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After hypnotizing Lei Zheng and Ji Qingwu, Jiang Li roared out an order. All in a sudden, they were delivered from their bondage. He clicked on his computer for the order and in just a few minutes, the battleship glided down from the deep sky to the ground.


“Get in!”


Jiang Li cast another glance, all of the people were quickly hypnotized and moved onto the battleship.




The battleship closed and he was finally relieved and came out from the space of the relic. He woke up Lei Zheng, Ji Qingwu and the others.


“What happened? Why are we in the battleship now? ” Lei Zheng was shocked and stood up.


“Start the ship and let’s get out of here!” Jiang Li conveyed his thought to him and he immediately calmed down.


Lei Zheng reacted fast without asking a question. He knew what to do under such urgent circumstances, for he was trained well and had gone through many vicissitudes. He started the battleship right up, and in an instant, an infinite power erupted from the battleship. The reserve energy system was started.


Swoosh! Up went the battleship into the sky with a speed close to the first cosmic speed and disappeared right from where they were. They had survived.


However, Jiang Li didn’t feel any relaxed because the teachers didn’t come. There might be an ambush nearby.


The battleship was powerful, but not enough to resist those who had cultivated their embryonic breathing state to the top level. It could be destroyed instantly by their embryos the moment they showed up.


He was on the alert.

But soon, he felt relieved when he saw the new student’s base coming into view. No one dared to stir up trouble in the new student’s base, no matter how strong they were.


The Astral University base could resist any master’s attack.


The battleship landed outside the base. Everyone was under hypnosis with the exception of Lei Zheng and Ji Qingwu.


“Jiang Li, did you rescue us?” Ji Qiongwu gazed at Jiang Li with her huge eyes.


“My teacher Hong Heiyu taught me some special skills.” He did not mention even a word about the fact that the teachers didn’t come to rescue them. Suddenly, he shook his body and stopped them, “Don’t, don’t wake them up until I leave. When they are back to themselves, tell them that they escaped with the teachers’ help.”


He didn’t want anybody to know what was inside of him.


“Your teacher is Hong Heiyu? No wonder…” Ji Qingwu seemed to understood something and sighed: “Finally we are here, everything happened was like a dream.”


No, she didn’t understand how she got here.


“That’s it!.” One of student called Lu Jin was still in a coma, “Did I save this Lu Jin? He, to my surprise, raped and killed women. What a shame! I would have killed him!”


“He is shameless, but still a student of Astral University. Moreover, there’s no human law saying that they cannot kill native extraterrestrial beings. So you can only make moral judgement on him.” Lei Zheng patted Lu Jin and passed him the drug:” Also his life force is very strong, stronger than any of us. His teacher is a master who has strong links with Astral University.”


After a while, Lu Jin leisurely woke up and opened his eyes.


He bounced up and looked around and found himself to be in the battleship. He saw the new student’s base showing on the screen and broke out with a rapturous delight on his face.


“Which team are you from? Amazing! You guys rescued me!”


“Captain of team Xuewu, Ji Qingwu, this is captain of team Yunlei, Lei Zheng. We worked hard saving your ass.” Ji Qingwu looked at him and felt disgusted.


“Thanks, i owe you one!” Lu Jin Spoke giddily and tried to shake Ji Qiongwu’s hand.


Ji Qingwu hummed coldly, “Our two teams got in real trouble and were almost dead just for the sake of saving you! Now you should at least make up for it with something! All of our sonic mechas were destroyed, that alone sums up to a good number!”


He felt awful that his shaking hand was rejected. “What?” Said Lu Jin enigmatically with a cold gleam in his eyes, “You mean compensation? It is your duty to save your men, isn’t it? I didn’t know that the Astral University had such regulations in the law book.”


“We simply disagree on your character, for you raped and killed women who were powerless to resist.” Lei Zheng also talked coldly:” Although they are our enemy, to kill them is to admit their strength in a humanitarian spirit. But raping and killing their women was totally inhumane.”


“Hum!” Lu Jin straightened this body with his eyes scornful,” Don’t put the blame me and I am not joining your debate. The teachers will come get me once I reach the human base. About the compensation or whatever, you guys could apply for it yourselves to the Astral University.”


“What a tone!” Jiang Li was fed up with his behavior. He was displeased with this Lu Jin and had only saved him out of his sense of duty. He didn’t know that this guy was not grateful at all, “We shouldn’t have saved you. A jerk like you deserves to be left to die.”


“Who the f*ck are you?” Lu Jin turned around and looked at Jiang Li up and down, “Look at you, new? Don’t you dare to talk with me like that!”




His moved his arm and tried to hit Jiang Li’s face.


Jiang Li was ready for this, as with a quick turn, it just missed. But Lu Jin’s artifice was shaking like a snake, or a maggot with tarsus, and he attacked again!


Lu Jin’s life force had reached 4!


His attack was as powerful as Meng Xingyun’s. With his artifice shaking, his snake-like Chi appeared and it normally would be able to rip human bodies apart.



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