Lu Jin attacked Jiang Li swiftly and fiercely. Without a doubt, he was a brutal man who sought an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.


Jiang Li did not move, but suddenly a sharp light crossed both his eyes.




The words came out slowly from his mouth, as if the Buddha were vanquishing with his mantra. Other people might have heard it comfortably, but deep inside both of Lu Jin’s ears, the mantra was as loud as thunder rumbling, destroying all of his thinking and emotions.


His hand stopped 3 inches in front of Jiang Li, unable to move and attack, he looked dull-witted, mind-controlled by Jiang Li.


Jiang Li was even able to hypnotize Nie Wanxiong. During the time when both of them were clashing within their souls, he has enlightened upon the Dao once again, and therefore his spiritual power rose sharply. Although his life force was only at 3, using his spiritual power to hypnotize Lu Jin was not a problem.


“Lay down!”


Jiang Li shouted another command.


Lu Jin laid down just as if he were the walking dead, he did not have any ability to resist, his soul had been enslaved completely.


Jiang Li did not even look at Lu Jin, he turned backwards and said: “Lu Jin isn’t worthy of being rescued compared to the natives, they are much better than Lu Jin.”


“He really is scum.” Ji Qing Wu noticed there was a murderous intent in Jiang Li’s eyes, she was afraid that he might really kill Lu Jin so she quickly teleported to the front of Jiang Li and said: “Since things have gotten to this state, we can only tolerate it until his teacher comes to pick him up and then we can request him for compensation then. All these sonic armors were half the property of two small teams, with all of them having been lost in vain just to rescue this scum. That is just not acceptable.”


“Let the battleship land down and wait for the teachers of Astral University to come.” Lei Zheng sighed with a long breath, feeling depressed: “Comparing manners, this time the natives are really better than our Astral University students.”


“Don’t mind him. After all, this kind of scum is only in the minority.” Jiang Li comforted.


The battleship stopped outside of the base, with lines of messages being sent out. A few moments later, the sky was filled with many battleships.


Swoosh! One of the teachers arrived first, he quickly jumped out of the battleship and looked around anxiously.


“How is Lu Jin?” Obviously, he was Lu Jin’s teacher, he had run straight into the internal body of the Astral Fish Battleship and saw Lu Jin in a mind-controlled state. He frowned his eyebrows as he used his spiritual power and shouted: “Wake up!”


Lu Jin slowly opened his eyes and climbed up with a blurry gaze. However, he quickly remembered what happened and both his eyes turned red immediately and glared at Jiang Li: “Did you just hypnotize me?”


Jiang Li did not reply.


Ji Qing Wu walked in front and said: “You must be Lu Jin’s teacher, we suffered a big loss as a result of rescuing Lu Jin from the natives this time, I hope you can compensate us for our loss so our efforts will not have been in vain.”


Lu Jin’s teacher was an old man, he looked like he was over 70 years old, his strength was very strong. Just now, when he rushed onto the battleship without wearing any armor, his biting cold congenial chi blew by.


He did not look at Ji Qing Wu, instead he stared at Jiang Li with his sharp eyes and said: “Why did you hypnotize Lu Jin? Do you know how serious the consequences are? It could cause isolation within his spiritual power and leave a shadow in his heart. He might not be able to advance further anymore!”


His tone held nothing but accusation within it.


Jiang Li was stunned.


He did not expect that this person did not express a shred of gratitude for saving his student, but interrogated him instead.


“Please do not forget that we rescued Lu Jin before you speak.” Jiang Li coldly replied.


“Shut up! I did not ask you about the rescue, I’m asking you why you had to hypnotize him!” Lu Jin’s teacher’s voice turned up in volume while in his eyes were a raging storm, he scolded: “Spiritual power mustn’t have any setbacks, were you trying to cripple his spiritual power?”


“He attacked me so I had no choice but to hypnotize him, just to force him to be quiet. Maybe he was stimulated by a shock that made him go crazy.” Jiang Li tried to endure the anger within his emotions, and explained directly, word for word.


“Jiang Li protected the alien natives, he said that I was scum. Isn’t it too much for someone like me who only killed a few lowlives?” Lu Jin already stood up and hid behind his teacher: “I had no choice but to give him a lesson, who knew that he would plot against me. I say, he could possibly be one of the native’s spies, if not, how did he even rescue me?”


“It’s true that there is a possibility that he is a spy, he needs to be isolated for further investigation.”


Lu Jin’s teacher, an old man over 70 years old, nodded and soon he scolded Jiang Li: “You better stand where you are and don’t even think of moving, the Ministry of Justice from Astral University will examine you and see if you have any connection between the natives.”


“What a joke…….” Jiang Li couldn’t tolerate it any longer, his face sank deep: “We fought our best to rescue this piece of shit, and this scum doesn’t even express any bit of gratitude to his rescuers. He bites the hand that feeds him and even attacks the ones that saved his sorry ass. Leaving his dog life alive was the best I could do. Now, you even say that I have connections with the natives? Sure enough, both of you really are teacher and student, both of you share the same shameless trait!”


“How dare you be rude to me? Who is your teacher, didn’t he teach you any manners?” The old teacher felt angry and walked a step in front of Jiang li, he raised his hand to catch hold of him: “Since he did not teach you any manners, I shall replace him in teaching you a lesson. You should keep your manners in mind in front of every teacher.”




As the old teacher shook his hand, his congenial chi swarmed like bees to honey and caught onto Jiang Li. Jiang Li felt his whole body was surrounded by something, he couldn’t move. The congenial chi acted as though it were just like ropes that had tightened around him, he couldn’t breathe.




A hand appeared beside Jiang Li and burst through the congenial chi, taking him away. Jiang Li’s eyes were blurred but in the next second, he suddenly found himself moved further away from the old teacher’s attack. He stood on empty ground with his teacher, Hong Heiyu standing beside him.


Jiang Li had known that there was something odd in this matter, so he had notified Hong Heiyu in advance.


“Song Shuren, you really are getting more shameless as you age, how dare you lay a hand on my student.” Hong Heiyu clasped his hands behind his back as he coldly stared at the 70 year old man.


“So this old things name was Song Shuren.” Jiang Li, having once again acquired protection from his teacher, felt safe and sound.


“Hong Heiyu! So he was your student.” Song Shuren frowned his eyebrows, he looked frightened in front of Hong Heiyu.


“What happened here?” Hong Heiyu turned his head towards Jiang Li,  who explained the whole course of events to Hong Heiyu, but ignored the details of how he rescued the other people, only explaining how Lu Jin had attacked him after he was rescued by him and everyone else.


“I see.” Hong Heiyu folded his arms to his chest, he said with derision: “Song Shuren, that was low of you! These children saved your student and even suffered a great loss doing so. You tried to save yourself from compensation and even acted so shamelessly? You are unworthy of being one of our Astral University teachers.”


“Do you honestly think these weaklings have the ability to rescue my student?” Song Shuren’s tone was still cold, but he wasn’t as arrogant as he was just then: “Do you think that I didn’t know that my student had been captured? The person who captured him was Nie Wanxiong, one of the natives of Da Qian University, he was the student of a big figure and his master planted a Holy Seed inside of him, using him as a mere pawn to draw us out. I did not take action because I knew they planned for an ambush. Your student and these bunch of people rescued Lu Jin? I cannot help but to doubt that. I requested for an interrogation and that was a legal process.”


“Impudent!” Hong Heiyu suddenly shouted aloud, everyone was shocked by his volume, even Lu Jin started to shiver: “I don’t care about the process, the truth now is that these students rescued your student and they have suffered a great loss. You must compensate them or else don’t blame me for taking action against you. Since you laid a finger on my student, I can also do the same to you.”


“How dare you?!”


Song Shuren, with a face of disbelief, moved back a few steps.


“There’s nothing I don’t dare to do. You’re just an eternal stasis runt, don’t forget that I’m an internal breath master.” Hong Heiyu folded his arms in front of his chest: “Even if there were 100 of you, you wouldn’t be my opponent. You should know my anger. One word: compensate for the loss, and award them a bonus, or else don’t you dare to even think of leaving here in one piece.”


Song Shuren may well be within the boundary of “Eternal Stasis,” his life force may also be abnormally strong, but if he were to meet an internal breath master like Hong Heiyu who controls a divine ability, there would be a huge gap in power between them. He knows that for now, he can’t beat Hong Heiyu.


“Do you think I can’t afford to compensate these little brats?” Song Shuren was an old, cheeky man, his expression did not change: “This incident has a lot of questionable points about it, sooner or later the higher ups from Astral University will also start to investigate. Nie Wanxiong is a pawn who tried to draw us out, even the higher ups know that, and as for how these little brats successfully rescued Lu Jin, they will need to explain.”


He threw a piece of a chip: “This is a chip card, there is enough money inside to compensate you and more. Hong Heiyu, your student is not bad, however, I hope he could pay more attention to his manners so that he will not simply hypnotize anyone willy nilly next time. Breaking other people’s spiritual power is equal to cutting off one’s road to living.”


As he finished speaking, Song Shuren grabbed Lu Jin and flew out from the battleship, and just a few moments later their shadows completely disappeared.


Ji Qing Wu walked up to where the chip had fallen and picked it up to check the balance inside of it.


This chip was equivalent to a digital cheque, it did not require any procedure to make transfers, and it could even be bought directly.


Jiang Li saw the smirk on Ji Qing Wu’s face, and he knew that she was satisfied with the amount inside, which was enough to compensate for everyone’s loss.


“Jiang Li, you did the most to contribute this time, so I will transfer half of the balance to you.” She was preparing the transfer as she was talking.


“Never mind me, I don’t need the money of that filthy duo. Moreover, I did not suffer any loss this time, it was mostly your armors that were destroyed. The team’s strength has greatly been reduced so you should keep all of it.” Jiang Li shook his hand, he didn’t want to accept Song Shuren’s compensation.


Ji Qing Wu didn’t agree, she insisted on giving it to Jiang Li.


Jiang Li firmly rejected, and her reluctance did not drag any further, she put away the digital cheque and smiled: “If you need anything in the future, you can cooperate with our small team.”


“Jiang Li, follow me.”


Hong Heiyu was deep in thought, he did not allow Jiang Li and Ji Qing Wu to finish their talk but grabbed Jiang Li directly. As their bodies flashed, they had already disappeared from the scene.


After some time, they appeared in a deep, secret room.


“What do you have inside of you? I felt a strong sensation of power.” Hong Heiyu asked, straight to the point: “And, did you really save Lu Jin? Did their plan not work out? Surely, it was a trap. Many teachers didn’t have the courage to take the risk, they were scared of the ambush. Those two female students who sent the message back failed to get any help, so they went berserk and wanted to go back and stage a rescue alone, but in the end they were locked up by the teachers. Nobody was brave enough to risk themselves, everyone was a coward. I also felt ashamed, but I didn’t know you had participated in the activity, so I did not meddle in the matter. Your actions might attract the attention of those with bad intentions in the higher levels of Astral University, however, do not be afraid. You did not do anything wrong, its just that you kept some secrets. I will protect you, whoever wants to examine you shall have to go through me.”


“Teacher, thank you.” Jiang Li expressed gratitude from his heart, simple and meaningful.


“There isn’t anything normal in this world, although I have helped you today, in the future, you might have the chance to lend me a hand so you don’t have to thank me.” Hong Heiyu sighed, both of his eyes were looking afar through the void: “I believe it is fate that I became your teacher, each and every one of us came from the void to the physical world. Since we have met, it must be fate .”


Both his eyes were as though he was able to see through karma.


Jiang Li was affected by Hong Heiyu’s sigh, he had a deep thought and later said: “Teacher, I do have some secrets…….”


“You don’t have to talk about your secrets. If a secret were to be revealed, then it couldn’t be called a secret anymore. Everybody has a secret.” Hong Heiyu shook his hands, he stopped Jiang Li from continuing: “Astral University is full of talents, it isn’t weird to find any abnormal appearances. Every student is the pride of us human beings, what’s wrong with having a secret? You don’t have to tell me, you can keep it in your heart.”


Jiang Li immediately stopped talking. He knew Hong Heiyu’s personality. Hong Heiyu had a soul of hell that held uncountable agony, and he was unconcerned about most things. He gave pain to others, and he gave himself to the pain, to let other people understand the pain and grasp the principle of the pain of hell.


This kind of person didn’t even care about secrets. He had his unique and strong heart, and was clear in abiding by his own Dao.


Hong Heiyu was a strong man, but Jiang Li knew that he himself wasn’t.


“I see that your spiritual power has gone up.” Hong Heiyu continued: “However, if you want to reach Eternal Stasis, you still have a long way to go. I can’t help you grasp the Dao, you must master it yourself. You can stay here to train in your cultivation, contact me if anything happens and I will solve your problems immediately.”



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