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Chapter 71: Counterplan Meeting

“Alright then, let’s get this counterplan meeting started.”

“Right, got it.”


“You can count on me.”

“Um… Should I really be here?”

Once I’d made my proclamation, each and every one of the counterplan members responded with a varied volley of answers. And since it was absolutely no exaggeration to call Tena the voice of reason for this place, yes. She really had to be here.

“But before we can begin…”


“Let’s start by introducing ourselves.”

Since the members that had come to gather here were mostly made up of individuals that weren’t all too familiar with one another, I really wanted to start it all off by having each of them have a solid grasp of the others’ profiles.

“We’ll take turns, clockwise. Each of you can tell us their name and position, then you can tell the others which weapons or skills you specialise in.”

Having said my part, I turned the purple-haired girl sitting to my left at the round table. I stared at her for a bit.

“O-Oh, do I start?! Well, um… My name’s Orlaine. The Holy Goddess gave me the Holy Bow, and I’ve been a Hero ever since. I’ve been directly ordered by the Holy Goddess to cooperate with you all. I’m pretty skilled at marksmanship, and………….Continue Reading


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