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Capturing The Holy Seed


The time ticked away little by little.


Jiang Li and Nie Wanxiong confronted each other across the lake, both of them not so negligent as to act rashly.


They faced each other for around half an hour, with no movement in their surroundings as the air became as deep as the sea.


Jiang Li knew in his heart that there was something odd in this matter. Why weren’t the teachers from Astral University here yet? According to the speed of Hong Heiyu’s battleship, a distance of 30,000km distance would only take 10 minutes.


The distance from the human base was only 10,000km.


Many students had been captured, the situation was very urgent. Over half an hour had passed but the teachers were nowhere to be found. It was really strange.


“Are you wondering why the people from Astral University are still not here?” Nie Wanxiong started speaking: “They know that this is a plot, so they won’t be coming. Your comrades are just a sacrifice to them.”


“That’s not possible.” Jiang Li was shocked, and soon shook his head firmly.


“Nothing is impossible.” Nie Wanxiong put his hands behind his back. It seemed that he didn’t want to waste any more time with Jiang Li: “You may go… Remember, while that school of yours would willingly give up on their students, our school will not give up on any student, and that makes all the difference. Your school may be highly educated, however, it has lost its humanity and seeks profit over all else. Although we are poorly educated, we are certainly more humane.”


“That being the case, I will rescue my comrades even if I have to do it alone.” Jiang Li dodged his gaze, he knew that the situation was urgent, and thus could not be delayed.


“Even though you have the heavenly dwelling magical artifact, you cannot exert the full formidable power that lies within it. I advise you not to make any futile efforts.” Nie Wanxiong extended his hands from his back to his chest and started forming a seal. The seal was very strange, with the upper hand floating like as the sky, and with the lower hand sinking just like the earth. Both the sky and the earth repeating mutually, representing the world upside down.


After the seal had been formed, Jiang Li suddenly felt the world turning upside down, his head became dizzy and weak.


He immediately used the Brain of the Universe, removing the dizziness. Suddenly, all the distractions had been eliminated, a clarity of mind had taken over instead.


“Oh? Your spiritual force is very strong. It is at the boundary of greater stasis, however, it is the first time I have seen such a tyrannical master!” Nie Wanxiong was shocked, he had not expected that Jiang Li would not be affected by even a slight degree.


“Oh yeah! I can also hypnotize!” Jiang Li had a sudden thought in his mind.


Nie Wanxiong’s cultivation seemed to be very high, he had strong life force, it could be 5, or even 6. His cultivation should be greater stasis and be in the same boundary. Mutually attacking each other with spiritual power shouldn’t have any effects, but Jiang Li is different. He cultivates the brain of the universe, his spiritual force is ten times the same boundary.


Thinking back to the old days, Chu Shan could only hypnotize 200 to 300 people a day, but he can hypnotize over 3000 people. The gap between them is huge




Suddenly, he made a series of sounds, the sounds were not loud, even if there were people standing beside Jiang Li, they wouldn’t be able to hear it. However, an arc shape of lightning struck onto Nie Wanxiong’s head.


Immediately, Nie Wanxiong felt his body go numb and become paralyzed, just as if he was hit by an electric current. Both of his hands and feet were unable to move. In front of his sight, there was a hallucination. He lowered his head and noticed his body was locked up by many lightning shackles.


“Spiritual illusion!”


Nie Wanxiong immediately tried to form seals with both his hands, but his body had been anchored, unable to form the seals as he desired. He is startled as this is not a small matter.


“Thousand river mountains!”




He started meditating.


An enormous and powerful scroll image appeared in his mind, it was a thousand river mountain, the exquisite landscape just like drawings. Everybody enjoys a good, prosperous life and peace throughout the country with blessings shrouded in the air.


“May the peace of god reign over the land, bless the country with eternal peace, for my country, and for the people’s country!”


This spiritual meditation scroll appeared immediately, confronted with the spiritual power inside of Jiang Li. It unexpectedly eliminated the innumerable thunder hallucination completely, and thus started counter-attacking, with exquisite landscapes just like drawings appearing in front of Jiang Li’s sight, as if he himself had turned into one of the members of the country. He was immersed into the peaceful living of life.


“Exquisite landscape just like drawings, eternal peace for the country, huh? Is that all you know? Sadly, this is just an illusion. The world’s force, eternally gathered, shall be separated, eternally separated and shall be gathered, this is fate. In every generation, there will be revolution like fire. I by fire, shall bring revolution to the world!”


Jiang Li’s very words are like thunder, as his eyebrows moved, deep in his mind he started to meditate on the great emperor fire seal. The landscape was immediately surrounded by ashes, blood stains were all over the place, turmoil and slaughter everywhere, this was a process of a revolution of a dynasty.


The world of revolution had soon become uncontrollable. It was destiny, something which even heroics could not strive to turn the tide away from.




Jiang Li’s great emperor fire seal comprehended the dao of revolution, and thus the spiritual power ascended a level.


Nie Wanxiong is a great opponent.


This is purely a fight of wills. Even divine ability is useless now. Divine ability is the spiritual stimulation of the energy body, but putting all spiritual power into a fight simply means that he cannot control the energy body.


Jiang Li’s technique of hypnotization has restrained Nie Wanxiong’s divine ability holy seed.


Both of them were in an extremely dangerous situation. Once the spiritual power falls into an enemy’s hand, the soul will be controlled by the opponent.


“Universe of Earth, may it eternally last!” Nie Wanxiong didn’t have the time to stimulate the holy seed inside his body, Jiang Li’s spiritual attack was too fierce which he did not expect. Although at the same boundary of greater stasis, Jiang Li’s spiritual force was much more intense, and almost routed his dao.


“Practice moral culture, peace throughout the world! The rebels, who attempt to revolt against destiny, I shall suppress, and liberate the world back to peace.” Nie Wanxiong suddenly formed seal once again.


Immediately, the war had turned its tides, shaken by the whole cogitation. Just as if an invincible army force had arrived to put out the flames, bringing the world back to peace. Supporting the country and upholding justice and moral.


His spiritual power agglomerated unprecedentedly.


“Lord of thunder, wind of god, befall the world, Tempest! Tempest!”


Jiang Li stood at the opposite shore, both hands forming seals continuously, uniting with the body and the mind, as if to draw support from the natural power in the boundless void. His spiritual force combined with the nature of wind, thunder, and fire, an incomparably fierce force attacking Nie Wanxiong.


The dao of Nie Wanxiong is exquisite landscapes just like drawings, eternal peace for the country.


Jiang Li’s was to break his dao, with the phoenix of fire and the tempest of god. To destroy and control his spiritual power, and enslave his soul.



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