to have knowledge about the science technology of human earth, broad thinking. If he came to know the controls of the battleship and obtained it, he would bring it back to Da Qian empire, research it with their human’s science technology, and things would only become worse.


“I shouldn’t have told you to come…” Luohan looked down, she felt guilty: “I thought with the support of a battleship, our operation would surely succeed. Asking you to come was to let you earn some points and meet with everyone, I can’t believe I put you in trouble instead.”


“No, fortunately, you asked me to come, else all of you will surely have been in danger.” Jiang Li thought about it and felt scared, what if he hadn’t come today? They would have surely been caught alive with no good end, while he himself would still be in school, clueless of what was happening.


Xue Ling stood beside him and heard his words, she raised her head with a shine of light in her eyes. However, Luohan frowned her eyebrows. She still felt guilty about endangering him.


“I’m going now.” Jiang Li did not talk much, he jumped and glided away.


“Jiang Li, be careful! Observe only from a far distance, wait for the school to send people.” Luohan exhorted loudly behind him.


“Understood, no worries.” Jiang Li disappeared from the deep forest, his voice passed through the air, sounding unreal.


Luohan and Xue Ling immediately flew toward Astral University as fast as possible, simultaneously transmitting an S.O.S. signal through their computers, stating the reason for the matter.


Jiang Li was able to “see” them leaving through his Stasis, once again he opened the space of the “Emperor Relic” and flew into it.


With five times the speed of sound, he should be able to escape from Nie Wanxiong’s chase. He can also look for a chance to defeat Nie Wanxiong. However, he won’t act rashly, Nie Wanxiong was omnipotent and could seal the Heavens and the Earth. He is even able to seal bullets, what if he sealed the “Emperor Relic”, didn’t that mean that he had walked right into his trap?


He quietly approached the scene.


“These bunch of people are still here?”


The stone remained on top of a tree, Jiang Li was observing quietly inside of it.


As expected, Nie Wanxiong was sitting on the empty ground of the forest, with six other people excitedly trying to use ropes to bind the Astral University students. Some of the students were hit and had fainted, with only the leaders, Ji Qing  Wu and Lei Zheng having been left conscious.


“How do you feel now?” Nie Wanxiong stood up and walked with a slow pace: “You think of yourselves as being civilized people, but in the end, you were still caught by us uncivilized people, does it make you feel wronged?”


“What do you want to do to us?” Lei Zheng still remained conscious with a calm look.


“I still have things that I want to do.” Nie Wanxiong pointed up to the sky: “Let the battleship land down, although I don’t know how to control it, I know it possesses an expensive price tag and fearsome power. Able to travel through the Gangfeng atmosphere, such a good thing, our school will take it.”


“Don’t even think about it, we would rather destroy the battleship than let you have it.” Ji Qing Wu said with a cold expression. She would not compromise.



“Is that so? I’ll let you suffer in agony, then.”


Nie Wanxiong walked in front, coldly staring at Ji Qing Wu’s pretty face and said: “This partner of yours called Lu Jin, he raped and killed my junior apprentice. A girl who kept her integrity has suffered from his rape, this is a deep blood feud. If you are willing to, I will tell my junior to rape you.”


“You!” Ji Qing Wu had a shaken expression, she knew this wasn’t just a threat. The natives had a debt with the humans, and thus they could do whatever they wanted.


“Are you scared? If so, summon the battleship and let me control it. Don’t even try any tricks, some of our people are within Astral University. They have acquired some information that even reaches the high levels. It is not like I do not have some knowledge about the battleship.” Nie Wanxiong did not touch Ji Qing Wu, as if he wanted to preserve his pride.


There were no evil thoughts in his eyes.


“Impossible.” Ji Qing Wu still held a firm attitude.


“Junior Xu, you may go.” Nie Wanxiong looked at Ji Qing Wu, turned around and spoke to a man: “Those evil creatures treated our junior like that, we shall get payback  for her .”


“Senior Nie, but……” Junior Xu hesitated: “Our school emphasizes on righteousness and maintains a good image, if we took evil actions, wouldn’t we become the same as the evil creatures? I can’t do it.”


“Haiz……” Nie Wanxiong sighed with a long breathe: “Our school does emphasize righteousness, however, we are always limited by the rules, people who look down at us from the outside think we are pedantic.”


“Senior Nie, we better take these people to the school, let our master deal with it.” Another girl suggested: “Else, we can use other options to force them to summon the battleship, we have all kinds of cruel torture available to us.”


“These students can endure the pain. It’s no use, only destroying their soul will work, but my spiritual power is not enough to control her.” Senior Nie pointed at Ji Qing Wu and said.


“Your spiritual power must be at the boundary of Greater Stasis.” Ji Qing Wu opened her eyes quickly and sneered: “Too bad, I’m also Greater Stasis, so your hypnotizing will not work on me, I advise you not to dream about it. Also, our teacher will come soon, if you dare to do anything to me, you will surely die in vain.”


“Threaten me? Hehe, your spiritual power isn’t as strong as mine, I am certain that I can control you if I want. Since you are so obsessed, I don’t mind giving it a try, don’t regret it if I break your mind.” Nie Wanxiong said with a cold tone.


“No matter what you say I won’t compromise.” Although Ji Qing Wu had been tightening up, but her momentum is as sharp as a blade, she isn’t moved by his words: “And you shouldn’t be proud, I might summon the battleship if you force me too much, we might as well perish together! The battleship has a self-destruct sequence to prevent itself from falling into enemy hands.”


“Then let’s see if you are telling the truth?” Nie Wanxiong suddenly stared at her with sharp eyes.


“Nie Wanxiong, we can talk and settle things out.”


During this moment, a soft voice came across from a far distance.


“Jiang Li?”


Ji Qing Wu and Lei Zheng looked shocked with their eyes wide open after hearing the sound. They finally recognized the power of Jiang Li, he had managed to escape the chase and was even brave enough to come back and talk with Nie Wanxiong.




Nie Wanxiong’s whole body flew up, in the next second, he arrived on the tree where the sound came from, however, he did not see anyone there. Another voice came out of nowhere: “Bro Wanxiong , why dont we have a nice talk?”


Rumbling sound….


Nie Wanxiong flew up again, he smacked with his palms, knocking down the tree.


However, he was still unable to find any traces of Jiang Li.


As he jumped, he flew to a further distance.


He traveled over ten miles of distance, landing beside a lake. He immediately saw Jiang Li standing on the opposite side of the lake, with ripples shining beside him.


“Just as I thought, you possess the legendary magical weapon.” Nie Wanxiong was shaken: “It should belong to our school of the Heaven and Earth scroll. As far as I know, humans from earth have not mastered the space warping technique.”


He didn’t dare to act rashly.


He was shaken by the supreme magical weapon, it is possible that Jiang Li hid a lethal card under his sleeves. He could die here.


Jiang Li didn’t dare to take caustic action as well, the Emperor Relic only has the ability to store items and fly through the sky. Confronting the Holy Seed inside Nie Wanxiong, he might not be able to take the advantage of it much. Even using five times the speed of sound wouldn’t hurt the opponent.


Given that the opponent had the ability to seal bullets, it is possible that he could seal the Emperor Relic.


“You even know the space warping technique?” Jiang Li was shocked, these new words spoken byNie Wanxiong made him feel weird. In Jiang Li’s mind, Nie Wanxiong is part of an ancient people that came from thousands of years ago.


Their culture, it was true that they were a feudal society.


“Let me tell you, my understanding of your science technology isn’t shallow at all.” Nie Wanxiong stood at the shore, a sense of dignity naturally flowing around his surroundings: “I did not expect that there was someone like you in Astral University, someone who possesses the supreme magical weapon. That exceeded my expectation. You requested to negotiate with me to let your comrades free? Or are you trying to buy some time, waiting for someone to  come rescue you?”


“Both.” Jiang Li did not hide his intention, he admitted: “Stop this matter and leave quickly, you will still survive. Even if you ride on the battleship, all of you would not be able to run far, each and every student from Astral University is very precious, the teachers are coming soon with another battleship.”


“I’m interested to see what kind of tyrannical figure your human race from earth has.” Nie Wanxiong did not get frightened by the words from Jiang Li, he stood with his clasped hands, speaking sternly: “Furthermore, even though your university has masters, do you think our Da Qian University doesn’t have any masters? Looks like we’re going to have a huge war.”


“A huge war?”


Jiang Li was frightened at heart. He knew that if the matter became more serious, it really might lead to war. Maybe Nie Wanxiong is just a pawn, Emperor Da Qian would be trying to throw a sprat to catch a whale, attracting the masters of Astral University, and then try to annihilate all of them at once.


Else, it is not reasonable for Da Qian University to plant a Holy Seed in his body. First, the process of planting a Holy Seed holds a big risk, it could bring danger to Nie Wanxiong’s life . Second, the person who planted the Holy Seed will be exhausted, and might be unable to control his energy any longer, his body will also be crushed into pieces.


“Could this be a conspiracy?”


Jiang Li’s heart sank as he had the thought.



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