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Jiang Li was filled up with rising spirit and energy. His mind related with the wind, fire, and thunder of the ancient script books and the long-standing history of human race, starting to understand the Dao of nature and submit to it’s will.


According to the connections between the astronomical phenomenon and human activities, the ancients created the book “Yi”.


Eventually, he came to realize.


In the fight with Nie Wanxiong – he realized that the spirit, mind, and the Dao of his rival was injected with a simple but classic thought –  Unity of man and nature.


Having made contact with his Dao allowed Jiang Li to comprehend the secret between nature and man.


If blood sheds, the earth shakes.


So again, he strengthened his cultivation to the state of eternal stasis. Although it was unlikely that he would reach the level of the eternal, to restrain Nie Wanxiong at this moment, it was more than enough with the power of his spirit having multiplied.


His cosmic brain was the most wonderful meditation between the heavens and the earth. Understanding the deepest mysteries in the cosmos was the destination of “mark of self, mark of himself, mark of themselves, and mark of life”.


“Sacred embryo, seize! Energy, spirit, material, run as one!”


Jiang Li moved his spirit again and mustered all his force.




His spirit possessed Nie Wanxiong, wrapped around his powerful energy embryo, and controlled him just like he was hypnotizing him.


But right when he was about to take control of it, the holy embryo inside Nie Wanxiong opened up its eyes like a spiritual being. All of a sudden, Jiang Li felt that the earth and the heavens had disappeared from view…


Everything except those eyes, in the vast cosmos.


How bright those eyes were! They shimmered like a crouching dragon rushing up to the skies, a flying dragon coming straight down from the heavens, a sleeping dragon breaking through the ground, and a wild dragon tearing the surface of the ocean apart.




Jiang Li’s brain totally went blank. Those eyes took way everything: his thoughts, mind, soul, and even spirit.


“It is the will that remains within the holy embryo!”


At that very instant, Jing Li knew what the hell those eyes were.


Nothing could rout his spirit in a flash but the will that remained within the holy embryo.


It was nearly impossible to manipulate Nei Wanxiong’s holy embryo for the sole reason that he had reached the state of eternal stasis. The will of the embryo should have been used to assist him before the huge power of the embryo blew him to bits.


Imagine what would happen if a reactor was implanted into a human body. If its explosion was going to raze tens of miles around to the ground, how would a human’s little body be able to control it?


The remaining will inside the holy embryo reappeared as a pair of eyes and tried to devour Jiang Li. If his current self-cultivation wasn’t the only thing to protect him at that moment, he would have become a total dumb ass in a flash!


Luckily, he had the relic of the emperor.


He just knew that every time when he was fighting with someone and was close to his breaking point, the relic of the emperor appeared with his huge power, or,  completely integrated with him. The relic was his potential energy.


When the eyes that evolved from the holy embryo pierced his mind like a flash and kept on going to smash his soul, the relic of the emperor awakened.


At the moment when Jiang Li’s soul was vanishing, he saw within the recesses of his brain, the vast cosmos with an unending void, a figure of an emperor appeared at the end of the cosmos and walked toward him. The nearer he moved, the clearer his figure became.


The infinite emperor was walking on the river of stars. Each step he took was a journey of billions of light years. But the space was not an obstacle, his body filled up the vast cosmos just in a wink.




The emperor bore down on him sticking out a hand.


Jiang Li couldn’t see his face at all, but a hand penetrated through the unending void, digging toward those eyes with it’s two fingers.




Deep in the void along with a chilly hum, those eyes were bloodily dug out.


The dreamland was gone.


Jiang Li came to himself. All he could see was a huge energy that coming at him. It was the holy embryo that was hurling itself at him from Nie Wanxiong. Before he could dodge it, it had became a huge light and was sucked away by the relic of the emperor.


Having taken all the energy from the embryo, the relic turned bright cyan, as if more supernatural events would be happening.


Nie Wanxiong sat down heavily, and nearly collapsed.


Losing his embryo was a huge blow.


Even so, his eyes were unprecedentedly riveting: “What the hell was that? How could it break the mentor’s will that remained in my embryo and even suck it away?”




Jiang Li ignored his question and galloped across Nie Wanxiong, not to kill him but save the people in the glade ten miles away.


He hid himself inside the deep space of the relic and ran at full speed. The relic’s speed shot up with some new changes though he had no time to study how. Once he arrived, he cast a rapid glance over the students guarding the gate of Da Qian School. Then, all of them passed out.

Even Lei Zheng and Ji Qingwu were hypnotized.





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