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Regardless of the flames of the field, or the tempest of god, in a short amount of time, the world will be conquered and in his hand.


During the fight, in an instant, Jiang Li reviewed human history. He had a thought that each dynasty seemed the same. The dynasty might have looked peaceful, but in a sudden moment, buildings would have fallen, flames would have blown as the wind, the tempest arrived, with the dynasty having been changed.


Looking at the transformation of a dynasty, Jiang Li’s couldn’t even move his eyes.


In the fight, Jiang Li had grasped the other implication of wind, thunder, and fire, which was the will of the people. If the people’s will changed, the world will be burnt with flames, with a tempest striking the land.


“No wonder, no wonder… The emperor slate had recorded, the heaven’s will sway, the seasons will change, the land’s will will sway, the beast will awaken, human’s will will sway, and the world will turn upside down.”


Jiang Li understood many profound truths.


His spiritual power became purer, and his spiritual force rose sharply, as if his brain cells evolved and unlocked a majority of his potential.


He had grasped the principles of the dao, in a condition where his spiritual power was forging upwards to another level.



Before, he had thought that wind, fire, and thunder were a natural power, but now, he knew that it was the power of human’s will, the combination of human’s will and nature.


That is the heaven’s will, land’s will and human’s will.


Heaven, land, and human, only these three assembled together can be linked.


He grasped the dao of the Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm more profoundly.


In an instant, his spiritual force rose sharply. Once he understood the principles of the dao, he thought himself as a Bodhisattva. Wind, thunder, and fire, among his meditation, had directly sealed within the Spiritual power of Nie Wanxiong deep in his mind.


Furthermore, innumerable winds, condensed as the Wind God Great Emperor.


Innumerable thunder, condensed as the Thunder God Great Emperor.


Innumerable fire, condensed as the Fire God Great Emperor.


Three great emperors stubbornly oppressed Nie Wanxiong’s within his heart.


At this moment, the great emperor spiritual seal’s attack had been utilized to the limit. Jiang Li, with the look as if he was the grand dao from the ancient times formed seals on the air. Each seal was made calmly without pressure, and stood up at one side of the lake, arose with the winds, as if he was dancing with his hands and legs.


Nie Wanxiong was at the opposite of the lake, with his hands forming seals, trying to walk sometimes, just as a scholar trying to catch a thief, speaking a series of manifestos. Both of them confronted with the gap of the lake, their spiritual power surged in mid-air. Other people could not see the difference, but deep inside the lake, innumerable fishes and shrimps, water monsters, even the birds in the sky, the mosquitoes in soil, centipedes, scorpions, serpents, and every single living thing had died in that instant.




A group of birds flying through the air nearby suddenly stopped like the broken line of a kite, and fell down with the force of gravity.


The surface of the lake was filled with white pieces, innumerable dead fish had floated to the top.


In the jungle, mosquitoes also fell to the floor. None of the living could escape the cognitive death inherent in the mind from the clash between the two.


Living organisms that held emotions, are also known as living organisms that hold thoughts.

Every living organism with emotional senses were affected by the fierce fight between two people.


If these two people were fighting in a highly populated city, many people would have suffered death, or perhaps turned into idiots.




As Jiang Li grasped the principles of the dao, the wind, thunder, and fire three great emperors oppressed Nie Wanxiong. He bent his body and suddenly spat out a speck of blood. Obviously, he was injured.


“Great chance!” Jiang Li was perceptively aware of Nie Wanxiong’s condition. Suddenly the air was shaken, he agglomerated his spiritual power, just as if he were forming a lightning sphere that would destroy the spiritual power of a person, and directly attacked the brain of Nie Wanxiong.


Superficially, Jiang Li looked as if he chopped the air, without any vibration. However, Nie Wanxiong’s body was shaken once again and soon blood spurted out from his mouth.


“That is… the Holy Seed?”


In the instant that Jiang Li invaded the spiritual power of Nie Wanxiong, he felt a vast energy within the body of Nie Wanxiong. It was very condensed as if a nuclear reactor were in his body. This energy was extremely tyrannical, once it erupted, the entire mountain could explode into a flat surface.


Without a doubt, that vast energy that lay within him was the Holy Seed.


In fact, there were scientific investigations. Any master who formed a Holy Seed, was simply a human nuclear reactor, as the energy that lay within was enormous.


“Could I control his Holy Seed? Transform the energy for my own use?” An idea popped into the head of Jiang Li.


Strike while the iron was hot, he immediately penetrated with his spiritual force, and tried to attack the Holy Seed.


The energy that lies within the Holy Seed was formed through severe training and tempered repeatedly, condensed into the Spiritual Qi of the Heavens and the Earth. The rich density of energy greatly surpassed spirit stones.


Ordinary Spiritual Qi of the Heavens and the Earth and spirit stones are only the equivalent of a charcoal. This Holy Seed’s energy, however, is equivalent to an evolved diamond.


Jiang Li affirmed that he must control this Holy Seed now, and capture it. If it was an internal breath master who owned the Holy Seed, whose life is connected with the Holy Seed, Jiang Li would not be able to capture it. But in this situation, the Holy Seed was only in a temporary state. Since it can be implanted within the body of Nie Wanxiong, it means it can also be implanted within his body, too.



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